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Before Ashan died, she had met a man named Naraku.

At first, they were enemies, fiercely hating each other and always fighting against one another. They had met in a village far from the village of the Shiniragi, a village that had long lost its ability to inhabit people and other life forms. This village was a wasteland.

Ashan had stumbled upon a man fighting against a large reptilian serpent. Killing the serpent with only one powerful hand, Naraku had impressed Ashan. But, it was his arrogance and his hatred towards her that turned her against him and only made her wish to kill him because of his impudence.


"You impudent moron," screamed Ashan, enraged at Naraku for scratching her katana. "This is my only weapon!"

Naraku glared at Ashan, smiling at how funny her expression was then. He had angered her and personally attacked the only object she cared for. Combing his fingers through his hair, he walked towards a nearby tree, sat on the earth below, and laid his back against it to rest.

"Ashan," he began, trying to hide his amusement with a serious tone. "I've weakened you, haven't I? When we first laid eyes on each other I could sense your hatred towards me, and now I've released your anger and have beaten you."

Walking towards Naraku, she threw her Katana at him at full speed, hoping that it might strike a nerve in his body. However, he easily dodged the Katana and watched as it lodged itself into the bark of the tree.

"Try again," he laughed, "I need some entertainment."

"Oh," Ashan exclaimed, "Why must you be this way!"

"What way."

She turned her glance away from Naraku and over towards a nearby river. She did hoping he wouldn't sense her blushing because of her thoughts at that moment.

"I cannot say."

"Must I force you?"

"Try that and die."

Naraku stood up and ran towards Ashan. Now behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and laughed, burying his face into her neck.

"Will you kill me now?"

"Get off me."

Ashan had never experienced emotions like this before. Having his body against hers felt so natural and his motions against her were all too enticing. She only understood this experience as her human emotions getting the best of her, but she didn't mind. For once, she enjoyed the splendor that came with a human life.


"Say nothing weakling," he said emphatically, pulling a blade from the sheath around his waist. He drew the blade towards Ashan's neck; as he inched towards her throat, he could feel the desire within his heart grow. Then, he also experienced those same emotions as Ashan; though, he wasn't human.


"I said silence your voice." His voice seemed to quiver, and Ashan could feel his body tremble.

"You're shaking..."

"Shut up!"

"Naraku," Ashan said, a tear falling from her eye, "I love you."

Though Ashan couldn't see, she heard the blade as it fell from the ground. Soon after, she felt Naraku's strong arms turn her body around to face him, his eyes also somewhat tearful.

"You," he said, "What have you done to me?"

"What? What do you mean." asked Ashan.

"I cannot love a half-demon."


"Stop it," he shouted, "My words may hurt, but it's the truth. You aren't a full fledged demon. I could never love you."

"Stop saying that," Ashan cried, burying her head into Naraku's chest. "I felt your body tremble as you held your swords to my neck. You didn't want to kill me. The very thought of harming me sickened you."

"That's a lie! I would never..."

Interrupting his words, Ashan lifted her face towards Naraku's cheek and kissed him. It was only a brief kiss upon the cheek, seeing as she didn't want to set him off; but, she couldn't resist her emotions any longer. She loved him.

"I'm sorry for that," she said, another trail of tears falling from her face. "I couldn't help myself."

Naraku looked down upon the earth, a tear falling from his eye as his did so. He knew in his heart he loved her as well, but it was an unwritten rule, for him at least, that demons could only love demons - pure demons. But, for her his heart had melted over. Each day he saw her was another time he'd have to cover his emotions from her beautiful face. He did lover her.

"Ashan," he said, embracing her with his strong and loving arms. "I love you as well."

Looking back up at Ashan's face, he drew his lips close to hers and kissed. At first, it was soft and subtle, but as the moment deepened, so did their kiss.

End of Flashback

He was a man who loved to kill just like her. They destroyed many villages together, and killed thousands upon thousands of innocent people in their search for the Sacred Jewel Shards. Ashan wanted to posses the power of the shards to make herself a full fledged demon for Naraku so they could live together in peace without shame; since it was her dream, it was also Naraku's. They would murder many in their search for this jewel, they never found it.

They were in love.

He loved her so much, and he knew that if he helped her find the jewel, it would fill her heart with so much joy and she would finally be alive and with him as a demon. But, her dream was short-lived. The moment Naraku heard of her death, he was furious and enraged, killing every demon that got in his way. He was angry. He used trickery and deceit to finish what his lover started. Though, when he found it, he used the love of a priestess and a half-demon to get what he his lover had wanted.

Kana was only 12 when she sent herself to Kyoto to purify herself because of how weak she was, and the only family she had was her grandmother and her sister Kira. They had also left with the Shiniragi after Ashan died. She spent most of her life practicing her swordsmanship and many other types of martial arts, and each day she would meditate.

She had spent many years waiting for her chance to return home, and she finally had that chance.