Summary:Byakuya chooses one subordinate for a one week training trip each year. Nobody wants to go since Byakuya works their asses off and while he's gone in the training trip, they have time off. Renji's the "unfortunate" one to go this year. Smexy sparks seem to light up in the middle of wilderness.

Sexy Torment, Sexy Kiss, Sexy Drops and Sexy Captive are the chapters that will be in the story. It might have one more "Sexy something" but i haven't decided yet. I have yet to write chapter three, this is what I wrote in one day (two chapters of hot smex).

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Words that you may encounter along and you might not know what they mean:

Taichou - Captain

Arigato - Thank you

Hai - Yes

Aa - Yeah

Rukongai - the village outside of Soul Society

Type of story:


Characters descriptions:

Kuchiki Byakuya - Captain of 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Dark haired, tall, black eyes, long hair usually tied with some long, wide hairpins in the upper part. Graceful, polite, respected and seemingly cold towards everyone.

Abarai Renji - Lieutenant of 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Redhead, tall, brown eyes, long hair usually tied in one ponytail at the back. Body full of tribal tattoos. Rude, slightly iresponsible, hothead and battle-type hungry. He's only polite when he's in front of his captain whom he admires the most, Kuchiki Byakuya.

: Chapter 1 : Sexy Torment :

Around morning.

"So, which one?" Kuchiki Byakuya spoke from next to a big window in his office. The men standing in front of him looked at each other. Byakuya turned around to look outside for less than ten seconds, waiting for an answer. By the time he turned around, one man stood in the middle, half a meter distanced from everyone else. He looked confused. The others had pushed him in front taking advantage that their captain wasn't looking. He looked at his team mates, angry and confused.

"ME?" the man yelled, clutching his fists at his friends. "No way!"

Their captain's attention went back to his subordinates.

"Abarai. Get your things ready in two hours and meet me in front of the 6th Division's quarters."

"Me? But captain Kuchiki, I didn't say anything! I didn't want to-..!" Renji protested. Like all his other teammates, he didn't want to go one week in the wilderness to train with his captain who would probably train him to death. Especially since the ones who stayed home would be in a one week vacation thanks to their captain being gone. It happened once a year that he chose one subordinate to train with.

"Two hours, lieutenant." Kuchiki added while walking past them and exiting the room.

Renji turned around and knocked his teammates pretty hard each but they were so happy that they didn't care about it. He sighed and went to his quarters to pack.


Later that day, around six o'clock in the afternoon.

"Kuchiki-taichou, how far is it? Can we take a break?" Renji asked while wiping the sweat on his forehead. They had already exited Rukongai, two hours earlier.

"Far enough, and no. We'll get there by nightfall. If we take a break, we'll get there in the morning." He answered and walked ahead. Renji stopped, bent down and rested his palms on his knees, took a deep breath and followed his captain.


It was already around ten in the evening. It was completely dark and the two were in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere.

"We're here." Kuchiki said breaking the silence. He had barely talked the entire way, leaving Renji to do all the talking instead. The redhead talked a lot when he was bored.

"Finally!" Renji sighed, relieved. "But.. all I see is trees.. no room for training.." he added softer. The captain ignored him.

As they walked through the trees, they seemed to be engulfed by the darkness as the trees seemed to come closer around them. They had to move branches away to be able to pass through the last of the trees.

Kuchiki disappeared from Renji's view, between the trees. Renji increased his speed and finally came out between the trees himself.

"Woah.." he mumbled surprised looking at the view. A waterfall was in front of them. Although in the forest was pretty much dark, the waterfall was right under the moon which lightened the water.

"Taichou.. This is the place?" Renji asked looking around, standing on the same spot.

"Yes. This is it." the answer came as the captain let his own backpack fall down next to a rock by the trees in the left side.

"But the guy last year said that it was a simple forest clearing.. And the one before said that it was a clear field.. " Renji continued, curious.

"I look for a different place every year until I find one I enjoy. It took me a lot of time to find a place like this to train at." Byakuya replied.

"I see. Well, everyone will be pissed off to hear that I have a real vacation place and they're just at home, wasting time." Renji laughed and threw his backpack a meter away from his captain, grinning.

"We're here to train, Abarai. Not a vacation."

"Hai, taichou.." the redhead sighed and sat down to rest, leaning on a stone.

"What're you doing, Abarai?" the captain asked looking down at his lieutenant.

"Resting a bit, sir.."

"We need to set up the tents before resting." Kuchiki said as he pulled out a bag with a tent and started setting it up on a higher, rocky ground.

"Tents.. sir?" Renji asked with a clueless expression. Byakuya stopped and looked at him.

"You have a tent with you or do you not?" he asked, slightly angry seeing that his lieutenant hadn't come prepared.

"Etto.. Not.. exactly.. I forgot.. about it.." the answer came. His captain sighed.

"Then you will sleep outside. Maybe that will teach you not to forget basic things, Abarai."

"Hai, taichou.." Renji sighed. It was pretty warm in the day but a bit cold at night and the middle of the rainy season.

Byakuya's tent was big enough for two people yet he wanted to teach his lieutenant a lesson so he wouldn't forget vital things in missions. That was a no-no from his point of view. He wanted his subordinates to be responsible and at the moment, Renji was the most irresponsible, even if he was a lieutenant but that was because of his fighting skills not well behaviour, nor responsability.

By the time he finished setting up the tent, Renji had already spread his sleeping bag a meter away from it and had already started a fire to cook something.

"I hope you at least brought the food supplies, Renji." Byakuya raised an eyebrow expecting for an answer.

"Yes, sir! That was the reason I forgot about the tent, actually.." he answered hyper concerning the food supply and sighed remembering about the fact that he would sleep outside.

Renji started cooking some rice and some grilled meat. The captain went inside the tent and came out in a few minutes, dressed.. normal. The minute Renji looked at his captain, he barely recognized him. The hair was let down, not tied in any way.. The tee shirt he was wearing was a faded blue, thin, sport one and the pants were wide and cotton gray, apparently comfortable.

"Taichou?.." the redhead mumbled, surprised.

"What?" the man answered as he sat down in the spot opposite to Renji.

"You look.. normal.." Renji said bluntly.

"Normal? What to you mean by that?" Kuchiki asked with a straight face, looking at Renji over the fire.

"I didn't mean anything bad, sir.. It's just that you have that feeling of being.. different.. better.. than anyone.. always.. And it's a bit intimidating.. but like this.. you look like one of us.. Like.. normal.." Renji blurred out, taking breaks to make sure he wasn't saying anything offending.

"Is that so bad? Being different?" the captain asked curiously.

"No, sir. It's not bad." Renji laughed. "Everyone respects you because you are like that." Renji said while starring at his captain's new look. It was.. different.. better, he thought..

"... ."

"... ."

"Renji." Kuchiki said after swallowing a little piece of meat from between his chopsticks.

"..." Renji kept starring at the way the captain's eyes shined from the fire. He lost track of his thoughts for a few seconds.. Those black eyes seemed to burn between the flames.. Renji, unwillingly, searched deeper in them. For what, neither did he know.

"Renji." Kuchiki called again, a bit louder.

"A-Aa!" Renji answered stuttering. His cheeks slightly reddened as he looked away, towards the waterfall. "What is it, sir?" he picked up a big piece of meat and took a bite about half of it, starting to chew fast.

"Your meat got burned completely. Are you sure you should to eat that?" Byakuya pointed out. Renji's look went at Byakuya and then down at his chopsticks. Half of the meat was still there and it was completely burned, more like charcoal. His surprised eyes saw the meat, he stopped chewing, jumped up and ran behind the tent, spitting out the meat from his mouth.

After drinking some water, Renji came back and sat down. He sighed. He was so confused that he didn't even notice the meat.

"Why am I so unlucky?.." he mumbled under his breath, seeing the rest of his meat burned as well. He sighed again.

Five seconds later he heard Kuchiki get up from his spot and walking closer to Renji. The redhead looked in front of him, he was facing Byakuya's waist. The captain's hand stretched in front of Renji with his own plate. The plate was half full with rice and meat with some spices on it.

"Taichou..?" Renji asked surprised as he looked up at the dark eyes.

"I added some spices, you might not like them but it's better than going to sleep without eating after a long day like this." Byakuya said and looked away as he placed the plate in Renji's hands and turned around, going towards the tent.

"But.. you barely ate half, Kuchiki taichou.." Renji asked and looked at the captain's retreating back as he pulled the tent's cover aside and went inside.

"I've had enough. Good night." the older man spoke as he sat down in his tent. A light went on inside right after, from a little lamp. Byakuya took out a book and read for a while.

Renji cleared up everything, placed the food supplies inside the tent so bugs wouldn't get in and got ready for sleeping outside in his own sleeping bag. He left his clothing backpack near his sleeping bag and went to sleep.


Around three o'clock in the morning, it started raining outside. Renji wrinkled his nose as the drops fell on his face. His sleepy, tired eyes slowly opened. It started pouring down in a few seconds.

"I really am unlucky.. Fuck.." he sighed and got out of his sleeping bag. His captain's tent was up on a higher lever than his sleeping bag and it seemed pretty cozy and warm.. Renji grabbed his sleeping bag and went towards the tent's door. He slowly unzipped it and stealthily entered. Everything was dark but because of the light from the lake, he could see it was pretty spacey inside. The only sound that he could hear was that of the drops on the tent's roof.

The redhead went inside on his knees, slowly, but before he had the chance to sat down, he was thrown on the tent's floor, face down, with a knee on his back, holding him down and grabbed by his tee shirt, tight.

"C-Captain, it's me!" he blurred out, breathing heavy as he was being pressured. The other man didn't release his holds.

"Renji?.." Byakuya asked surprised.


"What are you doing?" he asked without releasing, still.

"It started pouring down outside, taichou.. I hoped you had some room until it stops.." he said, his cheeks turning red. Without an idea why, he felt strange and embarrassed...

Byakuya loosened the hold on the man's tee shirt. He felt strangely, overly conscious of Renji at the moment. He stepped aside from holding the man down and sat down on his futon. He turned on the gas lamp in the further end of the tent, next to two books.

"Renji.. You're soaked. If you want to stay inside, dry yourself." he spoke to his lieutenant.

"Yes, taichou.. but.." the redhead stopped and looked down.

Byakuya looked in his own backpack and threw a pair of pants and a sleeveless tee shirt to Renji who grabbed them, surprised.

"You forgot your backpack outside, didn't you?" Byakuya said, certain of his words, and lay down back to sleep, his back to Renji.

"A-Aa.. Thanks, Kuchiki taichou.."

Renji took his tee shirt off and threw it in the closest corner next to the door. He didn't have room to change his pants so he lay by Byakuya's side and stretched out his legs to pull off his pants. He struggled cause they were wet and wouldn't come off easily. Renji was cursing and breathing heavy.

"Abarai, would you stand still already?" Byakuya said in a angry tone, turning around. He had been woken from his sleep and now couldn't do that because a certain lieutenant was wriggling next to him, hitting him in the back by mistake.

Renji froze. He was just in his underwear and with the dry pants in his hands, he had just took his own off. His hair.. neck.. chest.. arms.. were still wet. Drops of water shined in the soft light of the gas lamp.

Byakuya kept staring at him. Renji blushed feeling embarrassed in front of his captain.

"I'm sorry, Taichou.." he muttered out softly. Instead of turning around, the captain froze as well.. well, until his eyes traveled down from the wet hair on the wet, tanned skin of Renji's neck and shoulders towards the redhead's chest and stomach where water was still dripping down..

"Taichou..?" Renji blushed harder as he felt looked upon. He felt like he wanted to hide, being seen almost completely naked by his captain.

Byakuya turned around and gave out a breath he had been keeping in for a few moments, as he sat down. Renji thought he saw a little blush on his face when he turned around but he didn't believe his eyes. Must've been the dim light of the lamp reflecting.. right? After all, his captain didn't.. blush. He wondered if he was mistaken or not.

"I'm sorry, Kuchiki-taichou. I'm gonna try to be more quiet and still.." he apologized. Renji stretched and pulled on the dry pants. He pulled the dry tee shirt as well and finally lay back down. He gave out a relieved breath.

"Taichou?" Renji asked in a low voice.

"What is it this time, Abarai?" Byakuya asked annoyed. But annoyed why? Because his lieutenant just interrupted his soon-to-be-asleep or because he felt hot from seeing Renji naked and wet?..

"Can I turn off the lamp?" Renji replied.

"Yes. Go to sleep." Byakuya answered and closed his eyes tight.

"Good night, captain." Renji spoke in a lower voice but no reply came. He looked at the lamp and turned off the gas. It was still dim lighted inside the tent and the water drops made beautiful sounds as they hit the tent's roof.


Renji had fallen asleep like a log in a few minutes. Unfortunately, his captain couldn't sleep anymore. His 'mood' didn't allow him to sleep. It was painful. It wasn't often that he was in this state. Actually, it hadn't happened to him with anyone other than his late wife who had passed away many years ago, especially not because of a man, even though in Soul Society it didn't really matter if you loved a man or a woman.

Byakuya changed his position, he was now laying on his back not on a side as earlier. After a moment, he felt something really heavy fall over his stomach, hard.

His eyes opened wide and in the dim light he looked down and he saw Renji's leg. Renji moved close searching for warmth and threw his hand over his captain's chest, same as his right leg. Kuchiki froze and he twitched. He felt like punching the hell out of Renji but if Renji would wake up now, he'd probably notice the captain's big.. "problem"..

Renji moved in his sleep, again. He stretched his leg just a bit and it went over his captain's crotch. Byakuya's face started burning. He moaned louder at the touch as Renji moved again. Apparently he had a habit of moving around in his sleep..

Byakuya's eyes closed tight as he moaned at the touch and bit his lower lip. Renji moved yet again. At the sound of the captain's moans, Renji's eyes opened slowly, sleepily. He realized his head was on Byakuya's right arm, one arm and leg thrown over his captain and his captain was completely red and looked like he was.. moaning..? No.. that couldn't be, Renji thought.. He froze for a few seconds and then he moved a few inches, slow so the captain wouldn't notice him much. His movement touched Byakuya again which made the black haired man moan slightly again. Renji's face became completely red as well as the other man's.

'What's happening..? Captain.. Captain Kuchiki's moaning.. at my touches?..' Renji thought scared, surprised, shocked.. 'It can't be..' he thought..

'God.. Renji.. You idiot.. Aahhh...!' was in Byakuya's mind as Renji tried to slip away from over his captain. Byakuya didn't realize Renji woke up, he thought he was still moving in his sleep. However, he wanted more now.. He placed his left hand over the redhead's leg and stopped it from moving away. Renji now felt the hard bulge inside of the man's pants, under his leg.

"T-Taichou!" Renji jumped away from being half on top his captain. Byakuya's eyes shot open, too.

"R-Renji..!" he said surprised.

"I'm s-sorry, captain! I didn't mean to.. I.. You see, I just move around in my sleep.. I didn't mean t-to.." Renji babbled fast.

"I-It's fine.." Byakuya breathed out, nervous because of his state and because he wanted more. The pain in his pants was killing him.

"Are you okay, captain?.." Renji asked seeing him fight the mood, trying to calm down. He was a man, he also knew how painful that must be.

"A-Aa.. I'm fine.. Everything's fine.. Go back to sleep, Abarai.." Kuchiki ordered. Renji looked at him with sympathy, he was to blame in the first place and his captain was paying because of it.

"Can I.. help you.. with anything.. captain?.." Renji asked blushing, looking away.

: The end of the first chapter : Sexy torment :

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