Summary: Byakuya chooses one subordinate for a one week training trip each year. Nobody wants to go since Byakuya works their asses off and while he's gone in the training trip, they have time off. Renji's the "unfortunate" one to go this year. Smexy sparks seem to light up in the middle of wilderness.

Sexy Torment, Sexy Kiss, Sexy Drops and Sexy Captive are the chapters that will be in the story. It might have one more "Sexy something" but i haven't decided yet. I have yet to write chapter three, this is what I wrote in one day (two chapters of hot smex).

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story, they belong to Noriaki Kubo. I have just used the characters for my own twisted imagination and storyline.

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Words that you may encounter along and you might not know what they mean:

Taichou - Captain

Arigato - Thank you

Hai - Yes

Aa – Yeah

Nani – What

Type of story:

Yaoi, M+

Characters descriptions:

Kuchiki Byakuya - Captain of 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Dark haired, tall, black eyes, long hair usually tied with some long, wide hairpins in the upper part. Graceful, polite, respected and seemingly cold towards everyone.

Abarai Renji - Lieutenant of 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Redhead, tall, brown eyes, long hair usually tied in one ponytail at the back. Body full of tribal tattoos. Rude, slightly iresponsible, hothead and battle-type hungry. He's only polite when he's in front of his captain whom he admires the most, Kuchiki Byakuya.

: Chapter 4: Sexy Captive :

Renji felt his new lover's manhood hard pushing against his cheeks, letting a few unexpected moans with each push. The captain was teasing him, thrusting against him but not going further just yet. Renji was leaning with his chest on the smooth rock in front of him and Byakura grabbed both his arms just slightly above Renji's elbows, his hands weak to do anything anymore.

Byakuya's fingers tightened the grip around the slim, tense muscles of the redhead as he pulled them back towards his own sides and leaning in to place sweet, gentle kisses on the back of his vice-captain.

The kisses became more intense with each one and they again turned into sucks.

Holding him by his hands while kissing and sucking so hard on his skin was pushing Renji close to insanity. He couldn't think anymore, just let out small hot breaths and lick his lips to reassure them of their moisture. He felt hot and thirstier with each detailed touch on his now sensitive body.

Renji drowned in the touches and in the new sensations he went through as the long, black haired perfect body from behind him pushed him back down on the stone and trailed down towards his hips with his big, strong hands, kissing along the way, together with his wet, dark hair tickling Renji on the back while going lower.

The drops of the water started pouring down harder again as the two continued to become hotter and more excited about each other. Renji's body tensed as Byakuya's strong hands held him tight until his left one started travelling across his side, towards his chest, moving him just far enough from the rock to do so. Then, his fingers travelled around Renji's wet nipples, poking them gently with one finger and then sliding around it slowly.

"Mmmh... Aahh.." Renji let out without realizing it. Smaller moans followed as the captain teased him.

The slide closed in around the small tip while the other hand joined to the other nipple in the same time and it turned into a small rub, making Renji gulp and shiver at the weird sensations. Byakuya's teasing was killing him but he did not realize at all what could put out that fire he felt deep inside, as hot as the color of his own hair, the only thing passing through his mind being how he couldn't breathe deeply anymore..

Small, unsteady breaths and moans left his lips.. Byakuya's right hand slid down to Renji's ass when he reached between the cheeks, making Renji shiver hard unexpectadly. Renji's face got more red, though it was barely seen in the dim light. The rain slowed down just a bit, making it all a bit more quiet except the two men..

Byakuya's fingers gently slid in between the redhead's cheeks gently.. Renji's face seemed to beg his captain to help him put out the feelings that seemed to burn him from inside, as he looked back at the long, black haired male. His begging, innocent look made Byakuya gently lick his own lips with his tongue across them as if savouring what's to come, already images in his mind.. He brushed those images away to focus on the moment instead, to be able to help himself and Renji clear their tense frustrations..

"Renji.." he spoke softly as the redhead leaned back with his head on Kuchiki's shoulders, his hair covering his neckline with wet strands, like red, flame-like liquid metal stringing down the captain's skin and mixing with black oil that dripped down with rain drops on the shoulders.

"..hah..ah..." Renji moaned, closing his eyes and with his mouth and lips open, barely feeling like he could breathe anymore.. Kuchiki's index finger gently pushed in the little spot, making Renji moan as small pain started to be felt. With his other hand, Byakuya gently placed his fingers around the redhead's manhood, pulsating slowly by tightening his grip and as he started to go up and down along it, feeling it hard..

Another finger gently pushed against the other one from inside, and slid in just barely in the tight room. Moving them together, Byakuya felt Renji's power leave his body as well as tensing from time to time, as the fingers played inside along each other by just graising the smooth, wet walls.. The pain and pleasure made Renji melt and powerless as he fell back down on the rock, his curbed back to his captain and his legs apart just enough for the other man to play with him.. teasing him sweetly..

The pain slowly faded out as the moans increased and each move becoming just slightly faster and not as gentle killed his brain.. The redhead couldn't think anymore and without realizing, his body moved just a bit against the hand.. Renji cringed as he felt the hands pushing against his insides, rubbing against his warm, sensitive spot.. His eyes shut tight as Kuchiki teased him several times until he saw Renji almost faint on the rock, facing down with his cheek on the cold thing..

"Bya.. Byakuya.. you are tormenting me.. I can't... ahh.. nnhh... I can't think.." he spoke and the long, black haired male smiled mischievously. He placed one more kiss on Renji's middle back and leaned back to a somewhat straight pose.

Leaning back from having his hand stroking the other man's aroused member and his hands placed themselves on each of the cheeks, his fingers left the small tight place as gentle as he could. Renji suddenly felt himself emptied by the little scoundrels teasing him so badly..

By pressing down onto Renji, Byakuya felt his own member enjoy the smooth flesh of the other as he pushes on the cheeks, teasing the redhead more. Renji tried to stretch out his hands to hold Byakuya's body and aroused member but he was too weak.. Byakuya smirked seeing Renji beg for it with his eyes as the face went in a full blown blush and sweat dripping along his hairline, forehead, neck and shoulders..

Renji's eyes closed and bit down his lower lip as he felt the manhood closing in on the tight spot between his cheeks, making him shiver, longing to find out how it felt like deep inside. Meanwhile, the tip of his own aroused penis let out small drops of liquid as if it was purposelly made to help rub it in the skin by another..

As the hard, aroused member entered slowly in the tight place,switching hands between the one stroking Renji's arousal with the one handling the tight ass, Kuchiki's hand went up to Renji's chin, reaching his mouth. His fingers were wet with thick juice from his own shaft as they slid in the redhead's mouth, slilding them on the teeth, tongue and gums to have Renji feel the sensually smooth result from their teasing. It was also a distraction to help Renji focus on something more than the bigger pain in his tight ass as Byakuya filled him with his thick, hard member, slowly thrusting against him, to make him get used to the pain before indulging in more pleasure.. deeper..

Barely thinking with the explosion of feelings he felt inside his body for the first time, Renji licked each finger and sucked on them until he cleaned them by the slightly bitter juices, his own juices.. Byakuya had been cruel teasing him for that long so Renji couldn't resist anymore.. While Byakuya's other hand went up and down Renji's shaft, Renji started moving his ass towards the captain, slow at first and then harder.. Sounds cried out under their breathes were the only ones they could hear as the rain stopped and now sweat was mingling even more with the few remaining drops falling down their hair, their backs and arms.. The sounds alone helped to get them even more crazed with each motion, perfecting their rhythms..

Small thrusting sounds could be heard splashing water between the violated ass and the one doing the thrusting.. The sounds made it feel even hotter in the same time as their soft moans and groaning. It felt too good and neither could stop them from coming out with their unsteady breathing and gasping for fresh mouths of air. Renji's mouth still sucked on the fingers before they went back down to the chest, slightly pulling and twisting the already hard nipples, making him let out sounds of pleasure and slight pain. It confused him how all that could make him feel so incredibly good and he didn't want to stop.. he just wanted more and more..

Byakuya's hand went from the nipples around the side until it was from behind on Renji's right shoulder, gripping it tight on it, making Renji curb in front of him and Byakuya's grip pulling him back towards him, roughly. Then, the grip went on the redhead's right arm and pulled him back hard as the thrusting became much, much.. harder.. and sweatier.. and faster.. and rythmic..

The sounds of the thrusting sweetly became the most obvious part of the sounds they were making, Renji's moans and grunting coming second. Byakuya's soft breaths came out from between a tense but sweet smirk, focusing on so much pleasure he was receiving from the so tight space he entered and thrusted in from second to second.. Renji's cheeks and hole tightened around his hard member as the thrusting became more effective with the re-discovery of his sweet spot..

Seeing as he found the sensitive spot of the redhead again, Byakuya hit it there multiple times, all the time stroking Renji's manhood, not forgetting to make him come in the same time as he would, preparing him for release .

Renji felt the hot breaths on his skin as his body felt sweetly violated with the thick, hard member, accepting it all while moaning his captain's name..

"Byakuya.. Aah.. Mmmm.. ngh... aaahhh..." he let out loudly as the thrusts became so fast he felt like finding release was close.

"Renji..I will.. aahh!...I can't... hold.. on.." Kuchiki cried out, turned on even more by Renji's loud moans and feeling the redhead's arousal become bigger in his hands as he rubbed and went up and down on it..

They felt like they were burning and things just got harder and more intense for the two of them.. Renji screamed in pleasure and pain as the captain pushed hard one last time in him, curbing his back and Renji pushing against the rock harder than before. Small thrusts continued to be felt from the now calmed captain's member as Renji's arousal as well, having blown his juices in the warm water, tended by the captain's hands..

With juice covering his fingers from the other male, Kuchiki took them up to his mouth and licked them and then his lips, ending with a satisfied smirk.. He then fell with his chest on the back of the other, both trying to regulate their hard breathing.. Renji's saliva dripped down his chin on the rock as he barely remained conscious..

"Oh, no.." Byakuya muttered under his breath, enough for Renji to catch it..

"N-Na..Nani?.." he asked worriedly but before he could get an answer, he felt the member hard again against his ass..

Byakuya bit his lower lip as he raised up a bit and looked down at the redhead's shameful look.. It made him so hot again that his body reacted on his own.

"Oh.. ahh.." Renji frowned looking up with puppy eyes at the other male. Byakuya went on a lower, flatter rock in the water, a bit further away, and plopped his body down by the thrown, wet clothes they had worn earlier. Renji slowly got up, feeling a bit of pain shooting up inside of him, and slowly went through the water and sat on his right side next to his captain's chest, his head on the long, black haired man's arm.

Looking up at the sky clearing up after the rain, the moon was becoming more obvious from behind the few clouds hiding it. Kuchiki looked up at it while Renji opened his eyes and stared at him, smiling at the gorgeous face with a faint blush on his face and that wet hair spreading out all over the rock near their heads, both colors once again on top of each other, strands spread around their faces, sticking onto their skin. Raising his head and leaning over, Renji placed a kiss on the captain's lips, surprising him while staring up at the sky.

Byakuya's eyes widened just a bit and he closed his eyes, indulging in the sweet, sexy kiss as their tongues played around each-other, sucked on them and licked their lips, teeth and gums in a wet, maddening rythm..

Then, Kuchiki grabbed Renji's hands and pulled him on top, his knees on each side, on the smooth, wet rock. Leaning over, Renji shaded the captain from the moonlight but for Byakuya, the look was beautifull.. There was light shining into Renji and he could see soft stray light around his hair falling down like a curtain and curbing around the redhead's shoulders.

Renji now was sitting with is manhood over Byakuya's. With the smallest move, they'd feel each other rubbing against. Byakuya raised his hand and with a handful of red hair, he strongly pulled down Abarai into another kiss, making his ass raise just slightly. The kiss was hot again.. It was like release was yet to be found.. As he let go of the hair, Renji straightening back slightly, Byakuya's member settled right between the redhead's butt cheeks and as hard as it was, it was poking Renji making him feel hot again. He cringed feeling it, blushing hard again and letting out a moan at the sensation. Kuchiki smirked and laughed slightly.

"Oh.. So, i'm not the only one still feeling.. hot?.." he continued smiling seeing Renji pout and growl as he moved around under him. Renji tried to remain quiet although he felt like smaking his captain for torturing him like that.. so he decided to do something about it.

Renji raised himself and with his hands, he placed the other man's manhood in the right place. Byakuya's wide eyes and big smirk disappeared as he lost it feeling the other sliding down his shaft, tight and smoothly. Renji cried out at the pain but he got used to it immediately as he went all the way down until his inside flesh walls got hit by the hard member invading his body. He moaned out loud as he got thrusted hard into by his naked, wet captain staring up at each of his reactions.

Renji felt embarrasses being stared upon but it was all worth it. The feelings were amazing, new sensations and new levels of depth as all his weight fell down on Byakuya's rod each time they moved. The weight made Byakuya go deeper and deeper, hitting him so hard like the only purpose was to make Renji insane.. not that it wasn't the same for Kuchiki who was biting his lower lip to be able to focus on the thrusting instead of losing himself fast to the sensation.

To help Renji feel more intense, Byakuya put his left hand on the other man's length and tightened the grip with his fingers. Because of that, Renji's pressure started to build up as they went further along the way, hitting his insides faster and much, much harder.. It felt like Byakuya was ripping him apart and so tremendously amazing in the same time.. Sweat was pouring down from him, mixing with his now more dry long hair.. They were both hot and sweaty as they moved against each-other, feeling themselves in a way they've both never thought they would.

As the pressure built up, the hold on Renji's member tightened and squeezed harder. It felt like an explosion about to happen but the fuse wasn't yet pulled out.

Renji felt too crazed to say anything but Byakuya could see tears of pain and pleasure at the corners of his eyes while panting hard and struggling to take small, fast breaths which were barely enough at the pace they were going..

With the release of Renji's manhood, after much more thrusting and pleasurable pain, the redhead's semen blew up over his captain, making him curbe his back and moan loudly, crying out with all the maddening sensations fucking with his mind.. As he felt Renji tighten and finish, Byakuya's member got sucked in hard as he finished hard with the tight squeeze only to be released by the now relaxed muscles of the other.. He filled his vice-captain with his thin cream, hot and wet.. Renji felt Byakuya shoot inside him, making him get lost in the feeling. It felt like the most amazing drug.. He fell face down on the other's chest, breathing out heavily, panting like a hot, sweaty animal, semen sticking on their skin between the two..

"So.." the redhead managed to let out a few words.. " i think i can die happy now... yeah... aa..." he breathed out and closed his eyes, sleep tugging on him like crazy.. He felt consumed in the best way possible.. Byakuya laughed quietly and replied.

"If you'd die right now, you wouldn't be able to do it every month.. every week.. every day.. hmm.." he teased..

"Haha.. aahh..ngh.." Renji moaned as he felt a last throb inside him.. "You're right.. that is worth staying alive for.. Captain.." the redhead returned the tease by calling Byakuya formally who lifted Renji's head with a grip on his jaw and pulled him down for a deep kiss.

After this night, the two prelonged their training session..

Each day, they'd become captive even more to the feeling the other gave them. They were captives to sex, they were captive by their feelings for each other and most of all, they were captive to addiction.. addiction to being together and sharing the best feelings through their bodies becoming one.

This would be one hell of a ride..

( ..literally..)

..:: The end ::..


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