Yet another one shot! Tony realizes why he told Jeanne that none of it was real. TIVA.

Tony took a moment to pause, to think about why he had said what he had said? Had it been true? Had he never really loved Jeanne?

There had been plenty of women that he had never really loved and that he had lied to and said he loved. Strangely, this didn't feel any different than any of them.

But he remembered who told him to tell her the truth, to be a man; Ziva. That was a different kind of love. That was real, that was something that he knew he couldn't live without.

In a rush of emotion, adrenaline, he went running around the corner to make sure he didn't miss Ziva. Sure enough, she was still at her desk.

"Did you tell her?" Ziva asked.

"I never loved her." Tony told Ziva. "So, I told her the truth."

"What?" Ziva's face looked puzzled.

"It's never been about her, I have always loved you." Tony told her.

"But…But…" Ziva looked puzzled again, still trying to put it all together. Before she could think too hard about it and possibly reject him, Tony kissed her, and she kissed back.

With no more words being spoken, Tony scooped Ziva up, and the rest is history.