Title: Save you

Author: BlackBunnySite

Pairings: Johhny/Reed, implied past Reed/ViCtor

Summary: Reed's in pieces and his friends just don't see it. Johnny has his own plans though...

Authors Note: It's AU, obviously, since it's slash.

Rating: NC-17.

Warnings: Rape, hurt, comfort, SLASH...

Disclaimer: They're not mine, even if I wish they were...sigh

Reed Richards

He couldn't breath.

Everything around him seemed to suffocate him, as he watched Victor encircled by Johnny's flames.

It was to soon and yet to late.

He never should have given into the taller man in the first place.

If he hadn't been so focused on Victor's needs and wishes, all of this wouldn't have happened.

He should havev just flat out told him that he wouldn't propose that experiment to the board, just because Victor thought it would help his company.

But actually he had. Not in so many words, it had more been like "I've not made enough simulations to be sure, Victor".

As usually his former lover hadn't listened and in that twisted sort of way, he always threated Reed with, had managed to get him to agree.

Reed felt so ashamed, that he had given in. Especially the way it had went down in the end.

Victor had a temper, always had, had it and sometimes it showed.

Like when Reed had denied him at first.

There had been a lot of shouting and two bruised wrists from when the taller man had grabbed him.

Afterwards Victor had apologized and Reed forgave him, as he'd always done.

Whether it was a bruised wrist or two, a dislodged shoulder from when he got his arm twisted behind his back or his body aching all over from when the other was just a bit to rough during sex.

Reed knew that Victor was dangerous, he'd known that from the first moment and it had been kind of sexy at the time.

He had still hoped though that there was enough good in the older man, to balance that dark part of him out.

Now, as he saw Victor consumed by flames and finally cooling down abruptly, by the water Ben threw his way, he know he'd lost Victor a long time ago.

Why, he hadn't seen it sooner, he couldn't quiet grasp.

Especially, after what had happened, just a few hours ago in Victors office.

He could still feel the cold on his skin.

Not from the cables attached to his body, but the hard touches of fingers on him.

The harsh tongue in his mouth and at his neck and the rough push of erect steel into the lower part of his body.

The tears freezing on his face almost as soon as they left his eyes and his pained gasps puffing out cold air.

God, it had hurt so bad.

He should have known, right then that the man he had once loved was already gone.

Replaced by something evil and vicious.

Still, he had wanted to believe, wanted to keep hoping, even after Victor had used and violated him so badly.

He forced out a small smile now, as the throngs of people around them cheered and his teammates waved enthusiastically.

It was the least he could do for his friends.

He wouldn't show them how broken he was.

Not now. Not ever.

Johnny Storm

Johnny wasn't a normal guy by any standards.

He hadn't even been before the whole super heroes thing.

His life consisted of partying, alcohol and sex.

That is, it had been.


Before Reed.

Now it was mostly a farce he kept for the sake of being, who others thought he was.

Before the mission to outer space Johnny had never understood his sisters fascination with that nerdy scientist.

He'd thought she was just blinded by this sweet puppy love, she'd harbored.

Like a high school girl with a crush or something.

But the first time he'd seen the man all bets were of.

Reed was, to sum it up, hot and cute at the same time, which really wasn't easy to pull of.

Most Women barely could be like that.

They were either hot OR cute. Not both at once.

So, you see, Reed really irritated him. More than he'd liked to admit, because he was after all a total skirt chaser.

Not to mention that his sister was still in love with the guy.

Said guy didn't seem to return her feelings though and Johnny was caught between the urge to throttle him(Which was what brother's did for their sisters) and jump up and down joyfully.

Of course just because Reed didn't seem to want his sister, didn't mean he wanted Johnny.

Oh, hell. Where did that come from?

He sighed as he looked over the kitchen table at the current object of his musings.

So, okay, maybe he was seriously attracted to the dark haired man, but that didn't mean anything, really.

A lot of people were sometimes interested in people of the same sex, nothing to be worried about.

Maybe he should just get it out of his system?

After all it couldn't be to hard, could it?

He would just corner the older man and do...something about this.

If Reed said "no", he sure could find a dark haired substitute in one of the clubs of this city.

But hey, it was worth a try.

With this set in mind he started to plan his, surely successful, seduction.

Sue would be out with her friends this evening. Something about a play they wanted to see.

The rockhead would be having dinner with Alicia, so just him and Reed would be here.