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An orange glow emanated through the glass of the French doors; cascading over the furniture and bathing the room in luscious warmth. The Uchiha mansion was aglow with the sun's early light. This was a clear sign that it was morning. Sasuke Uchiha didn't like mornings. Oh no, he didn't. It brought the daytime. And Sasuke also didn't like the daytime. Oh no, he didn't. The daytime was when he had to leave his safe, warm, cozy home – not to mention his lover too – and set out to his work as Anbu captain. It wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't sent out to long missions a lot of the time. Or the fact that by the time he got home not only was he completely knackered…but so was his blond; rendering them both less than likely to engage in much strenuous activities. So, Sasuke Uchiha didn't like mornings. In a way it was a good thing that he was never the first to wake.

A small sniffle was emitted from below a silky white duvet. Long, blonde eyelashes fluttered apart revealing large cerulean orbs still glazed with sleep. The blond sighed peacefully. Naruto Uzumaki loved mornings. Oh yes, he did. It brought a new day. And Naruto loved every minute of every day. Oh yes, he did. Not only did mornings bring the next day, they also brought the sleeping face of Sasuke Uchiha. Now, Naruto liked this because it was one of the only times when the raven actually looked at peace and almost innocent. Though Naruto knew from past experiences – the previous night included – that Sasuke was anything but innocent. A small smile formed on his rosy lips as he recalled his actions. Though, he had to admit, Sasuke had settled down a fair bit since returning to Konoha two years before…

Sasuke had returned after the long awaited death of his older brother, Itachi, who he had sworn to kill as revenge for the murder of his clan. Honestly the people of Konoha had lost all faith in him by then and certainly did not expect the last Uchiha to return to the village immediately following the event. Most were shocked by the return of the raven. Naruto however, wasn't just shocked; he was also delighted beyond words. He now had his best friend – who he had vowed to bring back home – home! Though, he wasn't overly trusted by anyone at the time, with the exception of Naruto who was looked upon as a monster by half the population of the village anyway.

The Hokage – Tsunade, or Baa-chan as Naruto likes to call her – refused to allow the boy, sixteen at the time, to take on any missions higher than D-rank for at least a year. She had been lenient though, and let him off after seven months of exceptionally good behavior when she had sent him on his first C-rank mission. It didn't take long for the Ranks to shoot up and then he was constantly on high ranked missions. His skills were unbearably good and everyone knew it. With constant nagging from Naruto, Tsunade had eventually given the Uchiha the privilege of taking part in the Chuunin exams, and then the Jounin exams shortly after; both which he passed with little or almost no effort at all. It took a total of 6 months to become an Anbu and then it only took a further 3 weeks to win the position as a captain. Not that this was the reason behind his 'settling down' as Naruto described it. Nope, it was in fact what had been going on during this time – behind the cold icy mask he wore, and behind the closed doors – that helped Sasuke's heart warm and his attitude soften.

You see, Sasuke had always believed himself to be asexual. Mostly because he had never been interested in anyone other than his brother…in any way. Naruto had once stolen his concentration on revenge for a small amount of time, but it certainly wasn't sexual attraction; it was annoyance. When they were younger and had first met Naruto had almost instantly pegged the boy as his rival. Sasuke didn't care. Considering the previous statement about his brother, this was no surprise. Yet the blond insisted on bugging him whenever they were together. Sasuke hated it.

Yet now that they were older - and not just physically but mentally too - the boys got on much better. Also the fact that for the first few months following his return, Sasuke found himself abandoned by nearly everyone but the blue eyed boy. If Sasuke had believer that they were best friends before he had left then he was certainly rethinking it now…they did everything together. At first it had just been the dobe who was always around Sasuke, almost forcefully. But soon the raven found himself constantly craving to be around his friend. They were never part. Because Naruto was so liked by all his friends – namely, the rookie nine, though they weren't rookies any longer, and Gai sensei's team – it didn't take Sasuke long to find acceptance in the people he used to look at as inconveniences…but Naruto was rubbing off on him as he looked at them as people worth his time and potentially his friends. Things only got worse when they started having sex.

It had happened one night in the summer, a little before Sasuke took the Jounin exams. The two had gone round to Sakura's. It was just a little get together. Nothing too special. You see, during the time that Sasuke had been away Sakura had grown herself a backbone and realized that her childhood crush – which Sasuke had been – just wasn't worth the effort or the pain of rejection and so she had looked elsewhere. Since Rock Lee was still vying for the kunoichi's attention, she had, albeit reluctantly, agreed to begin dating him. Though I say reluctantly…it didn't take long before Sakura was going to dinner with him frequently and they became a couple shortly after she came to terms with her feelings for the youthful lad. So…Sakura had decided to get together with her team since Sasuke had only recently begun going on proper missions with them again.

The boys had stayed late – until around three in the morning to be precise – and by the time they left, were thoroughly wasted. Both stumbled to Naruto's small apartment, since it was closer than the Uchiha mansion and both of the boys loathed the idea of walking home alone…not to mention the fact that Sasuke hadn't the slightest clue as to where he lived. They had literally toppled onto the bed when Sasuke had an overwhelming desire to kiss the blond dobe. Since the alcohol in his system didn't allow him to protest or even think about what he was doing he was atop the boy in seconds. Naruto greedily lapped at the sensation and in no time the two had been at it like horny – albeit drunk - rabbits.

The next day however had been another story. Naruto had woken first and was shocked to say the least that he was, not only sleeping next to his best friend, but also; he had no cloths on, he was immensely sticky, he had a number of hickies placed in the strangest locations all over his body, and the boy next to him was in a similar state. 'Oh, god!' he had thought 'I had sex with Sasuke!' As you can imagine, it was a strange position that Naruto had found himself in. So what did Naruto do? He did what he though would be best since he didn't entirely hate the thought of sleeping with Sasuke Uchiha – though he did worry a little about their friendship – he closed his eyes and pretended to still be asleep.

About half an hour later, the raven woke up. Now, he wasn't shocked at all to find himself in the same state as Naruto. You see, the last Uchiha had never had a problem with remembering what he did when he was out of his mind on booze, what he did have a problem with however, was the pain that was shooting through his head. He felt like he was being stabbed in the head with vibrating sword. I know, stupid comparison, but that is what he had felt like. He clambered out of the bed in search of a cure. Sadly, due to the fact that Naruto was never in pain for very long – since Kyuubi healed him almost instantly – he had nothing in his house to aid a hangover. Sasuke had simply climbed back into bed and flung himself onto Naruto, nuzzling into his chest and groaning at the pain. Naruto had frozen – its not that he didn't want it, it just hadn't been expected. Sure they'd had sex. But Naruto was of the opinion that it was all it had been; sex. No feelings on the Uchihas side. Snuggling certainly wasn't expected. 'Perhaps he's still drunk' was Naruto's answer to the strange behavior.

He had been wrong though, and after Sasuke's deathly long hangover period, he had declared the blond as his.

"Naruto. As of now, you're mine! Get your stuff, your moving in with me."

Naruto hadn't argued; he hadn't even given thought to the issues it would entail. The whole relationship had been strange at first and a little awkward too, but it hadn't taken long for the pair to realize that they had both craved for this months before and were now getting what they both wanted. Naruto had indeed moved into the Uchiha mansion and everything had been perfect from that day on. Well, I say perfect, but how perfect can you get when it comes to them. They do still fight almost constantly, but it's all harmless.

Ever since they got together as boyfriends though, Sasuke turned soft. Well, sometimes, like when he was with Naruto. He was never soft otherwise and still held his Uchiha pride and insane arrogance – but it was fleeting, usually he was nicer to people. Note I say nicer, he still wasn't extremely nice to most, but he tolerated life and the people in it. His rash actions had also steadied and he was frequently calm when dealing in situations – although he had been calm before, he had usually dealt with problems in extreme measures (such as killing the person involved) and this was not tolerable behavior – making life much easier and he had to admit it was now enjoyable. Oh gosh, what love could do!

Naruto attempted to stifle a yawn but succeeded only in straining his jaw. He rolled over to face the patio doors before stretching – slowly, careful not to wake his boyfriend who still lay motionless beside him – and squirming out or bed. Shuffling over to the glass doors, he took hold of the small handle before sliding them across and relishing the delightful heat that smothered his body – clad only in a pair of orange boxers – as he passed out into the garden and made his way towards the large outdoor pool. The blond perched himself at the side and dipped his feet into the cool water, relaxing in the morning atmosphere around him. He smiled to himself; life simply could not get better.

Whilst Sasuke had been busy climbing the ranks of the ninja, Naruto had not been far ahead. He had astonished everyone at the beginning of the year when he presented the amazing news that he was going to become the Hokage. However, Tsunade said that she would first train him a little at a time until he was fully prepared for the job. So he was probably due to meet her shortly, as he did every day now.

So…yes, life was good. Life was, as one would say; perfect. Though, Naruto was aware that the pleasure would not last forever. He knew that one of these days Sasuke would leave him. It was no secret. It was common knowledge that Sasuke Uchiha had always had two goals in his lifetime. The first was to kill his brother – accomplished – while the second was to revive his clan. Now…although the raven is very much in love with his angel, that is Naruto, he refuses to relinquish his remaining goal and thus will need to part from the blond when he feels the need to make babies. You know – because Naruto is a male and cannot be impregnated. Yeh, it sucks that life is so cruel. But they have both agreed to live life as happily and as peacefully as they see fit until that dreaded day comes.

Sighing to himself, our blond picks himself up off of the patio floor and heads back into the compound; fully intent on showering before preparing breakfast and readying himself for the day ahead.

A dozy sigh was produced as Sasuke opened his eyes but, since he was greeted with the strong rays of sunshine which were blasting their way into his bedroom with malice, he subsequently shut them again; protecting the coal black orbs from the horrible morning. "Urhh," he groaned, his voice heavy from sleep, as he shifted his body weight and slipped out of bed "I hate mornings". He could smell the delicious fragrance as it floated its way through the house and it lifted his mood somewhat. 'What's the dobe made this morning?' He pondered as he proceeded to the kitchen.

Sasuke licked his lips as he stared openly at his gorgeous lover, who at this moment was fast at work creating a fry up – an English breakfast that Naruto had learned to make when he was on a mission to some village that had took it upon itself to introduce foreign foods to Japan. Naruto had relished most of the food he found there and he now indulged himself with the recipes a lot. Not that Sasuke minded; it was better than nothing but ramen he supposed. 'Bacon, eggs, sausages…toast, and…orange juice?' Sasuke listed the scrumptious food as he gazed at the scene in front of him.

Naruto was piling the meal onto two plates when Sasuke decided to surprise his boyfriend. Creeping skillfully, silently, and unnoticed, up to the shorter boy, before wrapping his arms around his possession. Naruto jumped slightly – startled - before leaning back into Sasuke's chest and smiling to himself as he finished serving the food. He giggled slightly and twisted his body so that he came face to face with the raven haired teen. "Breakfast is served" he declared in a matter-of-fact tone before pressing further onto his love and kissing Sasuke's lips lightly.

They ate breakfast somewhat silently, comfortable in each others presence. It was usually like this in mornings as both were still slightly drowsy. Sasuke had just finished his food but waited patiently for Naruto – who would leave for his training as soon as he was done – before walking the blond to the front of the glorious house.

Naruto gripped the door handle, twisting the key until he heard and felt the click of the lock. He pulled the door open and stepped out onto the porch before turning and smiling blissfully at his dark haired lover. 'Oh why, oh why is he so cute? He's like a little puppy-' Sasuke smirked at the thought, '-and hot, he's so scrumptious, it's as if he wants me to eat him' before pulling the boy into his embrace so that their faces were barely an inch apart. The blond could feel his boyfriend's breath as it ghosted over his sensitive lips and he wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck.

"Love you, dobe," ware the whispered words that made the jinchuuriki's heart clench and his world spin…he couldn't understand how those simple three words, when spoken by the Uchiha, could cause such wonderful feelings to course through his veins. Naruto closed the gap between the couple abruptly. Their lips moved lovingly against the others before the blond felt his heart jump as Sasuke probed at the entrance to his mouth. Naruto parted his lips and the kiss deepened. Sasuke let his tongue slip into his lovers cavern and it immediately reacted to the familiar surroundings, exploring and discovering new tastes and textures…god how Sasuke loved the way his dobe tasted, everything about him was simply perfect. Naruto's own organ didn't take long before it intertwined with the others and they began a heated struggle to gain dominance in the kiss. Sasuke won – no surprise – he always did.

Annoyingly, the need for air was reaching its limits and, though Sasuke might not have been wiling to relinquish the burning feeling in his lungs by breaking their heated kiss, Naruto was. Pulling away, azure eyes opened - lust apparent in them already – to meet an equally needy looking Uchiha.

"Love you too, Teme."

He said as he pulled out of the raven's arms and turned before stepping further out into the village. He looked back as his feet carried him down the front steps and further away from his desire, Sasuke smiled at him tenderly and watched the boy continue onward. Sighing, he turned and made his way back into the house, and frowned as he realized he would now need to ready himself for his work. Sasuke Uchiha didn't like mornings. Oh no, he didn't.

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