Jeanne- "Was any of it real?"

Tony- "No."

Jeanne-"I wish I'd never met you."


Anthony DiNozzo avoided all human contact the night he watched those elevator doors closed. He was confused, angry and broken down.

So this is what you get for loving someone? They literally rip your heart out and make you the bad guy? Well, I guess I deserved it, but framing me for murder? That's a bit much wouldn't you say?

As he sat alone in his apartment he entertained the idea of calling up old flames so he wouldn't have to spend the night alone. So he would have a distraction. But he elected not to.

Don't get me wrong, it was pretty sweet to love her. It was a new feeling, a good feeling…but the question is, was it worth what I'm feeling right now? Or what I felt when she left?

He stared at his movie collection for a few minutes that gradually turned into hours. He debated whether a romantic comedy was an order, or an all out thriller. His emotions were so hay wire. One minute he was glad he spited her; another he regretted his simple response of…"No."

Of course it was real Tony…wasn't it? Not even you are that great of an actor. Contrary to popular belief, you have feelings. You have a heart. Maybe I put up a good front…not quite as good as Gibbs front, but a front none the less. I let my feelings creep through now and then, but for the most part I'm a jokester…I hide behind my jokes. Gibbs hides behind his stares, I hide behind my whit. Great, now I'm becoming a Gibbs junior….well on my way to three divorces…

After contemplating his movie choice, he ended up watching what he always did when he couldn't decide. "Another broken heart night Magnum, come through for me buddy." He slipped in his favorite episode and when even that didn't help, he started to get concerned. He reached for his phone and scrolled down his contact list.

No to old flames, no to movies, no to Magnum…what now?

When he reached the number he wanted, his finger hovered over the send button. Maybe he needed to get through this night alone, then again, maybe he didn't.

He repeated the simple response that got him in this mess in the first place as he spoke out loud to himself. "No." He took in a deep breath. "Love is a good thing Anthony DiNozzo, no matter how it could end." He hit the send button, and lifted the receiver to his ear.

"Yeah, Ziva…It's me….I was wondering if you wanted to…I don't know…maybe grab something to eat?"