"You're in love with her," a heavily Spanish accented voice said.

"WHAT?" yelled her companion.

"You heard me." The Spanish voice chuckled.

"I am not!" denied the younger witch.

"Uh huh. Care to tell me what you were dreaming about this morning at around 3am?" The Spanish woman loved teasing her friend.

"Umm... nothing?" said a very red Hermione.

"Uh huh. So the loud moaning and whimpering coming from your room was just my imagination?" Ria said while sipping her coffee with a grin on her face. She knew who the girl was dreaming about and it was about time that Hermione face the facts.

"Ria, I am not..." Hermione closed her mouth when she saw Ria hold her hand up.

"Are you forgetting something?" Ria pointed to herself, "I'm a shaman. First, I know when you are lying to me. More importantly, I know when you are lying to yourself. So don't give me this I am not bullshit." Ria placed her empty coffee cup on the counter, and then began making a cup of coffee for Hermione. She added the sugar, milk and a dash of cinnamon, and then held it out for Hermione.

Hermione took the cup sipped it, turning it in her hands. She knew there was no point in denying it. Ria was right. "What am I supposed to do, just come out with Fleur, I'm in love with you?" She sighed. A shadow flew overhead, and landed next to her. Hermione smiled at the large eagle as he caressed her cheek.

"See? Even Tiny agrees. And yes, technically you could just tell her like that. I personally love the whole blunt thing but, I also know that isn't your style when it comes to the ladies."

Ria walked over to her friend, placing a hand on her shoulder "Minny, it's killing you inside. You barely get any sleep. If you do sleep you either have a nightmare from hell or a wet dream that wakes me up! Neither are really conducive to a good night's rest," Ria chuckled, "although the wet dreams are always nice."

Hermione blushed; she remembered her dream from last night. Fleur had her up against a wall, making love to her. She shivered as she recalled feeling those long elegant fingers deep inside her, the half Veela's tongue on her neck, biting her hard enough to make her cum. Which she did… in her sleep.

She had never had a wet dream like that until she realized she was in love with Fleur. When she woke that morning she had to hop in the shower first thing because she knew how sensitive Ria's nose was. If she hadn't, Ria would have teased her no end.

Tiny and Ria just looked at each other, and then back at Hermione. Tiny took a piece of Hermione's hair and pulled lightly. Hermione handed a small piece of meat to the large bird, blushing. Ria got a small message from her avian friend.

Now I wonder what you're thinking about hmm?" Ria laughed lightly

Hermione blushed some more. Unfortunately the nightmares were just as bad if not worse. Some of the mild ones she could control, but the worst ones were of Fleur being tortured to death by Death Eaters, or worse, Voldemort, and she couldn't do a thing to stop it.

Ria shook Hermione out of her thoughts when the Spanish woman's voice called from the living room of her home." Come on, woman. Let's get you to the airport."

The two girls laughed as Tiny tried to get in the car with them. He loved Hermione to death and didn't want to see her go. After four tries at getting him back in the house, he finally gave up and sat on his perch on the roof looking down at them, clearly upset that Hermione was leaving without him.

"He is crazy about you, you realize that?" Ria said as she turned onto the highway.

"I've never been much of an animal lover, but he makes me laugh with his playfulness." Hermione smiled.

"Not to change the subject, but are you going to tell her how you feel? Or are we going to have to take matters into our own hands and talons?"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" shouted Hermione.

Reaching over, Ria patted the girl's leg. "Relax. I won't." She then grinned wickedly, "at least not yet."

Hermione gave her a dirty look, but Ria just smiled. They rode the rest of the way in silence, just enjoying the music and each other's company. The girls finally arrived and checked Hermione in, and then walked to her gate.

"Minny, please think about what I said, remember, our worlds change in a blink of an eye. If anyone deserves love, it's you," Ria said to her.

"This coming from a woman who refuses to visit France because she knows her soul mate is there?" Hermione said to her with an eyebrow cocked.

It was Ria's turn to blush and look down, "you know why I haven't gone to find her. It would be hard for the woman. I won't put her through that." The last part of the statement was a mere whisper.

"Don't you think she should be able to make that choice?" Hermione said softly, and then took two fingers and brought Ria's eyes to meet hers. "Take your own advice."

Ria just smiled, and then said " Yes, oh great knowledgeable one. Now get on the plane. I'll see you in a month"

Hermione tilted her head. "A month?"

"Yes, I got a letter from Dumbledore asking me to help out with the creatures on your grounds. I agreed"

"You waited until now to tell me?" Hermione put her hands on her hips, looking very angry. Unfortunately, the broad smile on her face ruined the effect a bit.

"Yes. So now you can start to worry about all the evil things I plan on doing to you so I can get you together with Fleur Delacour." Ria batted her eyes as she said Fleur's name.

Last call for Flight 147 to London

"Don't you even think about it!" Hermione hit Ria's shoulder. All Ria could do was to laugh even harder.

"Get on the plane, girl!" One last hug and Hermione was through the gate.

Once she was in flight she thought about Fleur. What was she going to do about it? Would she tell her? She couldn't just walk right up to her Fleur and say I love you. Although it didn't sound like a bad idea, it just wasn't her style. She loved to be romanced and in turn she loved romancing her partner. Granted she had never really had a partner except for maybe Krum, but she didn't care. She wanted to treat Fleur like the lady she was, and not some cheap whore.

Bill had called Fleur that one night while she was staying at the burrow. Oh, Bill didn't like it well when she got up in his face and told him what she thought of what he had said. He even tried to threaten her with his werewolf side, which she didn't even give a damn about. She had already been training for over two years. One of her first tests was on how to control a were-creature, so a semi werewolf didn't mean bullocks to her. She would be damned if someone was going to insult her heart. Lying back in her chair, she suddenly felt something in her coat pocket. Pulling it out, she smiled at Ria's handwriting.


I know it seems like I am bugging you to death about it, but in truth I just want you to be happy. The reason why I took the job at Hogwarts is not just so we can finish your training, but also to see if I can get enough courage to take the train over to France. You're right Minny, I'm scared as hell. So I know how you feel. Well sort of, 'cause I have no idea what this woman looks like except for when we meet in our dreams. All I know is that she has platinum blond hair, blue eyes and is French… not much to go on huh? It's a little frustrating. I never get to see all of her face. Anyway, see you soon. Maybe we can help each other get the courage to get our soul mates! Be safe and call me when you land!


Hermione smiled and folded up the letter. She snuggled back in the chair, looking out the window. She drifted into sleep, her last thoughts were of Fleur holding her tightly, whispering in her ear that she loved her. It was lovely, even if it was just a dream.