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Chapter 4

The women stayed silent once Ria had fallen asleep. Hermione kept her hand on Ria's waist, looking out the window. Fleur gazed up at the nightsky, while Gabrielle was lost in thought.

Fleur couldn't take it anymore, she had to know, and not wanting to be rude she spoke in English..." Gabrielle, how ez it zat 'ou know Spanish?"

Gabrielle stared out the window and then looked back at her sister. "I ... 'onestly do not know. I first noticed it while at ze ..." She tried to remember what Hermione had called it.

"Airport," Hermione whispered. "I was wondering as well, because your French accent didn't even come through. It was as if you were Spanish."

"Oui, she ez right, Gabrielle, 'ou 'ad no accent whatzoever"

Gabrielle just stared out the window again. She didn't understand it herself. "I don't know," she repeated. "Ze moment she began to speak, I could understand 'er, even when she spoke en Spanish." She sighed, letting her forehead lean against the cool window. " It…" she couldn't say it. She prided herself on the fact that she could control her emotions so well. On being fearless when others would tremble. She didn't like this feeling at all.

Fleur reached out and touched her sister's arm gently, Gabrielle turned to her. "It frightens 'ou?" Gabrielle just shook her head "Non," she whispered softly "it terrifies me." Gabrielle turned back to the window, and sighed as she began to draw small pictures on the fog-covered glass.

Hermione had stayed silent, letting the two sisters talk, until she saw the symbols that Gabrielle had drawn on the foggy window. "Gabrielle, have you seen those symbols before?" Hermione spoke loud enough for Gabrielle to hear her but quietly enough not to disturb Ria.

Gabrielle took a look at the small pictures; they were very simple in design, almost childlike yet she knew they held so much strength. Lost in her thoughts she whispered "Only in my dreams."

Hermione looked down at Ria, moving her hair just enough to see the small tattoo under her left ear. The same symbol that Gabrielle had just drawn on the window; Hermione looked back up and saw Fleur staring at her, then back down to the woman lying in Hermione's lap. Hermione moved Ria's hair a little more so Fleur could see the symbol. Fleur's eyes grew wide but Hermione quickly lifted her finger to her own lips. Fleur nodded that she would not say anything.

The silence in the car grew, with just the occasional whimper from Ria. Each time she heard it, Hermione gently stroked the girl's hair until she was quiet again. Fleur was curious about the young woman they had picked up; she closed her eyes and sighed, her thoughts running wild in her mind.

It would seem that Hermione and the young girl were very close, but where did they meet… and when? Were they in a relationship? Had they been in one? Would they be in one? What did the tattoo mean? What of Gabrielle's dreams? Was this the woman her sister had longed for since she was little? Would Ria understand their mixed heritage? For that matter would Hermione? She looked back at Hermione through the mirror; she had fallen asleep, as had Gabrielle. Fleur had been awake, lost in her thoughts for some time when she heard Ria move.

"Aye…my cabeza," Ria moaned as she slowly got up from Hermione's lap, rubbing her temples. "The next time a man asks me to go somewhere for him… remind me to say no," she said softly, so as to not wake Gabrielle and Hermione.

"'Ow do 'ou feel?" Fleur questioned her sympathetically

"Como una manada de unicorns decide to stampede through mi cabeza, pero not too bad." Ria's accent was always very thick when she first woke up, and she often forgot to stay in one language.

Fleur just stared at her. She finally saw the girl's eyes, and they were very different. She had heard of shamans' eyes being very deep in color but Ria's were truly different. She had one blue eye, and the other was green. It was the blue eye that caught her attention, as pure as the ice on the highest mountains in France, but where had she seen that color of blue before? A moment later it hit her, it was the same color as Gabrielle's eyes.

"¿Cuanto tiempo hasta que llegamos Hogwarts?" Ria spoke again as she rearranged Hermione to lie down a little more comfortably in the car. Hermione whimpered softly, and then fell right back to sleep. Fleur watched Ria's every move. Ria gave the French woman a smirk.

"Relax, okay…I'm not going to hurt her," Ria said as she slid her leather jacket off and placed it over Hermione, and then leaned back against the window. They were silent for some time. "So how much time?" Ria rubbed her shoulders from the cold. That's when Fleur saw the tribal band on her left upper arm and another tattoo on her right, though she couldn't make out what that one was. Fleur had seen the tribal markings before, but where? She suddenly realized that Ria was speaking to her

"Excuze me?"

Ria shook her head and chuckled "How much time till we get to Hogwarts?"

"In zree 'ours."

Ria closed her eyes. "Great," she sighed, "I'm in a tube for almost 9 hours and now I 'm gonna be stuck in a box for another three! Oh hell no, we are so making a stop." With that she took a deep breath, smiled and opened her eyes quickly. "Are we near the ocean?"

Fleur was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded her head yes. Ria smiled, and then crawled over into Hermione's lap. Fleur was clearly not happy about this, nor was Gabrielle, who had just woken up. The sisters watched intently to see what the woman was going to do.

Ria straddled Hermione's lap, she leaned down and began whispering into the girl's ear. "Minny, despierta…" She waited "Minny…despierta" Hermione mumbled something, causing Ria to grin. Turning to Fleur she spoke "Remember what I am about to do, sometimes it's the only way to wake her up." Ria laughed inwardly as she saw the look of shock on Fleur's face. Did the shaman know her secret? Ria whispered again in the girl's ear "Despierta, Hermione…" then she bit Hermione's ear lobe causing the girl to jump. Ria fell onto the floorboard of the car laughing. "I knew that would wake you up!"

Hermione tossed the jacket to her friend, "OH, YOU'RE HORRIBLE!" Shouted the young English witch.

Ria continued laughing "Si, but it got you up didn't it?" Hermione glared at her. "Oh don't even try glaring at me. It doesn't work. Besides we are near the ocean. That means we are making a pit stop," Ria continued as she got up from the floor. Leaning over to the center console, she hit the dashboard.

"Oige, car? Think you can take us to the ocean real quick? I need to stretch a bit and you need to take a break." Abruptly the car veered to the left throwing Ria into Gabrielle. Luckily Ria caught herself, but it left her breasts level with Gabrielle's eyes. Ria looked straight into the witch's eyes. What she saw caused her breathing to seize for just a moment. This was the first time she really got a good look at the younger woman. Platinum blond hair, searing blue eyes, Flawless pale skin…for an instant Ria thought she was still asleep, dreaming.

The French girl took a deep breath. Ria's scent encircled itself around her body. The scent, that wondrous scent, akin to sage, coconut and something she couldn't place. Ria's breasts were so close to her mouth, she would be able to caress one of the Shaman's nipples with her tongue. Damn that vest She thought to herself. Gabrielle let her gaze travel up the Shaman's body and into her eyes. What she saw nearly made her lose her precious control. Passion, untamed desire, fire… she let a small moan escape. She needed to control herself. She closed her eyes. Something about this woman was driving her insane… Could she be the woman from her dreams? What did the dreams mean? They were just dreams …right? Gabrielle hated second-guessing herself.

Hermione pulled Ria back hard and she fell into the backseat.

"Do you always have to wake me up like that?" Hermione said as she massaged her ear. Ria recovered a bit faster then Gabrielle, although that didn't mean she wasn't thinking about the look in the young Veela's eyes or the soft moan she had heard. She just happened to be very good at hiding her feelings. Taking one last glance at the girl she turned her attention to Hermione.

"SI! You take forever to wake up." Then she grinned wickedly. "Besides, you know you liked it." Ria got hit hard for that one. "OIGE! That hurts. You hit hard." She rubbed her arm.

"Well, you deserved that one," answered Hermione, who gave a fleeting look at Fleur. She was shocked to see the woman staring back at her. She blushed and quickly looked away. Ria just cocked an eyebrow and smiled wickedly.

Without a warning the car came to a screeching halt, throwing both parties in the backseat forward. A mix of Spanish and English cursing could be heard. Everyone began to get out. Fleur leaned up against the car while Gabrielle came around and stood near her. Speaking softly in French, she asked her younger sister "Are you alright?"

Gabrielle looked over at the ocean for a moment, and then answered. "No, but I will be." She watched Ria climb out of the car. "Do you know why we stopped?"

Fleur just shook her head. "No, but I'm going to ask. I do not like being out here at night." Fleur was about to ask why they had to stop when there was shouting from behind her.

"Look here car; you could at least give us a warning!" Ria exclaimed. "At least flick the interior lights or something! I'm sure that Gabrielle didn't enjoy having my breasts shoved into her face!" She shouted at the car. Fleur and Hermione looked at Gabrielle. Fleur smiled while Hermione giggled at Gabrielle, who was looking everywhere but at them, and turning extremely red.

Ria walked towards the three women, tossed her jacket into the car, and then began walking towards the beach, "You three coming?" she said smiling as she reached for her vest.

"What are you doing?" Hermione asked.

"What does it look like?" Ria answered as she took her sandals off, and then began to unbutton her vest. Sighing, Ria just shook her head, and continued undressing. She closed her eyes and felt all the elements surrounding her. They were a little different, but still it felt good to be out in them again. Folding her clothes neatly, she walked to the car and placed them on the hood. Ria was in nothing but her undergarments, which left little to the imagination.

Gabrielle's heart rate shot through the sky. This woman is crazy! How can she go about…

Ria realized that she had tossed her jacket into the car, and bent through the window of the car and rummaged through her jacket.

Oh gods… Gabrielle whimpered. She could see the different markings on the woman's arms, back and legs. She also saw a few scars, which to Gabrielle made her even more beautiful. Gabrielle reached for the hood of the car, she felt light-headed. When had she forgotten how to breathe?

Ria finally found the small leather strip she always kept in her jacket, and then tied her hair up in a ponytail. She looked at the other women and sighed again. "I take it you two haven't had many dealings with Shamans?" Ria asked as she moved to take Hermione's jacket off.

"Non." Fleur answered, looking at her sister. Gabrielle bit her bottom lip, and held on to the hood of the car for dear life. Fleur moved a little closer to Gabrielle, grabbing her sister's hand, and squeezing it gently. Gabrielle took some strength from it and let go of the car.

Ria nodded, not seeming to see the reactions of the youngest witch. "I'm not too surprised. Our two worlds do not cross paths often." Ria tossed Hermione's jacket on top of the car, "Minny, you're not going to make me strip you are you?"

"Who said I was going to go swimming?" Hermione said to her, hands on her hips in a defiant manner. Ria smiled sweetly. Too sweetly for Hermione's taste, "I hate it when you smile like that." Ria didn't say anything, she just ran her hands up and over Hermione's shoulders as if she was going to kiss her, but instead she leaned in and whispered into the girl's ear.

"Look into her eyes." Hermione did as she was told and looked up into Fleur's eyes. What she saw astounded the hell out of her. The Veela's eyes were a scorching cobalt blue. She saw the type of blue at the bottom of a candle's fire, the hottest part of the flame, looking into those eyes. Hermione saw jealousy, pain, love, and most of all she saw an undying burning craving all directed towards her.

Ria moved back to look at her friend, and smacked her gently on the cheek.

Hermione mind's was still focused on what she saw in Fleur's eyes.

"So are you going strip?" Ria asked with a smirk. Hermione blinked a few times, she was still staring into Fleur's eyes. Ria spoke again, "Lioness." At hearing that Hermione quickly looked at Ria and whispered "Teacher?"

Ria pointed to Hermione's clothes. Hermione looked down, and then back up. Blushing profusely, she began to unbutton her shirt. Ria smiled, and then turned to the other two women.

"Okay, now let me explain a few things. As a shaman I need to be with the elements constantly. Back home I had no problems because I am used to them there, I know how to call them to me and they know how to call me; but here," she waved her hands about, "in a new part of the world, we are strangers." She turned back to Hermione, who was having problems with her jeans. Sighing, Ria fell to her knees in front of the English witch and continued talking while she began working on the stuck zipper.

"So since we are strangers here, I need to introduce myself. Let them know that I am here, that if they need me that I will help them, and vice versa…" Ria looked up at Hermione "Damn, girl! How did you get this so stuck?" She leaned in and took the zipper with her teeth, and then pulled the top of the jeans…suddenly her ponytail got in her face. "Minny, grab my ponytail while I get this damn zipper." Hermione once again did as she was told, not realizing the compromising position she was standing in with her best friend. Ria continued chatting away, although her words were a bit mumbled.

"Thank you, Minny… one of the quickest ways to introduce myself to the element of water is to go into the ocean." She let go of the zipper and pulled gently. "HA! I'm good." Standing up she continued her explanation. "Since all rivers lead to the ocean it's easiest to just introduce myself here. A good swim is one way I can cleanse myself, although once we get to Hogwarts I will have to do a much deeper one. I love a good smudging."

Fleur was absolutely livid. Watching this girl get near her Hermione like she had, touching her in a way she should be allowed to but wasn't. She closed her eyes, and then opened them only to stare into a pair of brown orbs several feet away from her. She let Hermione see everything that she felt, every deep emotion she had for the girl. Then when Ria dropped to her knees it was too much. She took a step forward only to be stopped by Gabrielle, who was shaking her head no. Fleur looked over at her sister, Gabrielle nodded towards Hermione.

Hermione was watching her again, no, she wasn't watching her, she was looking at her hands. Fleur looked down - she had partially transformed.

Damn She closed her eyes, and forced herself to relax. Slowly her talons retracted back into her fingers. When she opened her eyes again she was surprised to see Ria inches in front of her.

Ria spoke in very hushed tones, "I'm not a threat." Ria's eyes flashed. Fleur took a step back.

"'Ou can speak…"

"Veela? Yes I can. I'm telling you the truth when I say that I am not a threat to you or your love for our lioness," Ria continued in the Veela language. "Her heart belongs to another," Ria cocked an eyebrow, "but you already know that. You have looked into her eyes." Ria turned out of the way so that Fleur could see Hermione. Ria spoke once again "The question is, what are you going to do with the information you received from them?" Fleur looked over at Hermione and stared deep into her chocolate orbs, and Hermione stared back, her expression unfathomable.

Hermione was in shock from seeing Fleur's hand change shape. It was a surprise seeing it, but it didn't frighten her. It had been right when she had grabbed Ria's ponytail. She had seen Gabrielle hold Fleur back. It had been as if Fleur was going to attack Ria. That's when she realized the position they were in, and she felt ashamed, as if she had betrayed Fleur. Fleur deserved someone better then her, someone who would be able to treat her like the queen she was, not some muggleborn who barely had enough galleons to get through the school year. Sure, she knew that she was smart, she was good at what she did, but she knew that most people just saw a muggle who knew a few fancy tricks. Sighing, she turned to the ocean when she heard a musical tone. Turning back she saw Ria mere inches from Fleur's face. She saw confusion, anger, and shock on Fleur's face while Ria's was calm. They stood this way for a few minutes. Then she felt Fleur's gaze on her. Fleur's eyes locked onto hers...The lioness in her took over. She let Fleur see everything, every little emotion she felt about her.

All of a sudden Ria clapped her hands, making the three women jump. "I'm taking my happy little Latin ass down to the shore to commune with the elements!" Ria grabbed Hermione's hand and pulled her to the shore, leaving a very confused Fleur, and a flustered Gabrielle.

Fleur just stared at them as they headed down to the shore. What just happened? How Did Ria know her grandmother's language? Why did Hermione call Ria Teacher? Why did Ria call Hermione our lioness? She reached up and began to rub her forehead. She felt a very large headache coming on.

"Fleur?" Gabrielle spoke softly, " Are you alright?"

Fleur just smiled "I could ask you the same thing."

"True, you could, but you already know my answer." Gabrielle blushed, and then sighed. Leaning back against the car she watched the two women by the shore, Ria standing behind Hermione pointing to the horizon, giving her small touches. Gabrielle wanted to be at the end of those touches. She wanted to see those piercing eyes on her.

"What have we gotten ourselves into little sister?" Fleur said softly, following Gabrielle's stare.

"I have no clue." Gabrielle replied.

Fleur watched as Hermione turned to the car, but was stopped by Ria. Ria was shaking her head as if trying to explain something. She could see that Hermione was getting frustrated, but was willing to try again. Ria touched Hermione and the feeling of jealously came back. She watched as Ria walked behind her lioness, placing a hand on Hermione's left shoulder while Ria's right hand caressed down Hermione's right arm, intertwining with Hermione's hand. Fleur had to close her eyes. She was becoming very possessive of Hermione, which was not a good sign, at least not according to her grandmother. Suddenly she heard Hermione shout angrily.

"I'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET THIS!" She watched as Hermione turned to walk towards them, when Ria pulled her back.

"Now you listen to me, Lioness. I will not have you give up on something like this. It's too damn important and you know it!" Fleur watched the interaction between the two. "Try again."

Abruptly Ria turned to the sisters and walked straight towards them. She stopped a few feet away, and spoke

"I need your help."

Fleur wasn't sure what to do. She looked over at Gabrielle, who looked back.

"What could it hurt?" Gabrielle whispered.

Fleur turned back to Ria and nodded. Ria turned back to Hermione but stopped looking over her shoulder she smiled. "Gabrielle, why don't you come too?"

With that Ria walked back to Hermione. Gabrielle tried not to look at Ria's ass as she followed the shaman to the beach …the key word being tried. "Merde" she whispered and then heard a soft chuckle from her sister. Maybe I should have stayed in France, Gabrielle thought to herself.

Hermione tried over and over again to pull the water to her, but it just wasn't happening. She couldn't get it in Puerto Rico, so why did Ria think she could get it here. She sighed again. Trying one more time she stretched out her hand and concentrated on the water, willing it to come to her, and yet again she failed. She was so frustrated with herself. Why did Ria think she could do this without her wand? She was never going to get this. She turned towards the car but was stopped. Standing right behind her was Fleur. Hermione took a few steps back.

"Oh no, you are not getting out of this. I have figured out why you are having issues calling your water element," Ria said as she turned Hermione back around to the water, and then Ria pulled her into the ocean about knee deep. "Close your eyes, and listen to the ocean for a moment. She has a lot to say to you." Ria went to walk back to the shore but Hermione grabbed her arm, a questioning look on her face. Ria just smiled, and splashed her with some water. "Close them and listen to what she has to say." With that Ria went back to shore.

Ria walked up to Fleur, once again she spoke in Veela. "Are you willing to help me?" Ria held up her hand. "Let me rephrase that. Could you help me help Hermione?"

Fleur just stared at the woman, then looked up at Hermione, who was letting her fingers touch each wave that came in. Hermione looked sad, and Fleur wanted nothing more then to take away that sadness.


Ria gave her a smile "GOOD!" Ria reached up and took Fleur's jacket off, folded it, and placed it on a boulder near by. "This will get wet, and we don't' want that. Take your shoes off, and then follow me." Fleur did as she was told. Once she had removed her shoes, Ria took her hand and led her to the water. She positioned her right in front of Hermione, facing her. Ria gave her the universal sign to be very quiet, then walked back to the shore. Fleur took this moment to drink in the sight of the witch in front of her.

Ria smiled as she strolled up to Gabrielle. She stretched out her hand. "Join us?" Gabrielle's mouth was dry, she took her coat off, and then her shoes, but when she took Ria's hand she felt a jolt of energy run through her. Looking up she saw Ria's blue eye brighten and heard the shaman take a quick breath. So she wasn't the only one to feel what was happening... Ria blinked a few times, and then slowly moved back to Hermione, pulling Gabrielle with her.

Fleur hadn't even noticed that her sister was there until she heard Ria tell Gabrielle to stand next to Hermione. She looked at her sister, who had a very flushed look on her face. Ria began to speak once again to Fleur in Veela "I am going to ask her to look at your eyes."

"Why?" Fleur asked. Ria just smiled "Because, she needs to see what its like to be truly loved. Only then can she understand what is happening to her."

Fleur got a very worried look on her face and was about to ask what was wrong when Ria spoke up again "It's nothing bad, so do not worry about that. Just let her see your eyes and everything behind them." Fleur nodded.

"Lioness, open your eyes."

Hermione opened her eyes and took a step back. There in front of her was Fleur, looking straight at her. "T - teacher?" Hermione stuttered

Ria just grinned "Relax, This is what I want you to do. I want you to look deep into her eyes, and tell me the colors you see." Hermione looked at Ria like she was mad, but she trusted her. She took two steps forward and stared into Fleur's eyes; she was so close to this woman that she could smell the roses and lilies on her. Slowly Hermione began to speak

"Sapphire's Flame, Cobalt, Azure…" Fleur slowly let her walls down and let her emotions be seen. "Cerulean, Passion, Storms, Confusion, Jealousy…"

Moving behind Hermione, Ria spoke into her student's ear "I asked for colors not emotions." Hermione was about to break the stare when Ria's voice came back to her.

"Don't break the gaze." Hermione continued looking into Fleur's eyes, and the amount of passion that was flowing through them surprised Hermione.

"Memorize the colors…" Ria then grinned up at Fleur, who was staring at Hermione intently. "Now close your eyes." Hermione once again did as she was told. Ria then pulled Fleur to stand behind Hermione.

"Can you see the colors, lioness?"


"Then ask to see your friend."

Ria spoke as Hermione lifted her hand parallel to the water. She flipped her hand over and opened it, and slowly the water began to churn, waves moving in small circles, Hermione could feel that she was about to lose it when she felt a hand intertwine with hers and the scent washed over her again, roses and lilies. She felt the connection getting stronger and stronger and suddenly Ria spoke up again

"Open your eyes."

Hermione finally opened them. The first thing she saw was a pale hand interlaced with her outstretched hand. Looking over her shoulder she saw Fleur nested into her back. Fleur smiled down at her then nodded towards the ocean in front of them. Hermione turned and saw a very large otter standing in front of her.

"I did it!" The otter jumped up and ran around both Hermione and Fleur, slipping between their legs. "I did it!" Hermione laughed, as did everyone else. "I really did it!" She suddenly fell in the water, taking Fleur with her; her water element apparently liked to play and had decided that he was going to trip her. She quickly came up for air, while it sat there looking at them both with a smug grin on its face.

"Yes you did!" Ria laughed.

"But how?" Hermione asked as she tried to get back up. But her otter wasn't about to let her. He was having too much fun as he knocked her down again. Hermione laughed again, splashing water at the water element. Ria grinned

"Simple… you finally saw what you needed. You saw it, held it, and he came to you." Hermione looked away for a moment…she held it… she quickly turned to Fleur who was trying to get up, but the otter wouldn't let her. Hermione moved over to the French witch and helped her up. Then looked up at her teacher, "I was about to lose it… I knew I was…and then …"

Ria just smiled and held her hand up. "Let it be for now, Lioness. Tomorrow you can analyze it all you like." Ria dove into the water, and then came up quickly a few yards away. "Come and swim for a while, then we will head to Hogwarts!"

Hermione smiled, and then looked at Fleur. "Swim with me?"

Fleur smiled, and took the rest of her clothes off leaving her just as Hermione and Ria, in nothing but her undergarments. " I would love to." Then dove under the water, with Hermione close behind her.

Gabrielle was about to turn back to walk to shore when she felt something brush against her leg. Looking around she saw a small dolphin swimming circles around her. She then felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned, and saw Ria there.

"Stay?" Ria asked her softly.

Gabrielle whispered back to Ria "Alright."

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