Note From The Author-- This is a little drabble that occured to me while sitting at work avoiding my homework. It's really short but I love it and I hope you will too. I suppose its a return to my original NCIS stuff. Enjoy

Disclaimer-- I don't own the characters of NCIS. If I did Tony and Ziva would be together by now

She knew his heart was cracked. Jeanne had done that to him, and for that she hated the woman even more.

She had seen the pain in his eyes as clear as day when she'd walked by, and it tore her apart. Tony may have been a lot of things, but he wasn't a murderer. That Jeanne had attempted to stain him with that title made her blood boil.

Even so, her rage was overtaken by concern. She could see him struggling to keep control, fighting the breakdown; and when he lied right to Jeanne's face, when he told her that none of it had meant anything, she wanted to weep for him.

The agony of what he'd had to do showed through every inch of his being and for a moment she wondered if he'd be able to stay on his feet. But then he straightened up and he walked past her, trying to shake it off.

She watched him go with her heart aching. His heart was cracked, and she wished to God that she knew how to fix it for him.