The Road to Redemption

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Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. -Norman B. Rice

Faith slammed open the doors to the infirmary. Several people, including Dumbledore, were crowded around a hospital bed at the far end of the room. Snape was present, she noticed. He made an attempt to hide behind a few of the others when he saw her enter. She still saw the bastard regardless. But as much as she'd like to give him a piece of her mind as well as both of her fists, her mind was elsewhere.

Neville sat up from his hospital bed when she rushed in. He went to speak but fell silent when he saw her panicked look.

Her throat felt dry as the crowd around the bed parted. Pomfrey was looking over to Dumbledore and Minerva speaking in hushed tones.

"I just don't have the proper facilities to treat her here, Albus. She needs to be sent to St. Mungo's immediately, or I fear the worst."

A small frail looking girl lay beneath the sheets, her face was pallid and covered in sweat.


The girl barely even looked like her friend. Her normally happy visage was marred by a gruesome look of agony. Madame Pomfrey made a move to stop Faith from getting closer, but she pushed by her causing Poppy to yelp in surprise. Kneeling down next to the bed she took the younger girl's hand in her own. Faith's face tightened. She should have gone with her to Hogsmeade.

"Who did it?" Her voice remained surprisingly level despite her overwhelming anger.

Minerva placed a hand on her shoulder attempting to comfort her, but Faith immediately shrugged it off.

Dumbledore started to speak, "We are not completely sure of that yet Nymphadora and the other Aurors will be conducting a full investigation...and then the perpetrator will-"

"Bullshit." Faith sniped and she stood from the bed, "You know who did it. I can see it in your eyes. Tell me!"

"You need to calm down, Faith. Getting hysterical won't help anything." Remus moved toward her along with a now pink-haired Tonks.

"Calm down?" she asked baring her teeth in a feral snarl. "No, I will not calm down! Look at her, damn it!" Faith's voice broke as she pointed at Raven, "Look at her!"

Dumbledore held up his hands and tried to assuage her, "I understand that you're angry, Faith. But, before we can track down the culprit we must first see to Miss McNamara. When the package she was holding tore, she was only minimally exposed to the necklace inside it. That piece of jewelry was cursed with extremely dark magicks, full exposure would have killed even the most powerful wizard instantly. We are very fortunate that she even survived."

Faith crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Well, yes, thank you so much for your insight, Albus." Faith spat. Her patience was running thin, "I'm sure Raven will be just thrilled to know how fortunate she was to be tortured very, very slowly!"

Raven stirred from behind her. Faith spun only to find the young girl's face still scrunched up tightly in a grimace, the sweat pooling even heavier from her face.

"You do whatever you need to in order to make sure she pulls through this. Because if she doesn't," her eyes found Snape's and he shrank back from her menacing glare, "I think I'll be showing whoever did this, just how like my parents I can be."

Faith didn't think she could spend one more second in here without completely losing it. She turned to leave and while in the process of storming away she'd nearly slammed right into Neville Longbottom. Apparently, he'd decided to get up out of his bed. He'd gotten bitten by that vampire yesterday, but the wound was almost completely healed except for a two small scabs. Pomfrey was probably just keeping him for observation.

If she wasn't so angry she might have worried that Longbottom had caught her comment about her parents, and that he might have put two and two together. However he just looked concerned for her. That just made her even more uncomfortable.

"Are you okay, Faith?"

Faith bit her tongue to avoid saying whatever condescending retort that threatened to escape her. She was also at a loss for words to explain what she was feeling, "I...I just need to find out who did this. I need..."

"I understand." Neville looked at her sympathetically, "I know how it feels to want... revenge... when people you care about get hurt."

Faith stomach clenched and she shut her eyes tightly. She really needed to get out of here. The doors were thrown open again, and two figures rushed in. The first was Sirius and then Harry. Seeing Faith's state of duress, Sirius ran up and wrapped his arms around her tightly in an attempt to comfort her.

Sirius Black was slowly but surely turning into what Faith imagined a big brother might be like. Protective, caring, loving; Sort of like Angel, but there was something was different about it. Angel had been her greatest friend, but this...this feeling must be what it felt like to have family.

Faith returned his hug tightly, looking for something to ground her. After what Severus had done to her and now this? She didn't think she could take much more. She didn't even notice the befuddled looks both Neville and Harry were giving them for their show of affection.

"What happened?" Her cousin's voice reverberated against her shoulder.

Faith tried to stop her voice from shaking, but her attempts to calm herself only made her emotions that much worse. "Raven touched something; a necklace. It was...was cursed. A few girls were carrying it in some package...they-" Faith took a hitched breath; "they were under the Imperious curse. They think someone was trying to kill someone inside Hogwarts," and with a bit of pride in her voice she added, "but Raven stopped them."

Sirius broke the hug but kept both hands on each of her shoulders holding her firmly, "How is she?"

"Not good."

Sirius' eyes softened, "What about you? How are you doing?" His gray eyes searched hers and Faith responded with a frown, "I'll be better once I find out who did this to her."

He nodded, "Once you do, I'll help you take the bastard down."

"Apparently, your temporary stint with death has addled your mind even more, Black," a condescending voice added from behind them, "what makes you think you can uncover who planted that necklace, let alone catch them? You couldn't even catch Pettigrew and he's hardly what one would call a formidable opponent."

Harry let out a few indecipherable grumbles at the slight toward his godfather and the mention of Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius' face burned bright red. And apparently, Severus had decided not to stick with being intelligent and keep out of Faith's way. She turned around to face the man, but Sirius stepped in front Faith before she could let loose her wrath.

"Shut your trap, Snivellus." he growled, "I bet anything you know exactly who did this. You just won't say, as not to disappoint your dear old friend Voldemort."

Neville gasped and took a step back, but no one was paying any attention to him at this point. Severus glared at Sirius with unfettered hatred. "Now I know why you and Miss Lehane are so close. You share a great deal in common, don't you? Both of you are careless, reckless," his anger started to rise to dangerous levels, "not to mention that you both escaped from prisons and were wanted for murder..."

Faith dared not look in the direction of Harry or Neville, but she suspected they were no doubt surprised at the revelation. Maybe this would mean Longbottom would stop looking at her like she was Mother Teresa.

Snape watched Sirius carefully; clearly he expected to garner some sort of shock out of her cousin. Snape was clearly just saying those thing to get a rise out of Sirius, but it hardly mattered. Did he have no shame at all for what he'd done to her? Faith took a step forward and yey again before she could do anything Sirius beat her to the punch. He started to circle Snape like a wild dog would its prey.

"You just don't know when to keep your ugly mug shut do you, Snivellus? Do you really want to do this here?" Black growled.

Snape's eyes widened in realization, "You... knew?" He balled his fists and advanced on Sirius in a frenzy of anger, "That is so like you, Black! Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, does it? You accuse me of treachery, and whatever else strikes your fancy, when you have absolutely no proof. And yet you'll pal around with convicted killers and give them your complete trust?!"

Dumbledore and McGonagall were both headed toward them now, likely in an attempt to break up the argument. Before she lost her chance, Faith finally pushed past a protesting Sirius to fix Severus a cold glare. He looked about to continue his spat with her cousin, when he turned to look at her and his words died on his lips. Then, without preamble Faith punched him right in his nose, breaking it with a sickening crack. He fell backward onto a spare hospital bed.

"How dare you!" Faith screamed and Snape began to pull out his wand. She leapt on top of him and held back his wand arm as she punched him again in the face. Blood was pouring from Severus' nose.

"After what you did to me, do you really think now is a good time to be reminding me how much I hate you?" Severus looked like he was thinking of something to say to defend himself, but before he could, Faith grabbed hold of his throat and began choking him.

She needed to take all her anger out on someone or something and Severus was just asking for it. And why not take it out on someone who actually deserved it for a change?

Faith could hear everyone in the infirmary shouting and trying to get her to stop. She ignored their pleas, "You are just lucky I'm not that same girl that you saw in my memories when you practically mind-raped me, you son of a bitch!"

McGonagall gasped and the room fell silent.

In a haze, moments later, a pair of hands pulled her off of Severus. She could feel herself being dragged away from the now bloodied DADA professor. Her heart was pounding deafeningly in her ears. It drowned out everything else, save Sirius's voice. He was whispering in her ear that it was going to be okay and that he'd 'take care' of Snape. Faith's mind was a cloud that she couldn't quite sift through. Everything seemed like it was falling apart, again. She'd thought this world might be different. Maybe she could get away from the stigma of her past for a little while, but it always resurfaced. Just like Angel had told her, she'd be haunted forever. Sirius led her outside the infirmary and Tonks was following close behind.

Sirius sat her down on a bench in the hall and knelt down in front of her, "What happened, Faith? What did he do to you?"

"It's nothing I can't take care of myself, Sirius." She didn't need other people fighting her battles for her.

"Faith, tell me." Sirius' gray orbs tried to search hers for the answer.

With a sigh she looked at him sadly, "You heard what I said back there. I'd say that pretty much sums it up. He invaded my thoughts without permission. I'll deal with him later...don't worry about me. I don't need a protector."

Tonks sat down next to her on the bench, "You're a capable girl, Faith. Nobody is saying you're not, but sometimes you need to tell people things. Let them know when something is wrong. That's what it means to have friends..." her bubble-gum haired cousin smiled, "and family."

"The last person that tried to be my family turned into a giant snake and got blown up, maybe it would be in your best interests not to try to get close to me." Tonks frowned. Faith had nearly forgotten that Nymphadora knew almost nothing about her past. Faith sighed, "look at Raven, she wouldn't have even been here if it wasn't for me."

"And you wouldn't be here if not for me." Sirius tried to reason with her, "You can't keep blaming yourself for things that aren't your fault. Raven knew what she was getting into and it wasn't as though she would have been any safer back at the Cleveland Hellmouth."

"Whatever," Faith responded wearily, not wanting to argue the point with them anymore "just, leave me alone for a little while...I need time to think."

Her cousins left her just as the wizarding versions of EMTs appeared to take Raven to St. Mungo's. Faith half-wondered what would happen if they found out Raven wasn't a witch like they'd all been pretending. A trick wand from the Weasley's joke shop could only fool people for so long.

Eventually people would find out who Raven and she really were. And then what?

Faith wished life could be a little less complicated sometimes. Sleep, eat, work, lather, rinse and repeat. How she craved for the mundaneness of it all. Although, she suspected that if she ever had a normal life, she wouldn't know what to do with it.

"Faith?" A voice called her out of her thoughts.

Harry Potter was standing in front of her with a weary expression on his face.

"Now's really not a good time, Harry." Faith rubbed her bleary eyes and stood up to leave.

"No...I know- it's just..." Potter looked up and down the hall to see if anyone else was listening in and turned back to her, "I think I know who was behind what happened to Raven."

That gave him her undivided attention, "Tell me."


This was bad. Very, very bad; they'd captured his girls. They'd captured him too but he didn't view that as quite as important.

His girls. He was supposed to watch out for them. Not run them right into elaborate traps. It was careless to run headlong into that house after that wizard who'd killed the young Slay Maggie in Cardiff. He'd thought that two Slayers and two Watchers would be more than enough to take on one little magician. And the other Watcher, Carl Lethbridge, knew some magic. It was supposed to be cake-walk.

He should have known it was a trap. They'd been ambushed by a whole group of the magic users.

He could hear his girls struggling next to him; they must have tied their hands with some sort of unbreakable binding. His head was covered so he couldn't see where they were leading them.

"No! I won't go!" Dana screamed helplessly, "Please! Let me go!"

Robin Wood grimaced, Dana had only just been rehabilitated enough to start patrolling with the other girls. He shouldn't have allowed her to come on this mission. She'd been so insistent that she was ready. At the time, he hadn't been able to find it in him to deny her. If this went badly, he feared what it would do to the poor damaged girl.

"It's alright, Dana. We'll get through this."

A feminine voice cackled behind him, "Oh, this muggle is very funny! I think I shall enjoy torturing him!"

The hands holding on to him pushed him forward and his knees slammed painfully into the floor. A hand pulled off the black hood covering his head and Robin's vision cleared to see a group of masked men staring down at him. Or at least he thought they were staring, it was hard to tell with the masks.

"Are these the same ones that attacked you last time?" A harsh voice hissed, but Wood failed to see the voice's owner.

One of the masked-men stepped forward, "No, these two weren't with the others that ambushed us at the Tonks' residence. But, we do know they are working with them."

"I see."

A strange creature appeared out of thin air right in front of Robin's charges. The girls leapt back defensively at the thing's sudden manifestation. The demon was tall and gangly, and its face looked like a cross between a snake and a person. It was completely devoid of hair with slightly greenish skin and slit red eyes. It stepped toward one of the Slayers, Lacie.

"I wonder... just how many of you are there?" The creature reached out with one of his skeleton-like hands toward the now seething brunette.

"Don't touch her!" Robin screamed and got to his feet, glaring at the demon. The creature's hand retreated and he turned to look at Wood with half-interest.

"And what is this?" The demon asked with disgust.

The masked-female that had threatened him before spoke up, "We believe that he and the other man are the magical beings teachers. They called them their 'Watchers'."

The demon advanced on him and Carl. His fellow Watcher was still cowering next to him, looking anything but the experienced and seasoned man Wood had thought him to be. The demon pulled out a small stick with a flourish, "Slayers and their Watchers. Has a certain... ring to it. So, tell me...Watcher, how many Slayers do you watch?"

"Go to Hell," Robin responded defiantly, "I'm not going to tell you anything."

The woman started to cackle again, and quite a few of the others in the room began to join in. The demon came closer and smiled in a way that made Wood's skin crawl.

"Oh, but you don't have a choice."


Draco sat in the corner of the prefect bathroom his hands covering his face. He'd failed and he'd nearly killed that American girl. He slammed his fist against the tile floor beneath him and winced in pain. Draco didn't want to do this, but that didn't change the fact that he had to.

He needed to kill Dumbledore. He had to. He had to finish his assignment, regardless of other casualties. He had to save his mum. He wiped a few tears away from his face, got to his feet and shuffled to the bathroom sink. Clutching onto the edges of the porcelain for support, he turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on to his face to help clear his mind. Draco's eyes drifted to the mirror. He barely even recognized himself anymore. There were bags under his eyes; eyes that lacked their usual overconfident sparkle. His hair was a right mess too and even though he thought it impossible, he was sure his skin had become even paler.

Draco splashed some more water on his face and slicked back his hair. He may not be able to fix the rest of his appearance, but his hair was, at least, something still under his control.

He stood at the bathroom sink for several minutes trying to rebuild the demeanor the outside world was used to seeing of him. He could do this. He had to.

Stepping out of the bathroom Draco turned and headed toward the Slytherin dormitory. There must be another way to get to Dumbledore. Draco had spent a lot of time an energy thinking up that scheme to get that sodding necklace to Professor Dumbledore, but that damn nosy girl had ruined it all.

What was he going to do now?

"Shrinct. Shrcreeet!"

He came to a halt. The strange noise was coming from across the hall. Looking around he saw no one else in the hallway. It was well past the time any of the students were supposed to be up. Not that that would stop Potter and his friends from following him around in that damned invisibility cloak of his. Pulling out his wand Draco headed toward where he heard the noise. He came to a dead end; a bare brick wall stared back at him, almost mocking him for his extreme paranoia.

Draco was about to leave when he heard it again and spun on his heels, back to the blank wall. The bricks began to shift making loud scraping noises as they ground against each other. A door started to form right in front of him.

His eyes widened in realization, the Room of Requirement!

Maybe he could use the room to find a way to save his mother! Draco rushed to the door and opened it excitedly. He rushed inside and came to a halt in the middle of the room.

It was a sparse dimly lit room with tall cathedral ceilings. There was nothing in the room except for two old wooden chairs facing one another. Draco deflated. How were two sodding chairs going to help him kill Dumbledore and save his mum? He was about to just collapse on the ground and claim defeat when he heard a throat clear from behind him. He didn't even get a chance to turn around.

"Stupefy!" Draco collapsed in a heap on the dusty floor.

When he woke, he let out a long despondent groan. A hand was slapping him lightly on his face and when he didn't immediately wake, the light prodding was followed by a sharp jab in his side. Draco yelped in pain and his eyes fluttered completely open. He found himself bound to one of the chairs that had been in the room when he'd entered.

"Morning, sunshine," A voice cooed in his ear. He spun his head to look at the figure leaning over him. For a second, he thought it was his Aunt coming to punish him for failing their bloodline.

But the voice was all wrong. For starters, it wasn't quite as terrifying as Bella's was whenever her family integrity was called into question. Then there was the fact that the voice was clearly American.

It was that other hunter, Faith.

"What's going on?" she must have figured out he had been the one to plant that necklace. How on earth she'd been able to figure it out was beyond him. Maybe the two vampire hunters were better at their jobs than they looked.

Faith's eyes flashed with a deep-seated hatred that made Draco squirm in his binds. She shook her head and looked away from him without even bothering to answer the question. He was fairly sure he already knew the answer anyway.

"Let me go!" Draco demanded with much more confidence than he was feeling.

The woman grabbed the other chair and brought it closer to take a seat in front of him. She leaned back in the chair and looked at him contemplatively.

"I'm going to go" she smirked darkly.

"Do you have any idea who I am? Who I know? You'll pay, if I'm not released at once." He pulled against his binds in an attempt to break free.

Faith leaned forward and stared him square in the eye. Any confidence he had died almost instantly when he saw the intensity behind the eyes of his captor.

"You're Draco Malfoy. Son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, a snot nose kid with no backbone, who hides behind privilege and bloodlines, like it means something. And judging by that nice little tattoo you got on your left arm...I'd say I have a pretty clear idea of who you know," the dark-haired hunter scowled, "But really, Draco, do you think for one second any of those people you think you know would lift a finger to come help you now?... Or ever," Faith said. "You're a lackey, Drake. Nobody rescues the lackeys. So, who you know is irrelevant."

His face reddened and whether it was in anger or embarrassment he wasn't entirely sure. She was right, but he would be damned if he'd let her know it, "You can't do this to me! I didn't do anything! You've no right! Once I get out of here you're-" she shot out of her chair and grabbed him by the robe. She brought a small knife to his throat, "Who says you're going to be getting out of here?"

Draco's eyes bulged in horror. Faith was supposed to be one of the good guys, or so he'd thought. They weren't supposed to be as ruthless as Death Eaters. Where they?

"You nearly killed my best friend, you sack of shit! Don't you dare threaten me. I don't have any problems with beating children who've been bad." Faith pressed the blade a little closer, "I hear it builds character."

He didn't think she was bluffing. Draco tried to stop himself from shaking, "Please...just let me go."

Faith released some of the pressure on her knife against his neck, but her voice remained murderous, "Why should I?"

Draco couldn't stop himself from crying like a helpless child. Merlin, if his father could see him now.

"I didn't want to hurt your friend! It was supposed to be someone else! Please! It's my mother! He'll kill her if I don't do it...I have to!" He shut his eyes tightly, preparing for the inevitable.

He felt the blade disappear from his neck entirely and heard her back away from him. Draco opened one eye warily to see what she was doing. Faith was staring at her knife blankly and then she let out a strangled cry as she threw the knife aside. It tumbled across the floor echoing loudly in the otherwise silent room.

"Raven better be okay, Malfoy....if she's not...I swear I'll-" Faith collapsed into the chair in front of him defeated. He voice was a near whisper when she spoke again, "I really hate that I can sympathize with you right now, when all I want to do is brake every bone in your body," she sighed, "this must be what Buffy felt like..."

That last bit made no sense to him. But, it didn't look like she was going to follow through on her threat to kill him, so no need to look a gift hippogriff in the mouth. He, for one, knew just how hard the things could bite.

Faith sat there in the chair her hands covering her face, silent for several moments. Draco remained equally silent, not sure what to do, not sure that he should say anything lest she change her mind.

Then, Faith spoke from beneath her hands, "So, Voldie's going to kill Cissy if you don't kill whoever he told you to?"

Draco shifted uncomfortably, he shouldn't have said anything. This was only going to make things worse. It wasn't like she could help. He looked up to find Faith looking at him with genuinely concerned.

Bloody hell, this woman's moods could change on the flip of the galleon... maybe she should look into using those mood-adjusting potions they sold at the apothecary down Diagon Alley, because clearly she needed them. And since when did people go around calling the Dark Lord, 'Voldie'? And what gave her the right to call his mom 'Cissy' like they were close personal friends?

"Talk to me, Draco." Faith leaned closer, "If you tell me everything, I can help you save your mom. And nobody has to kill anybody."

His anger boiled, first she wanted to kill him, and now she wanted to help? It didn't work like that.

"Why do you care? I don't need your help! Stop being nice to me!" Draco screamed at her.

Faith's head tilted and then of all the possible things she could have done, she started to laugh. That was not the reaction Draco expected from a woman whose friend he'd nearly killed. Was she insane?

"Talk about your Déjà Vu. Except see, it used to be me who was sitting where you are now and a very good friend of mine was sitting here," she pointed at herself. "I think it's really quite...poetic how things have come full circle. We are, in some ways, very alike. You and me."

"You are nothing like me, you yankee mudblood!" Draco ground his teeth in frustration. This crazy bint didn't know what she was talking about.

She smiled knowingly, "Sure we're not. Because unlike you...I've actually killed someone before."

It took him a moment to register what she'd said, "Wh-What?"

"You heard me, hotshot." Faith put a hand on his shoulder and he did his best not to flinch back, "If I can save someone else from having to deal with that kind of pain you bet your ass I'm going to do everything in my power to try." She poked him in the chest, "And while too much stock is put into blood lines around here... for the record, I am a pure-blood."

"American pure-blood families hardly count," he spat.

"Oh-ho!" Faith laughed playfully, "You've got some spunk kid! I like it, if it weren't so damn annoying." Faith crossed her arms, "And my parents are pure-blood British wizards." She smiled, "So, put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Draco scowled, "It doesn't matter, and you still can't help me."

The vampire hunter nodded with a sly smirk, "Right, Dark Lord's going to kill your mom. It's hopeless. Clearly, no one can fight him. He's just so powerful! We might as well give up and fall to his every whim."

He really had no idea what to think of this woman. "Are you mocking me?"

"Yes." Faith nodded.

"Well, stop it." Draco stretched against his binds again to see if they would loosen.

"We-ell, sto-op it." she replied in a sing-song voice. Faith smirked when she saw him glaring back at her.

"Did you come here to kill me, help me, or mock me? Just pick one; I don't have time for this!" Her eyes darkened and for a second Draco's heart raced. Maybe it hadn't been the best idea to provoke her. He struggled against the ropes again and they didn't loosen in the slightest; in fact they only seemed to get tighter.

"Look kid, I'm trying to put aside for a second that you nearly killed my friend, so maybe you should try and be as patient with me as I am being with you. Got me?" Faith folded her arms over her chest, "And I do want to help you, Draco. But first, you need to let me!" Faith stopped and looked contemplative about her own words. She shook her head.

She stood with her hands on her hips, muttering nonsense about glass houses and throwing stones and stupid cousins. It made no sense to him, like just about everything else that had came out of the woman's mouth thus far.

"Why do you want to help me? You don't even know me!" He didn't understand her at all.

"Out of the goodness of my itty-bitty heart, Drake. And like I already told you, I know what you're going through." She walked across the room to pick up her discarded knife.

"How could you possibly understand? Just because you've killed someone doesn't mean you know anything about me!" Draco growled.

"I won't deny that my experiences have been a bit different than yours, kiddo. But I do know what its like to feel that you have nowhere to turn, and no one to truly confide in." she turned away from him, examining her knife before putting in back in her pocket, "like you're falling and no one else can see it." she sighed painfully, "and even if they did, it's not like they'd care enough to help."

Faith sat back down and Draco tried to look away, but found himself strangely drawn to her emotion-filled eyes. Her words were the same ones he'd been saying to himself silently for months.

She continued, "I know what its like to feel like you have no choice. You fall into that darkness, but only because it's what everyone on both sides expects of you. And you might as well believe that's what you want too, cause what other choice do you have, right?" Faith waved her hands in the air emphatically, "But you're just a confused kid that needs someone to help show you that the world isn't one big pile of shit! Someone who will at least be willing to try and help you!"

Just who was she trying to convince? Draco or herself?

Faith let out a strangled breath. "But all anyone ever sees is a screwed-up teenager with issues too difficult to touch, and so they ignore you. Sweep you under the rug like a pile of dirt! Because, well, it's what you were meant to be anyway… so why bother? And really, who'd believe it wasn't what you'd wanted all along? Who'd believe that you want desperately to be different? No one." she slammed her fist into a nearby wall in frustration making Draco jump.

"But that's not true, Draco. Some people really do want to've just gotten so used to people ignoring you, that you start to ignore the people who might finally pay attention."

"How did... you know?" he asked through his clenched jaw. He shut his eyes tightly to try and clear away the tears. He wished desperately he could free his hands to wipe away the evidence that what she was saying was having any affect on him. Malfoy's didn't cry, at least that's what his father always said.

Faith's own eyes were starting to tear up as she looked back at him. She drew her robe sleeve over her face trying to get rid of the tears. Apparently neither of them liked showing weakness.

"Like I said. We're not so different." Faith pulled her knife back out and leaned over him to cut off his binds.

He looked at up her as he felt the binds fall off. Hope started to rise within him, "Can you really help me? I mean, is it really possible?"

"Yes...yes, Draco. I think it is." Faith nodded with a smile and small tilt of her head, "let's go save your mom."


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