He sat quietly on the bar stool, staring off into space, sipping on his Corona beer. He could hear the blitzball game blasting out of the TVs resting in the corners of the bar. People surrounded him, screaming and chanting for the team they wanted to win. Tonight it was the Luca Goers against the Zanarkand Abes. Two of the best teams, head to head. Usually he'd be one of those people shouting enthusiastically. Usually he'd been practicing to reach the dream of being on the Abe's team.

He shook his head. Blitzball used to be his sport. Used to be his obsession. But that's all over now. His main support had left him in this world alone. Well not entirely alone. Just with Jecht, the one man he wouldn't want to be left alone with. The man he grows to hate even more each day.

'Mom why did you have to go? I got so far, but without you, I can't do it.' The man thought. She died a month ago. A drunk teenager had been driving home, probably from some party, and his mom was driving home from work. The kid obviously couldn't realize that a red light mean't stop and kept going, meanwhile his mom was crossing the intersection.
He crashed straight into his mom's car.
That's how it happened. How he felt like he lost a whole chunk of his life. She was his moral support. She was his best friend, his advice...his mom.

"Ay' Tidus! Want a refill on that?" The bartender, Auron, asked him interrupting his thoughts.

"Nah Auron. I think I'll pass on that. I think I'm just going to head home." Tidus replied, standing up, digging into his pocket for a couple of dollar bills. He threw them onto the bar table. "See ya' man."

"You sure kid?"

"Positive." And with that, Tidus walked out of the bar.

Auron knew Tidus' situation. He sympathized for him each day he watched Tidus walk into the bar slouching over with a lost and dead look in his eyes. He was the first one Tidus ran to when it happened. Auron was a friend to the family. He had known Tidus' mom since they were in college. He hated to see a close friend go.

Auron and him had talked for hours, as Auron tried to make him feel better, even though he knew that was impossible. They moped together for days, telling each other stories and memories they had with her.. But Auron has been able to cover up what he's been feeling now.

Tidus hasn't.

Tidus stood outside the bar. Sudden silence fell upon his ears as he left the noisy bar. He began walking down the sidewalk, looking to where he parked his car. He shoved his hands into his pockets, as the night chill began nipping at his skin. Goosebumps began spreading up his arms and a chill ran through his back, as the cold air was really getting to him. He picked up his pace, jogging to his car, unlocking the driver seat's door and started the car. He turned on the heat, and pulled out from the street's curb and drove down the street.

He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

The person picked up.


"Hey Gip, mind if I come over? Don't feel like dealing with my dad tonight." Tidus spoke as he turned a corner onto another street.

"Sure, but Leblanc is over."

"Ahh..never mind then. I'll leave you two alone. You know I hate the whole third wheel deal."

"Ah ok, sorry man." And with that Tidus hung up and sighed.

Gippal and Leblanc had been dating for about 9 months now. Tidus liked Leblanc, she was a cool person, but being around just them two, gets really boring. They're all over each other, it gets kind of sickening. So, he usually tries to avoid getting stuck in that situation.

Tidus thought for a second and smiled. He picked up his phone and dialed a different number.


"Hey Wakka, mind if I come over? I don't want to go home tonight." Tidus said, knowing Wakka will say yes. He always does.

"Sure brudda. I'm watching the blitzball game, if don't mind, ya?"

"Nah I don't. I'll be there soon. See ya." With that he hung up and continued driving until he saw some sudden movement. He looked to his left and saw a girl running and a man running after her. He heard her screams and furrowed his eyebrows, letting his curiosity get the best of him and pulled over.

Tidus got out of his car and watched as the two ran into an alley.

'That seems way too suspicious.' Tidus thought as he ran up to the alley and peered into it, but made sure he couldn't be seen. He was going to listen in on the conversation to see if this was normal or some bad activity going on.

"SHUT UP! Stop screaming or I'll make this so much more painful!" The man screamed in the girl's face as he pinned her arms against the brick wall. He then covered her mouth, muffling her shrilled cries.

The girl began struggling, thrashing her body around, to become free of the man's grasp. The man threw his fist back, and punched her hard in the stomach. With that, she began to lower, due to the pain of the blow. She clutched her stomach as the pain was obviously sinking in. The man forcefully laid her on the ground and climbed ontop of her, pinning her once again but to the cold hard cement floor.

'Ah..shit. Time to cut in.'

Tidus sneakily made his way closer and closer, but quickily to the two. He stood above the two, without the man noticing. The girl made eye contact with Tidus, and Tidus put his finger over his mouth, signaling her to not make a sound to make his presence known.

Tidus winded his fist back, and then drew his fist forward landing a hard punch onto the back of the man's head. The man collapsed, falling onto the girl causing her to scream, pushing him off of her. Tidus seemed to hit in the right place, because the guy was knocked out.

The girl sprang up, throwing her arms around Tidus' neck, crying into his shoulder. Tidus, in shock at first, just stood there, but slowly rose his arms up, putting his hands on her back. She clung tighter, and Tidus secured his arms tighter around her, insuring that everything was okay.

"Shhh, it's alright. You're safe now. " Tidus said, trying to console her. Fortunately for him, her cries began to lighten up at that. After a few moments, she finally spoke up.

"I have no where to go. " She said softly.

"What?" Tidus said, confused.

"I ran from my home today. And..that man..was supposed to give me a place to stay but.. he told me I had to do something-something I definately wouldn't do- to be able to stay.." The girl spoke. "And when I refused he began to threaten me and that's when I started running from him."

Tidus POV:

"Do you even know that man?" I asked.

"Well..no, but where I come from, everyone is kind. And he looked kind..at first atleast."

'Wow..this girl is so naive.'

"Ahh, well you can come with me. I'm heading to a friend's house." I offered, sympathizing for the girl.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden." She said, breaking from the long embrace, looking away.

'And really kind it seems.'

"I'm positive, now lets go. Follow me." I said, walking ahead towards my car. She jogged to my side and walked alongside with me.

I opened the passenger seat's door for her, and she climbed in, murmuring a "thank you". I walked back over to the other side of the car, getting into the driver's seat, pulling out of the space by the curb I parked at and started driving down the street.

As I drove I took glances at her, getting a better look at her. In the alley it was fairly dark, I couldn't make out too many distinct features back there. She wore some faded blue jeans with a simple white T-shirt. As for her feet, she just wore some white flip flops to go with her T-shirt I guess. Her hair was a light brown color and cut short, resting at her shoulders, flipped at the ends.

She then made eye contact with me and I got a look at her eyes. Which happened to be something I've never seen before. Mixmatched eyes. A cruelean blue for one eye and the other was an emerald green. Eyes I could see myself getting lost in.

She was definately a beautiful girl.

I turned my head back to the road again, fearing I may crash if I kept getting distracted by the girl beside me.

"So, uh, what's your name?" I asked, wanting to find out more about this lost girl.

"Yuna, Yuna Watson. And what about you? What is your name?"

"Tidus Brookes. Pleased to meet you." I said, trying to be polite.


After a few more moments of silence, I wanted to know just one more thing. Atleast for tonight. I have a feeling tonight won't be the last night I'll be with her.

"So where are you from? The place that's supposed to be so kind?" I asked, smiling at her.

"Besaid," Yuna said returning the smile. "I assume you're from here, Zanarkand, am I right?"

"Yeah. You got it."

From there it was a silent car ride all the way to Wakka's.

Normal POV:

Tidus pulled into Wakka's driveway. It was a decent two-story house, painted a sky blue, with a few small bushes outlining the perimeter of the house. Nothing too special. Tidus parked, and the two exited the car. Tidus made sure all the doors were locked, and led the way, with Yuna trailing behind him. They walked up the stone path to his door. Tidus landed a few knocks on the door and waited. Him and Yuna exchanged glances as they stood there. Not a word said.

The door opened, and an aroma of pizza snaked its way out of the house. Wakka, a bulky and buff man, with reddish orange gravity defying hair stood at the door. He wore some beige cargo shorts and an orange sleeveless shirt. He smiled at the two.

"Ay' Tidus. Who's your friend?" Wakka questioned, taking a glance at the girl, presenting a smile.

"Oh, um, this is Yuna. She's from Besaid. Just like you man. " Tidus answered, glad things won't be too awkward seeing that Wakka and Yuna had atleast one thing they could talk about to ease the awkward tension. "Oh and this is Wakka, Yuna."

"Pleasured to meet you, Wakka." Yuna said politely, extending out her hand. Wakka gladly shook it and smiled.

"Same to you, ya. Always love to meet a fellow Besaidian." Wakka said. "Come on in you two."

Tidus and Yuna walked in through the door, and instantly found themselves in Wakka's living room. Tidus plopped himself on the couch, and Yuna sat down beside him. Tidus looked forward to see the game from earlier still on. The score was now 2-1. Zanarkand winning by a point. He smiled to himself. His team was winning.

"Zanarkand's winning, brudda!" Wakka said , plopping himself down next to Yuna, with two pieces of pizza resting on his plate, and a soda can of Coke in his hand. "They betta' win, ya."

"I know, the Abe's got Shuyin, one of the best players in the whole game of Blitzball. How could they lose? The kid wins like atleast one point in every game. Minimum. " Tidus said, grinning. "Must run in my family to be good in blitzball. "

"Wait...you're related to Shuyin?" Yuna spoke up, with wide eyes full of astonishment.

"Yeah, he's my brother. Can't you tell? He has my amazing looks and we share the same last name." Tidus gloated, showing a bit of his cockiness.

"Oh so you think you're good at Blitzball?" Yuna asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't think. I know I am. Ask Wakka. Wakka you tell her! " Tidus said nudging Wakka, with a face full of pride.

"Um Tidus I don't know about that one.." Wakka teased, knowing he'll get a reaction out of Tidus by saying that. Yuna giggled and Tidus looked at her and then glared at Wakka.

"WAKKA! Stop trying to make me look bad. You're just mad because I could beat you at Blitzball!" Tidus said, standing up, sticking up his nose in the air.

"Ha ha, Tidus you're so immature, brudda. I was just playing, ya." Wakka said, laughing. Wakka turned to Yuna. "Yuna he actually is pretty talented. He's as good as Shuyin o-"

"WHAT? No. Yuna I'm BETTER than him. That's what Wakka mean't to say. Right Wakka?" Tidus gloated, smiling ear to ear. Wakka glared at him.

"I was about to say 'or even better' but you cut me off. " Wakka said, slapping Tidus in the back of his head. "Now move, I'm missing the game."

Tidus furrowed his eyebrows and sat down in his seat between Yuna and Wakka. He heard giggling and looked to his right to see a laughing Yuna. A confused expression was placed on Tidus' face.

"Why are you laughing?" Tidus asked.

"You two are very...amusing to watch together." Yuna answered, still giggling.

"I don'-AHH. What the hell!?" Tidus yelled, shooting straight up. Tidus jumped around acting as if he was a fish out of water for a few moments the. stopped, lifting up his shirt, letting a few ice cubes fall out. Tidus glowered at Wakka. Now, this left Yuna and Wakka laughing hysterically now. They clutched their stomachs from the excessive laughter.

"Not funny." Tidus pouted, folding his arms. He furrowed his eyebrows, but then thought of a plan. Tidus grinned, and took one of Wakka's slices of pizza off of his place. Wakka looked up and stopped laughing.

"Ey' Tidus give that back brudda!" Wakka exclaimed, extending out his hand.

Tidus shook his head no.

"Tidus I'm not playing, I'm hungry ya." Wakka said, still having his hand out to Tidus.

"You want it back? Fine." Tidus said, and took the slice of pizza and squished into Wakka's face, rubbing it all over his head. "Have it back." Tidus grinned proud of himself, and looked over to see Yuna's face a beat red from all the laughter.

Wakka sat there, his face scrunched up. The leftovers of the pizza slice fell off and landing in his lap and onto the plate. Tidus came over and ran his finger along Wakka's forehead. Tidus put his finger in his mouth and smiled.

"Tastes like some good pizza." Tidus said, with amusement.

"I'm gonna' kill you Tidus!" Wakka shouted. Tidus murmured a "oh shit" and began running but Wakka caught him by his shirt before he could get anywhere and they began wrestling. Wakka being a bit stronger than Tidus, got him into a headlock and gave Tidus a noogie.

"Ay' what's the big deal! No touchy the hair!" Tidus exclaimed trying to free himself from Wakka's death grip. "I'm sorry I'm sorry, now let me GO!"

Meanwhile , Yuna was laying on the couch dying from laughter, her face a crimson red.

"Wakka you're a bully!" Tidus said, as Wakka finally freed him. Tidus was patting down his frizzed hair, which made Yuna laugh even more because his hair was all over the place.

"And you act like a little kid." Wakka said, taking his seat back on the couch and finished watching the game.

An Hour Later:

Wakka jumped up from the couch and threw his arms up in the air. Tidus followed suit, doing the same thing right after him. Yuna, being a more calm and collected person, sat there, wearing a large smile on her face.

"Abes WON!" Wakka exclaimed and high fived Tidus. "3-1, ah that was an amazing game, ya'. Time for a celebration beer. Want one Tidus, Yuna?"

"Yeah, man." Tidus said, nodding.

"No thank you. I don't drink." Yuna refused.

"Suit yourself." Wakka said, handing a beer to Tidus. "Would you like anything else to drink? I have Sprite, Coke...water?"

"I'll have Sprite." Yuna answered with a smile. Wakka retrieved a can of Sprite from his kitchen and handed it to Yuna.

'Ok guys. I'd like to toast to the Abe's win." Wakka said, raising his beer in the air. Tidus and Yuna clanked their drinks with Wakka's and they all began sipping on their beverages.

"Well I think we should head to bed. I'll show Yuna where the guest room is." Tidus said to Wakka. Wakka nodded and retreated to his own room upstairs. Tidus soon followed after Wakka with Yuna behind him. Tidus walked down the hall and entered the guest room.

"You can sleep on the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. Alright?" Tidus offered.

"Are you sure? I don't mind the floor."

"I'm positive. It's my duty as a gentleman to let the woman-a very beautiful one at that- sleep on the bed." Tidus replied, grinning. Yuna blushed and nodded, slipping under the covers. Tidus retrieved a blanket from the hall closet and laid it on the floor. He took off his shirt, leaving him in a white tank top(wife beater). Yuna, seeing this, made her face go even redder. Tidus noticed this and smirked.

"Don't worry, you'll be able to see more this later." Tidus said cockily. Yuna giggled and blushed, and went to sleep. Tidus grinned at his own comment and thought:

'I haven't been this happy in awhile. Maybe she's the one that will finally bring me back up.'

And fell asleep.


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