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It was offcial, Edward Cullen hated me. I don't know why I cared. It was my first day damn it! Did I really expect him to like me? Yes. Gah! This couldn't be happening. I was supposed to not fit in here and be the school loner. Not care about one reasonably cute, okay, very sexy I'll admit, boy thought of me! Forks was truly getting to me.

I took one look at the clock and knew it was time to start Chief Swan's dinner. Yum, fish with a side of fish. How filling. The worst part, I hated fish.

Once I got down stairs and got the fish out to thaw I had a feeling that someone was inside the house with me. I knew it couldn't be Charlie, so I shook it off. I put the fish into the pan and that's when I felt it. The sharp pain as if a knife was digging into my throut. I turned to see my attacker. Edward Cullen.

His eyes were the same pitch black as science that afternoon, but something was different. There was a lust. For my blood.

"Why do you hate me?" Those were the words I murmered as he killed me. Not the smartest, but something I needed to know before I died. Those words were like magic, his eyes changed. No, not the color,
but what I saw in them. They went from blood lust to pain and hurt in seconds. Then a miracle happened, he released me. That's when I felt the burning. And he ran, but as he ran a face of an angel with spikey black hair came into my view and I felt the wind all of a sudden agaisnt my face and then as soon as it started it stopped. And the burning grew bigger. And I'm sure you could hear my piercing scream throughout the state if not country. And then, I blacked out.

The pain that I felt was nearly undescribable. All I could tell you was it felt like someone was burning me limb by limb. And slowly as to prolong the torture. It felt like it lasted for years, decades, centuries. I had no idea why I was in hell, I had (tried) to go to church every Sunday in Arizona. And I had never lost my virtue, I'm pretty sure I had never stolen. So what landed me in this hell was a mystery. All I knew for sure was that I was here for the long run.

At first the pain seemed to get better, but then as soon as it started subsiding, it got worse. A shit load worse. It seemed to go double time on my body. Like the torch that was held to my body the first time was now not only on the outside, but on the inside too. I faintly remember, however, a angelic soothing voice. It didn't seem to want to stop the fire, so I ignored it.

After what seemed like eternity, the burning stooped. Not after my heart however. That, I heard clear as day. It was also one of the strangest senations I had ever felt. I slowly opened my eyes and found an angel staring down at me. He was beautiful. His hair was bronze, his features perfect, angular, he was so pale, but instead of that disgusting me as it should, it was the most inviting pale I had ever seen. His eyes, however, were off. They were crimson. An angel shouldn't have crimson eyes. But nevertheless, they were still beautiful. If I had landed in hell, why were angels here?
Quite truthfully, I could care less. I looked around the room I was in. Across the room I could see perfect letter for letter book titles. Strange, I was never able to see that far while I was alive. The room was a blue color. Not light but not too dark either. It was my favorite color. I then realized that I was siting on a bed. I looked down to see the same colors in my room on the pillows and sheets. The curtains on the windows were white. A nice contrast to the blue of the rest of the bedroom.

Then, the angel spoke.

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