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Edward Point Of View

"Edward…stop!" Alice's voice came in loud and clear. I didn't understand, but I complied. If Alice saw something dangerous… then I knew I should do what she said. I skidded to a stop and I looked back to see Bella in a daze. She looked confused and scared at the same time.

"Bella?" The first time she didn't even turn my way. "Bella!" She jumped and I immediately felt bad…but I had to know what was wrong.

"Y-yes, Edward?" She shook her head to clear it and her hair messed ever so slightly. She was so cute…it was tough to not smile.

"You looked scared about something…is everything alright?"

"Oh… yes of course. Why are we stopped?"

"Bella," Alice chimed in…I could hear the concern in her voice. Or maybe it was in her mind. "I saw the eyes. The red ones… I think we have an enemy watching us." I turned swiftly towards Alice with my eyes penetrating her like daggers. Why didn't she tell me this before?

"Wait…you think the eyes I saw….. You think they're real? I mean they were gone so fast…" Bella rambled off. Wait… she saw the eyes too?

"Alice…don't you think it's an unwise decision to stop if someone is watching us?"

"Well…I just thought we should take them head on… I mean…at least talk with them…I don't see any harm with that. Come on. Call Carlisle and tell him what's going on…we'll all look together." Sighing…I called Carlisle and told him about Alice's vision and Bella seeing the eyes. He agreed that to be safe we should talk with who ever was out there.

We all pulled off to the side of the road and got out sniffing for familiar scents. I knew we were no more than an hour drive outside of Denali…if that much. It would made sense for a member of the Denali clan to be out here…but red eyes? No…they were all like us. They're eyes would be golden…unless they slipped…which is ridiculous… they've been doing this for centuries. And… why would they be spying on us? They know were coming...they should know we're here by now.

"Come out!' Alice screamed. "Come out and face us vampire!" I shook my head as a boy around 16 walked out with blood red eyes, pale skin, and jet black hair. He stood around 5'11, and was obviously a newborn.

"What is you're name?" Carlisle asked…always the leader.

"My name…is Jude Denali. I am a newborn accepted into the Denali clan. And who might you all be?' He kept a gaze on Bella for a long amount of time. I of course...could read his thoughts.

"That girl…she is so beautiful. She would make a wonderful mate…ha ha yes I would love to try her on for size." I growled at his thoughts. Though Bella wasn't mine, yet, no one should think of a women that way. Especially a women like Bella.

"We are the Cullen family. We are coming to live up here… we are friends of the Denali coven, is anyone out here with you? It seems strange for them to let a newborn roam alone." Carlisle spoke with the most proper tone. One I was used to after some 80 or so years of living with him. It was his tone with all new vampires we encountered.

"Oh, so you are the Cullen's. A pleasure to meet you. And yes, I am alone… I have been a newborn for sometime and the Denali's have seen my great restraint. I have not yet slaughtered an innocent human." I saw Bella wince at his words and I put a hand on the small of her back to comfort her. She seemed to relax at my touch. For that I was grateful.

"Good for you," Carlisle said, looking out into the horizon. "Now as you can see the sun is coming out. I think it may be best if we are on our way. Appearances and all, you know. It was nice meeting you, Jude. Hope to see you around." Carlisle nodded to him and he did the same.

As soon as I could pull Bella away I did, and sat her in the back of the car. I threw the keys to Alice. "Alice, I'd prefer it if you drove the rest of the way." I sat in the back next to Bella and held her hand. Alice got in. started the car and drove off following the others, per my request.

"I didn't like the way he was looking at me," Bella said staring down at our hands. "It was like he…he viewed me as a piece of steak…or well…the cow I suppose." She shuddered and I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She took a deep breath and relaxed into me.

"Sadly Bella," I said, "that is how he viewed you. I warn you…stay away from him. All he wants is…sex. In his mind he was contemplating trying you on for size, as he called it. His thoughts were so crude I just stopped listening to them." Bella closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

"If vampires could get migraines…" I chuckled, but Bella's glare cut me off. "What in the hell is so funny to you?"

"Well…just that I have thought that many times before is all." I smiled at her and her glare relaxed. But her eyes did get a little cloudy. "Bella…are you okay?"

"Could you for like, one second, turn off the dazzling."

"I dazzle you?"

"Frequently," she admitted with a sigh. Huh… I dazzled Bella. I smiled the smallest of smiles. That I did not expect. At all. "Don't be so… so chipper about it Edward. After the dazzling effect wears off I do get frustrated with it." She said all of this in a grumble. Lord…how I loved this woman.

"You two fight like an old married couple," Alice chimed in from the front seat. "Seriously, you are both the two most stubborn people I know. How yawl's relationship will work is beyond me." She smiled and Bella hid under the cover of her hair. I rolled my eyes at Alice and looked adoringly at Bella. She was, without a doubt, the most amazing women I had ever met.

"Bella," I whispered into her ear, "you really have no idea how beautiful you look to me right now." I moved a piece of her hair out of her face and she looked up at me. I swear… if she was human I do believe she would be blushing. I kissed her cheek and I saw her smile the smallest bit.

"Edward, be careful. I don't want her hurt," Alice said to me, through her thoughts. I nodded quickly so that Bella couldn't see. I thought it was ridiculous that Alice thought I would hurt Bella. I loved her… I would not be able to live with myself if I hurt her.

We drove about another forty-five minutes and we reached our house. It was big…but not as big as our house in Forks. It was white with blue shutters and had a wrap around porch. It seemed to be about two floors…and it had about 25 windows. I liked it… and that was even before seeing the inside. Esme truly had worked her magic on this house.

Alice parked in the garage and got out. She ran over to Jasper and they just stopped and looked to each other deeply in the eyes as if they were in a conversation only their minds could hear. I tuned them out so they could have their privacy. I got out and swiftly ran to Bella's door and opened it for her. She got out and smiled at me. I took her hand and mine and we walked towards the door. I got an electric shock when we touched…and I adored it.

We walked to the front door where everyone was standing. Esme and Carlisle were in the center of the group with the key. I rolled my eyes and thought that there should be a ribbon to cut if they were going to act this ridiculous about the new house. But, it was like Esme's artwork. So I suppose every new house she remodeled was special to her.

"Okay," Carlisle said, "are you ready to see our new home?" We all nodded and I saw Rosalie roll her eyes. More in frustration than anything. She hated that we moved when so close to graduating. And she was so comfortable there. We didn't have to hide so much…well…before anyway. I winced internally. I hated that I had done this to my family. But, I can't say I regret bringing Bella here.

Esme opened the door to a spacious foyer, with marble flooring. The ceiling was very tall…and the staircase wound up…there had to be at least fifty stairs. It was beautiful. Esme had defiantly worked her magic. We walked inside and I saw Bella's face, pure awe. It was an amazing house…but I doubt no more amazing then ours in Forks. She seemed to be slightly glowing as well… and it made her even more beautiful.

Alice turned to Bella in excitement, "Come on! I want to show you your room!" She took Bella's hand and started pulling Bella towards the stairs. Bella looked back towards me and smiled softly… It think she was a little frightened. Alice was a bundle of energy. Thus, I walked up behind her and said,

"I'm coming too." I took her other hand and walked up the stairs with her and Alice. There were three sets of stairs. And at the very last part there was one more set. It only held about three… and it too wound like a spring. Alice climbed up those three and looked back down at us when she was at the door.

"Bella," she started, "we wanted to give you a special room. So, we cleaned it up and well…you'll see. But, its right across from Edward's room should you need anything. And it's right above mine and Jazz's." I continued holding her hand and we went up the stairs together. Alice pulled out a little key and put it in the lock. "You ready?" She asked. Bella nodded and Alice opened the door. It had to be the most beautiful room I had ever seen. Perfectly fitting the most beautiful girl in the mortal and immortal world.

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