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Chapter 8: Plans for the future.

*A week later.

Edward and I have really gotten to know each other in the past week, I've noticed that I'm really starting to like this guy, A LOT! We hang out as much as we can on weekends before he leaves for football practice.

My mother Renee insists I find a college to go to, since I've already completed high school months ago. I really don't know what college I want to go to, I thought about going to Edwards but then…Those sluttish cheerleaders are always on Edwards jock!

I really don't know what college I want to go to or what I want to major in, like do I really need college? I mean my Dad could just let me live off of him! I considered the thought once or twice since my mother mentioned college. Renee says college will help show me what I want in life and also help me mature. I let the thought wonder around my head for a bit until my cell phone interrupted my thoughts.

I groaned as I walked half way across my gigantic bedroom to retrieve my phone. I didn't bother looking at caller I.D. I just answered.

"Hello?" I said as I spoke into the phone sounding bored to death.

"Um…is this a bad time? I could call back later if that helps" A familiar voice said.

Recognition of the voice startled my brain for a second, I began flashing images in my head of people I knew and who's face would fit the tone.

"Oh!, No it isn't sorry Angela! What's up?"

Angela and I use to talk on regular basis but lately I've been hanging out with my soon to be husband. I knew Angela didn't mind she knew what I was being forced to do, though the scariness of the whole marriage thing kind of died down after hanging out with Edward for a week.

"Are you sure?…I mean I really could call you another time Bella" Angela spoke with wary in her voice.

" Really Angela its nothing , I'm just tired of looking through college applications my moms been forcing me to look through"

Angela laughed. " HA! Same here, my moms trying to make me wait to get married now so I can further my education first"

"So are you going to wait?" I asked in a curious tone.

"Heavens No! Bella, Ben and I really love each other and he really doesn't want to wait nor do I"

I thought about it for a second. Should Edward and I wedding be forced a date up I don't know what I'd do!

"Oh" I simply said.

"Well, Bella I called to ask if you could help me plan the wedding" Angela voice filled with hope said.

Angela really did not just ask me to help plan her wedding, for crying out loud I really don't think Im going to plan my own!

"Erm… Angela I really think you've got the wrong person" I spoke hesitantly stretching out the really and wrong part.

"Bella please, Ben's and I budget isn't enough to cover everything I'm already working two jobs trying to save up for the big day, I thought maybe if you helped plan it with me, I could still have a nice wedding and wont become bankrupt" Angela said I could hear the sadness in her voice.

I began to think of people who would really be up for all the wedding planning. Just then Alice came to mind.

"Alright" I said in a defeated tone.

"Yes!, Thanks so much Bella!" I heard a big relief sigh from Angela as she squealed with joy.

"I'm just going to have someone else help out to if that's alright?" I asked, a little nervous she would oppose to my idea.

"Of course!, I don't mind at all Bella! Thanks so much! I'm going to call Ben at work and tell him the good news!" I heard Angela say then a quick goodbye .

I put my phone in my jean pocket and headed down the two flight of stairs.

"Evening Bella" my maid Dianna greeted me with a huge smile as always.

"Morning Dianna" I said returning the smile, but it quickly fell.

Dianna stopped in her tracks. " Bella dear, what's the matter?"

"My mother is trying to make me go to college!" I sighed.

Dianna looked at me curiously " Is that a bad thing?" She asked seeming a bit offended.

"Er…I guess not, but really do I have to go?" I said taking a seat on the couch sitting in front of the TV which looked like it belonged to a movie theater itself.

"Bella my God! If I had the chance to go to college I wouldn't be here cleaning up after you Ms. Swan, now would I!" Dianna shouted shaking her head then taking a seat beside me.

"Bella, do something for your self you cant always expect Charlie to do and pick everything you do in life…now do you?" Dianna asked cocking an eyebrow at me. I thought about it for a second. I decided Dianna was right . My dad already chose whom I was to marry, but college this is my decision. So I should choose freely and as I want. This is a gift! I began to think.

"Oh!" I said shocked. I hugged Dianna. " I really didn't think of it that way." I began to frown. " Sorry If I offended you Dianna"

"Non-sense! I wouldn't let you offend me in all my years of raising you Bella." Dianna smiled and returned to work. "Now I must get back to work, before your mother catches me on the surveillance cams" Dianna laughed and went back to work.

I smiled, and laid on the sofa stretching the long way. I was watching MTV the show 16 and pregnant was on. I began to doze off …

16 & Pregnant.

"My name is Isabella Swan I'm not 16 I'm 17 so this is my 17& pregnant story" I heard my voice say as I appeared on the television.

Holy Crow! I'm pregnant? WTF when did this happen! I thought to myself, last time I checked no fork got in the hole! and why am I watching my self on television?!

Just then the scenery changed to a broke down house, it had chipped paint and wood that defiantly needed to be replaced. I don't know who's home this was but it better not have been mine!

I heard my voice again and my face appear on television. Then it flashed to the house I'm living in now. " This use to be my home" Then back to the little red chipped painted house one. " I live here now with my boyfriend…"

Just then my phone rang. Man! I really need to put my phone on silent or on vibrate! They interrupted a very weird dream…Like really who was my boyfriend and why was I living in a dump?

I answered the phone a bit annoyed "Hello". I said shaking my head to try and rid my self of the nightmare of a dream I had.

"Why hello beautiful, what's wrong?" I heard a familiar velvety smooth voice respond.

My heart began to flutter like it always did when Edward called or when he was around.

"Oh, Hi Edward…um nothing" I lied. "I'm just stressed trying to consider what college I wanted to attend" I said sheepishly trying not to let him hear how I kind of lied. Well it really wasn't a lie. I mean my mom is pressuring me a bit about college in all. So I guess we can call it the half truth…Right lets go with that.

He chuckled through the phone. I could feel him smile on the other end.

"Well Emmett, Alice and I wanted to know if you wanted to go to Swan's Wild Resort tomorrow" Edward said. " I'm sure it may help take your mind off the stress of choosing a college and I will surely love if you came along"

I sighed. " Edward you must really not know my mom, she's stressing over me choosing a colle-" I began before I was cut off.

"Bella you really need a break and I'm sure your mom wouldn't mine if I stole you for one day"

I smiled. I mean it couldn't be that bad? My dad did own Swan's Wild Resort , I've been to most of the theme parks he owned since I was little.

"Alright" I sighed defeated. I could hear Edward smile on the other end.

"Ill pick you up tomorrow at 12 am" he said then he hung up.

Yeah, this couldn't be bad at all! I mean Alice was going and I really needed to ask if she could help plan Angela's wedding with me. Im sure she would love it and wouldn't mind at all! So this should be great!

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