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Hinata's POV

I slowly cracked my eyes open as a bright light shone into my room. I yawned and sat up. As I stretched I looked over to the window that revealed the bright blue sky.

I frowned a little. I didn't remember leaving the curtain open the other night.

I shrugged it off after pondering on the fact for a few minutes. Maybe I was just still sleepy. With that apparently settled I started to climb out of bed.

Then I froze as I fully woke up. I looked around the room.

My bag definitely wasn't in that corner yesterday. And why was it closed. As I examined the room further I started to notice more things that seemed like they had been tampered with.

I started racking my brain, trying to remember what happened last night.

Suddenly panic began to rise in my throat as a theory popped into my head.

Did I accidently get drunk last night? If that was true maybe I accidently brought someone back with me.

Now I was downright freaking out. What if I had lost my virginity last night? I clamped my hands onto my groin as I began sweating bullets.

"WAAAAAH!NOOOOO!"I cried like a baby. I was saving myself for Naruto! Why did this have to happen!

I pulled my sheets back, frantically searching for blood. But thankfully the sheets were still white as snow. I quickly checked my panties too, and they too were free of blood.

I even walked around a little to see if it was awkward to walk. Nope, no awkwardness.

I held my hand to my chest as I sighed in relief. My v-card was still reserved for Naruto. I blushed at the thought.

I decided that I was just having a memory lapse about the moved objects and started to head to the bathroom to take a shower.

I turned the faucet handle on cold before cupping some of the water into my hands, and splashing a little into my face. I grabbed a nearby rag and dried my face. I looked up at my reflection in the mirror and blanched. As I touched my face something caught my attention in the reflection of the mirror.

Someone was standing a little ways away from me near the shower.

I felt a scream building up in my throat as I met eyes with the dark cloaked figure. Once the scream made its way out my throat, the person lunged at me.

I ducked instinctively and the person's fist smashed into the mirror, creating a web-like crack. I tried to scurry away but the person grabbed my shoulders and spun me around to face them.

They slapped me hard, and I bit down on my lip to keep from yelping. When they went to hit me again I swung my leg up defensively into their groin.

The person groaned in pain and collapsed beside me while holding their groin. I didn't have to guess if it was a guy then.

As I stumbled to get up, another person emerged from inside the shower. I could tell this one was a girl because of her curvy frame. Crap, I thought. Can't kick 'em in the nuts and run.

I could still run though. I dashed out of the bathroom with the girl in hot pursuit. I wouldn't make it to the door, which was at the opposite side of the room. What kind of hotel room was this? Wasn't the bathroom usually near the exit?

So I grabbed a chair and tossed it at her with some force. But she merely ducked and the chair broke against the wall behind her.

After that it was a wild goose chase around the room. While I ran all around the room while throwing lamps and stuff at her in the meantime. I could tell she was getting frustrated.

Unfortunately for me, the guy I kicked earlier had recovered by the time I passed the bathroom again. And he grabbed me into an arm-lock with my arms above my head.

I struggled feebly, but he was too strong. The girl stopped in front of me, panting angrily.

"Stupid bitch" She growled as she glared at me. The guy scoffed.

"Good job subduing her. "He said sarcastically.

The girl redirected her glare at him and gave him the finger. "Shut the hell up! As if you got her first try!" She hissed.

He glared back. "Hey! She literally gave me a low-blow!"

"Tch. Men." She said as she rolled her eyes. She glared at me again." You know, you gave me a hard time. Now I'm mad. I think I need to let off a little steam" She said angrily.

Fear trimmed my emotions but I tried not to let it show. I just frowned back.

And then I was bent over in pain, trying to regain my lost breath, after the blow she delivered to my stomach. As I bent over, my loose hair draped over my face like a curtain. My eyes watered and I bit my lip stubbornly. I wouldn't let her get the satisfaction of hearing my cry in pain.

She punched me a few more times in the gut before the guy stopped her. "Hey now, we can't hurt her too much. Ease up" He muttered as I coughed up a little blood, and a bit trickled down my jaw.

"Shut up!" She exclaimed, but she didn't punch me again. "Whatever, Lets go" She growled angrily before turning swiftly and marched towards the door.

I let my body go limp in an attempt to make it harder for him to carry me out. But he ended up dragging me. When I went to scream he stuffed a wad of tissue in my mouth.

I tried to grab the corner of the door seal with my foot, but since he was so strong I was effortlessly dragged past, my sock sliding off and jamming the door from closing.

No one was in the hallway because it was so early. Not even a house maid. Tears freely flowed now but I held in my sobs.

With Kakashi and Anko

"See. I told you we'd make it by morning" Kakashi said as he gestured to the hotel in front of them.

They headed straight to escalator. Once they were inside Anko glanced up at Kakashi. "What was her room number again?"

"300 is what Sasuke said" replied Kakashi. Anko nodded and pressed 2.

The escalator dinged and they quickly exited it. They skimmed the numbers on the room panels.

"296, 298, ah here it is! 3-" Anko stopped talking eruptly as she stopped in front of the door. Kakashi raised an eyebrow as he stopped behind her.

"What's wrong?"

Anko simply pointed to the lower corner of the door. There was a balled up sock wedged between the door and the seal, keeping it from closing.

Anko and Kakashi exchanged a wary glance. They both pulled out their guns before Anko pushed the door open. They both cautiously glanced around the room, guns raised, as they took in the state of the room. There had obviously been a struggle.

Tables were over turned, lamps were lying around, and mirrors were broken.

Anko rushed to the bathroom, she cursed when she saw the mirror.

"Shit shit shit!"She cursed as she kicked a lamp.

Kakashi knelt down and picked up the sock. "Anko" He murmured.

"What?" She said in exasperation.

"The socks' still warm. This must have been recent. "He stated as he stood, still clutching the sock.

"Then they might still be near-by!" Anko concluded, rushing past him.

As he tossed the sock down, Kakashi spotted the room key lying on the floor and quickly snatched it up before following Anko out into the hallway.

"They must've taken the stairs" he noted, seeing that the stairs were closer and more secretive than the elevators.

His comment was barely out before Anko rushed over the door and began running down the stairs. He followed after her as she made large bounds over the steps, going five steps at a time.

The made it outside just in time to see two figures trying to force Hinata into the back of a large black van.

"HEY!"Anko shouted as she dashed over to them. They're heads snapped up and they're eyes widened at the incoming Anko.

They both dropped Hinata to ground, who squeaked in pain, and turned to take on Kakashi and Anko.

"Who the hell're you!"Anko growled as she took her fighting stance.

"We could ask the same thing!" The girl hissed back.

"Let's just get this over with already" Kakashi said nonchalantly as he too took his fighting stance.

As the cloaked pair took their stances, Hinata began to scoot away from the van. She winced as her knees bled from the impact of the drop earlier. She was sure to have quite a few bruises and scrapes when this was over. When she got a safe distance away from the van she turned to watch helplessly as Anko and Kakashi fought off the attempted abductors.

The cloaked girl swung at Anko, who ducked and elbowed her in her throat. The girl backed off a bit, coughing harshly. Anko took this opening and round-house kicked the girl, sending her to the ground. But this didn't stop Anko, she knelt to the girl's side and grabbed her by her collar. " I asked who the hell you were!" Anko bellowed in the girl's face.

The girl glared as she spit out some blood. "Fuck off" She uttered, her teeth stained red from the blood. Anko's temple pulsed angrily as she punched the girl in the face.

As Kakashi was about to finish off the guy he glanced over and saw Anko apparently about to beat the girl to death. He hurriedly grabbed her from behind and pulled her away from the girl.

"Anko! Don't kill her!"He exclaimed as he struggled to restrain Anko.

"Let me at her!"Anko roared.

The cloaked male took this as his opportunity and hurriedly helped the girl up and into back off the van. He slammed the door shut and ran around to the driver's seat, before hurriedly speeding off.

"Thanks a lot genius!They got away!"Anko shouted irritably as she lifted her head to look back at him.

"It's not in our policy to kill the enemy" He stated simply as he frowned back at her.

"You-!"Anko started.

"Oh my" mumbled Hinata, catching both of their attention. She was blushing and she had her palm up to mouth while she gaped at them.

"Wha-?"Anko started before she realized how Kakashi was holding her. He had his arms snuggly around her waist and her back was tightly pressed against his chest. The hold was extremely intimate looking.

Her face went scarlet as she began thrashing around again, this time in embarrassment. "L-Let go of me you asshole!" She exclaimed.

He let go and held his hands up defensively." Sorry, sorry" he chuckled sheepishly.

"Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!" She shouted, face still flushed.

Hinata giggled as she stood up and brushed the dirt off of herself. "Thanks guys. You really saved my hide" she smiled gratefully.

Anko grinned back as her face faded back to its original color." No prob! Now let's get out here!"

"Um..."Hinata muttered as she scratched her cheek while tugging her night gown.

Kakashi quickly caught on." She needs to get dressed first Anko. She's still in her pajamas" He explained.

Anko stared blankly at Hinata's night gown for a few seconds before rubbing the back of her head. "Oh right..." Kakashi and Hinata sweat-dropped.

After that they headed back to Hinata's hotel, deciding to take the stairs. When they stopped in front of the room door Hinata slapped her forehead.

"Aw! The doors closed! And I don't have my key" She muttered.

Kakashi pulled out the room key he had stashed in his pocket earlier. "Good thing I grabbed it earlier, huh Anko?" He smiled as he handed Hinata the key, who thanked him in return.

Anko narrowed her eyes before looking away. "Whatever pervert" She mumbled.

Once they were inside, Hinata opened the closet that was stationed near the entrance and stretched to reach something on the top shelf. When she emerged she was carrying a white metal box that the other two observed to be a first-aid kit.

"I figured they'd have one" She said mostly to herself. She turned to Anko and Kakashi, who were seated on the bed, the only remaining furniture that was still standing. "I'm gonna take a shower then patch myself up. I'll be out soon" She informed as she also grabbed the backpack full of clothes.

They nodded. " Hurry up" Anko added.

Once Hinata disappeared into the bathroom, they were enveloped into an semi-awkward silence. It was broken when the sound of the shower came to both of their ears.

"So..."Kakashi began, Anko looked over at him expectantly. "How am I a pervert?"

35 minutes later...

Hinata emerged from the bathroom holding the large backpack, smiling happily. She was gonna see her friends again. She was wearing a light blue form-fitting t-shirt with white flower designs, with some faded shorts and white sneakers. Her hair was still loose and handing freely. She had a gauze patch on her cheek and her knees were covered in Band-Aids.

"Hey guys I'm rea-"Hinata stopped mid-sentence and she stared over at the bed.

Anko and Kakashi froze. Anko was on saddling Kakashi while drawing her arm back to punch him, Kakashi had his arms up in attempt to grab her arms. They both looked like deer in headlights.

Anko shot away from him, and tripped on the bed skirt and hit the floor with a painful sounding thud. "I-I-I-I-I-It ain't what it looks like! He said some slick shit and I was gonna pummel his face in! I swear!" She fumbled in embarrassment.

"I believe you, okay" Hinata sweat-dropped. Anko hmphed and Kakashi just shook his head at her. "Anyway, I was saying I was ready to leave" Hinata continued.

"Alright, let's get the heck outta here!" Anko exclaimed. Kakashi stood up.

"Uh...What about the room?" Hinata asked, looking around at the destruction.

"Did you check into this hotel under your name? Did you use a credit card?" Kakashi questioned.

"No, I paid in cash and I used a different name" Hinata answered in confusion.

"Then we're good to go! The room is all the more reason to get outta here quickly!" Kakashi gave Hinata a thumbs up, and she sweat-dropped again.

"Now let's go!" Anko grabbed Hinata's hand and began to pull her out of the room. Kakashi followed closely behind them.

With Naruto, Ino , Tenten, Neji and Shikamaru

Naruto stared long and hard at the wall across from him. He was perched on his bed like always with his head resting in his palms."Hmmmmmm..."He muttered.

Shikamaru glanced up at him from his laptop raising an eyebrow. "What's up with you?" He asked.

"...I'm thinking..."He murmured back.

Tenten and Ino gaped at him, incredulous. "What! You're thinking?" Ino gasped.

"You're scaring me! Is the world ending?" said Tenten.

Neji sat up and smirked. "I gotta hear this" Naruto scowled at the three.

"Well if you must know-!" Naruto started, Neji scoffed and lay back down. "And just like that, I don't care anymore" Neji said.

"Oh come on! I wanna tell you now!" Naruto whined loudly.

"We should've enjoyed the silence while we had it" Shikamaru mumbled.

"Sigh, go ahead Naruto" Tenten urged.

"I was thinking-"Ino snickered but stopped when Naruto glared"-that we should come up with a team name" He continued.

"A team name?" Tenten repeated.

"Yeah! It'll be cool! It should be something manly!" Naruto said pumping his fist up.

"No way! There are girls on the team too!" Ino glared, apparently offended.

"Do you have any ideas?" Shikamaru asked everyone.

"Ramen!" Naruto shouted.

"Rejected" Neji muttered in response. Naruto frowned.

"Uuuh...How about...Knives?" Tenten asked sheepishly.

When she was met with silence she sweat-dropped. "Or not?"

"How about Dazzlers?" Ino suggested smiling brightly.

"How 'bout Hell and No?" Naruto replied sarcastically. Ino flipped him off.

"HANKITS?" Shikamaru suggested.

"...Wha?"Naruto blurted.

"I took everyone's initials and tried to make a word. But since there were two 'n's and three 's's I just used one of each" He explained.

"Sounds too complicated" Naruto said. "Plus it sounds too much like the word hanky, and ain't nobody gonna use me to blow their noses!" Naruto added. Everyone else sweat-dropped.

Everyone leaned towards Neji with expectant looks on their faces. He narrowed his eyes at them.

"What?" He asked suspiciously.

"It's your turn to come up with a name" Tenten replied. With that said, everyone leaned closer.

Neji blanched at the attention."...I don't have any ideas"

"Oh come on!" Naruto pressed. "Surely you have an idea"

"...I don't" He muttered. "Now leave me alone" Then a pillow met his face with a smack. "THE HELL!" He exclaimed as he sat up.

Naruto stuck his tongue out childishly. "You're no fun, bore-face! Your face bores me!"

Neji grabbed the pillow, murderous intent glinting in his gray eyes. Naruto seeing this quickly sucked his tongue back in. "...Neji?"

Neji lunged. He pressed the pillow tightly against Naruto face with one hand and held him down with the other."mmmf mmf mff!" came Naruto muffled voice.

"What was that?" Neji asked casually.

"Nefffjiii! Youff craffzy baffstard! Lefft meff goffff!"Naruto struggled but Neji was stronger.

"Still can't hear you"

Shikamaru, Ino and Tenten sweat-dropped. "Idiots" Shikamaru muttered.

With Sakura and Sasuke

"Okay, you're not getting out of this today mister!" Sakura stated firmly, hands planted on her hips.

Sasuke tried not to become distracted by that notion as he pulled his eyes away from said area to stubbornly meet her gaze. "Getting out of what?" He asked in mock curiosity.

"Your keeping secrets from me, teammates don't keep secrets from each other. It ruins potentially good teamwork! You and me, we make a good team! So come on! Tell me!" Sakura nagged pulling at his sleeve.

Sasuke didn't even glance over at her.

Sakura's face dropped as she suddenly fell silent. There was a pregnant silence for a few moments before she spoke again, her tone a lot meeker than before. "Did I do something to upset you? If so, I'm sorry" she mumbled.

A wave of guilt washed over Sasuke as he scrunched his face up in discomfort."….You didn't…..do anything…..wrong". 'Just unexpected and strangely satisfying'He thought in mute embarrassment. "So don't apologize" He added.

Sakura perked up again. Her confidence and determination completely renewed. "So does this mean you're gonna tell me?" She asked hopefully.

"No" He said bluntly.

Sakura growled in frustration as she tugged at her locks. " Fine! Be that way! I'm gonna walk on the other side of the street, so don't come near me for half-an-hour or so you jerk-face!"She exclaimed, her voice cracking at the end.

Sasuke glanced over at her in alarm, but she had already started to cross the road. 'Was she crying?' He wondered as he stared after her in confusion.

Sakura sniffed as she rubbed at her eyes in a feeble attempt to stop her tears. She didn't understand why she was crying in the first place. He was entitled to his secrets. She had no right to demand anything of him.

But somewhere inside her, she had begun to believe that their relationship had gotten to the point where they could at least trust each other. 'I guess I was wrong' she thought sadly. And the thought of that stung.

Unfortunately Sakura hadn't been making a good pace across the road, and had slowed to a miserable drag, only having made it half way across.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when heard Sasuke calling out to her in panic. 'Panic?' That didn't sound right. He was running towards her while reaching out. She tilted her head in confusion as she heard him yell out 'Look out!'.

Only then did she realize what was happening. Then she noticed, the large truck coming straight at her top speed. Only an idiot would slowly wonder into the road. God was she an idiot. And to think she would die in such a stupid place, without rescuing Hinata, without punching Naruto one last time, or telling Sasuke she loved him. So stupid.

Next thing she knew, a rough impact had launched her off her feet. But something told her it wasn't the truck that hit her, for two reasons.

One: She had been hit from the side. Not the front where the truck was.

And two: She was sure that the truck would've hurt a lot more than this.

She landed hard on the side of the street and she yelped in pain. It was when she felt weight collapse on top her and heard a deep grunt, that she realized that Sasuke had tackled her out of the way of the truck.

Lots of different emotions ran through her at that moment. Like gratitude, relief, surprise. But the most prominent emotion was disbelief. She couldn't believe he had done such a thing.

"Wha-…..I…eh" She searched for words but he cut off her attempt with a sharp karate-chop to the forehead. "Owwww!" She whined.

"You moron! How could you do something so stupid!"He growled at her.

"WHA-I-EH!" She searched a lot more frantically this time, but she was once again cut off. This time, due to Sasuke forcibly embracing her in a tight hold.

He sighed into her hair. "You moron…what if you would've died?" he mumured. Sakura stared in stunned silence over his shoulder, her face a lovely cherry red.

Slowly she came to her senses and she slowly brought arms to meet around his back. "I thought I told you not to come near me for a half-an-hour or so" She mumbled into his shoulder.

"Just shut-up"

They stayed like that for a while, ignoring the curious passing strangers on the street. But apparently all good things must come to an end.

Because Sasuke's phone only allowed them a couple minutes before it rang loudly, shaking them both out of their daze.

Sasuke cleared his throat as he quickly released Sakura. Sakura reluctantly did the same, her face still a decent hue of pink.

"Talk to me" Sasuke spoke point-blank into the phone.

"Sasuke!" Kakashi chirped, "Good news!"

"You fell off a cliff and broke both of your legs?" Sasuke asked sarcastically.

"What? No! How is that good news? Anyway there's someone who needs to talk to you!" There was some shuffling and Sasuke could hear Anko and Kakashi arguing.

Finally a recognizably meek voice spoke. "Sasuke?"

"Huh? Hinata? What are you doing with Kakashi and Anko?" Sasuke questioned, surprise etching its way across his face.

"Oh, well they showed up just in time to save me from being captured again. My hideout had been discovered by the enemies and they ambushed me this morning. Kakashi and Anko chased them off luckily."


Anko took the phone. "Sasuke, Sasuke sweetie. Don't sweat the details. The job got done, Hinata's safe and all is well. So chillax will ya?" She said it as if they were talking about the weather.

"You do know that you just made all our efforts completely pointless right?"Sasuke asked in dismay.


Sasuke was about to continue when he realized that Sakura was tugging on his sleeves again. "What's going on?" She mouthed when he glanced down at her.

Instead of relaying everything back to her he just handed her the phone.

"Uh. Hello?" She spoke.

"Oh, Sakura? So Mr. Tight Ass handed you the phone, eh?" Came Anko's voice.

Sakura sweat-dropped. "Yeah"

"So tell me, are you guys far from where we last heard you were?"Anko continued.

"No, just a day's travel maybe" Sakura replied.

"Good, we'll see you in a few minutes" Anko said nonchalantly.

"Wait- Wha- A few minutes?" Sakura sputtered in shock.

"Yeah, meet us at the nearest train station" It was Kakashi's voice that time.

"Ah- Er, ok" Sakura stammered.

"Call us back when you get there" Then there was a click, indicating that they had hung up.

Even though Sakura was beyond confused, she decided to do what she was told and wordlessly handed Sasuke back his phone, before asking the nearest stranger where the train station was.

It only took them a few minutes to find it, and once they stood in the de-boarding section they called Kakashi back.

"We're here" Sasuke said straight to the point.

"Good good, now it's time to put your spy skills into use" Kakashi said cheerfully.

"What do you mean?"

"When the train arrives, you're gonna stow away on the train with us" Kakashi said simply.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Dead serious. We'll get back to the hotel a lot faster this way"

Sigh. "I guess you're right." Sasuke rubbed his temples.

"Alright, We're in the baggage compartment. Don't take too long!" Click. Sasuke was really starting to get annoyed with Kakashi habit of hanging up on people.

Shortly after the phone call ended, the train pulled up with a loud hissing whistle. As people began to de-board, Sasuke grasped Sakura's arm. "Follow me" he murmured. Sakura gave a slight nod, and the quickly became immersed in the departing crowd.

They quickly rounded the train, easily slipping by the conductor, who bid the departing passengers good-bye. The slipped into the last cart, which they figured could only be the baggage compartment, before shuffling into a hiding spot.

After several moments of the new passengers boarding the train, the train slowly began moving again. It didn't take long for it to gain momentum. When Sasuke was sure no one else would be coming into the baggage compartment he slid out of his hiding place, pulling Sakura with him.

"You guys can come out now"

Anko, Kakashi both shuffled into sight quickly, Hinata showing up shortly after from behind a box.

Sakura squealed as she pounced on to Hinata, who in turned giggled as she hugged back in just as much excitement. "I'm so glad you're okay!" She glanced at Hinata's bandages. "Or at least in one piece!" She added with a smile.

"This is such a joyful reunion and I swear I'm tearing up, but could you guys keep it down? We are stowing away on this train" Anko reprimanded from her position on one of the stacked boxes in the cart.

Both girls smiled sheepishly. Sakura pulled Hinata off into the corner of the compartment all the while whispering. "You have to be caught up on so much stuff! And you have to tell me about your entire time in confinement too" The rest was undecipherable.

Sasuke glanced over at the adults and back to the whispering teenaged girls in disdain.

'This is gonna be a long ride'

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