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Parings: Just a friendly Full House story

Summary: A blast from the past and two worlds collide. Can best friends in the past reconnect?

Rated: T for references

Finder's Grief

A Full House Fanfiction

Finder's Grief

Chapter One-Both sides of the story

Michelle wasn't always looked upon as the adult. She never truly had been. She was the youngest of them all and was often treated that way. Now that she was in her teens, DJ and Stephanie both working their way well into adulthood and finding lives of their own, Michelle was sought upon to find nothing but the words of her father, Joey and Uncle Jessie. Truth be told, she missed having the whole family around constantly and whether or not she would admit it out loud or not, it was the truth for everybody.

On this particular night, however, the heavy rain pounded against the roof. The occasional thunder forcing the once strong branches outside of her room to creak with the threat of breaking off. And once again, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner was home alone. With no particular thought in mind, Michelle tossed the book she had been reading for her English class off to the side and collapsed onto the bed forcefully. With a loud grunt, she allowed her feet to pound against the soft pillow which had done its proper duty in comforting the teenager on those long summer nights.

Jesse, Joey and Danny were all at work. DJ and Stephanie were either on a date or at the mall with their own friends and Michelle was pretty much overwhelmed with nothing in particular to retreat on. Her hands hung lifelessly from the edge of her bed where her head lay and grazed the soft carpet she had had for years. And of course, it remained in its pristine condition considering her father's need for immaculate cleanliness which had supplied Michelle with hours of trying to find her own books after the heavy duty clean.

If there was every a need for a best friend or a phone call, now was it. Painfully regretting having canceled her only plans with some friends at school, Michelle rolled over onto her back. Her hand stretched out and hit the newly furnished table she had convinced Danny to let her buy and hit the on button on her CD player. As a soft rock music filled the room, she leaned forward, eyes catching a picture frame against the back wall shelf. Against the thing clear frame minus the minute flower against the corner, Michelle narrowed her eyes at the two figures. Resting on her elbows, she tilted her head to the side, her long blonde hair draping over the right side of her face casually.

"Teddy." Her words were whispered as if speaking them to her hearts content would lead to the memories of the past vanishing beyond the surface. A childhood friend who Michelle had always believed to be with for the rest of her life-a childish innocence that was only captured in the hearts and minds of her once behind four-had moved away. The fact that after all those years, she had remembered him just proved how much she missed those childhood days. And one after another, those memories came flooding back to her, every ounce of ache pulling at her.

"Michelle! We're home!" The familiar sound of DJ Tanner filled the solemnly quite house that was followed by a little laugh. Michelle heard her light steps against the stairs as she made her way towards, what Michelle assumed to be, DJ's room.

"Bout time." Michelle mumbled just as DJ poked her head through the archway of Michelle and Stephanie's room-the door which had remained wide open despite Michelle's efforts to keep it closed on every other night.

"What's wrong?" DJ asked, getting the hint instantly upon watching Michelle's face contort towards a grief. DJ walked into the room, her hands moving from the edge of the doorway to her side as she sat upon the edge of the bed. "Michelle?" She asked softly, her voice worried, following up on the duty of a good older sister.

Michelle rose an eyebrow, but didn't bother looking at the face of her older sister she had counted on most times. Only if Uncle Jesse wasn't around really. "Yeah, I'm fine." She whispered, her words raw. Almost holding in the boredom she felt. "Just kinda…bored really." She lied softly. Michelle closed her eyes, the imprint of the picture she had stared growing up but never paid more attention to it until just then. "hey, Deej?" Michelle finally asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" DJ asked softly, standing up and tugging on her dark blue jeans. Her light eyes followed Michelle's eyes towards the shelf where she found the image Michelle had been staring at. "Teddy?" Without even having heard the question, DJ knew just what was on Michelle's mind. "You know he doesn't live that far off anymore. Try calling him. I'm sure Dad or Uncle Jesse can get his number or something." DJ shrugged her shoulders casually.

Michelle swung her legs over the bed and sat up. "You think that wont be to awkward or something? I mean it's been years, Deej." The teenager countered instantly, hoping that DJ would come up with her magical solution of an answer and allow Michelle to go through with it. Of course, mentioning it to any of the adults would seem more the weird considering Michelle hadn't spoken about Teddy since she was four. However, that night seemed different. For the first time she had time to herself to think and visit the past. Something she cherished.

"Your never gonna know until you try." DJ replied softly, her smile brightening up the room that she had originally grown up in. She started towards the door once again, her hands folding against the curve of the door frame. Looking over her shoulder, she stopped seconds before her feet found themselves outside of her room. "What's with the sudden interest in visiting the past?" She asked softly, raising a casual eyebrow at the youngest Tanner.

"DEEE JAYYY!" Michelle's answers was interrupted by Kimmy Gibbler's sudden shriek that the whole family had gotten used to in the years. The stomping of Kimmy's big feet were pounding downstairs as the door slammed behind her.

Michelle rolled her eyes but smiled a bit when DJ had managed a wince and a grin herself. "I'll tell you later." She replied, scooting herself towards the edge of the bed and then climbing off of it. She pulled the edge of her shirt down a tad, covering the waist band of her low cut jeans.

DJ simply nodded and walked out of the room and rushed down the stairs to converse with Kimmy over something that seemed so solitary to Michelle and Stephanie yet so important to the other pair that no one could seem to win arguments over it. Michelle lightly walked towards the center of her room and stretched a little bit, ignoring the constant patter of the rain against the roof of the Tanner household. The eagerness in which it poured caused Michelle to simply smile against the sound, and then shake at the thunder it rumbled out.

Chances were, the whole family would wind up arriving to talk to her about what she was asking. It wasn't that big of a deal but the mere thought that they had to know everything sometimes got to her. and sometimes, she loved it. Then again, there were those few secrets in which she had stored her faith in Uncle Jesse's silence. Plus, Jesse was preoccupied with the twins and their school and Becky's birthday and their anniversary coming up as well. But that was the whole point of having a wonderful place to live. It was full house to the extreme and frankly, Michelle would never give it up for anything.

She stumbled into the bathroom that she shared with her sisters' and glanced into the mirror. Her tired face gazed back at her, almost accusing her of not having enough sleep. Nothing could bother her more then that one thing. she had enough sleep on most nights. That or the fact that she had spent the good part of the day just being bored. That was another fantastic part about summer. The long days and short nights that allowed her to be lazy on some days. Taking a deep breath, she swept her hands against the skin under her eyes carefully. Finally, she rubbed her hands over her face and then running them through her hair.

"Stephanie! Michelle! Nicky and Alex!" Becky's voice called out and before Michelle could find her way out of the bathroom, she heard the scurry of feet against the second floor of the house as Nicky and Alex rushed down the stairs, fighting over who would get the first slice of pie they were having for desert that night. Michelle merely rolled her eyes and wandered down the stairs, following them as she laughed at their bickering.

Joey stood behind the counter in the kitchen as he continued tossing the salad so the dressing everyone chose would mix properly. DJ was sorting out the plates along the edges of the table, Nicky following behind with the forks and Alex placing the knives next to it professionally. Jessie set the large bowl of pasta in the middle of the table while Becky finished getting glasses on the set. People weren't kidding when they had said the Tanners just about did everything together.

Michelle took a seat in her spot and leaned forward, her elbows pressed in her lap, clasped together tightly as she messed with a silver ring resting in her thumb. The loud conversations pressed against the abnormally silent room as everyone had suddenly poured into the room. Where as the whole house was silent merely moments ago, was now filled up completely with the whole family gathering together. At times, Michelle wondered if the sponsors for Olive Garden were ever going to come film them for the commercials.

Taking a deep breath, she waited patiently for everyone to get settled before she reached forward and grabbed some food. Taking a garlic bread from the center as well, she tore off a piece and stuffed it into her mouth. Savoring the taste of the food, she closed her eyes for a second, allowing her mind to wash away the strange mood she had been in earlier.

"So, how was your day?" Danny Tanner asked the table and like usual, the answer came in unison from the whole family, including giggles from Nicky and Alex and Michelle's own input. The fact that Michelle was almost sixteen and the family was much older then the last time she had ever thought about them this much, added more to the continuation of their vast conversations. "Vicky should be coming down as well." Danny finished off and Michelle caught the genuine hint of happiness that he had when he spoke off her.

"Uhm, Dad?" Michelle asked softly, raising an eyebrow curiously. The second she had gotten only his attention and the wandering ears of Stephanie of course, Michelle took a deep breath. "You remember Teddy? I was wondering if, uhm, you….uhm, knew where he was?" She asked softly, making sure that only her father could her hear. She didn't want to make a big deal out of it. After all, it had been forever since she had even spoke about him but one weird feeling and one sight of a picture she saw every morning in a different light had created some sort of need to find her old best friend.

Danny rose his eyebrow as he carefully rolled the fork around the pile of pasta on his clean plate. Whereas everyone's plate was splattered with the sauce and bread, Danny's was still in the same neat pile as he ate. How he managed to do that, was beyond anybody and the whole family had given up figuring it out. it was just how he was and it would remain so. "I'm sure I could find out." He said softly, a curious smile on his face. "Why?"

"Just miss him is all." She finally replied, turning away quickly enough to not see the strange look that her father was giving her. However, she simply lowered her head and finished her food in complete silence, smiling and looking up and nodding her head every time she felt obliged to do it.


Even growing up, Teddy knew that life had changed for him dramatically. His childish innocence left him much before he had wanted to lose it. There were years on his life that he needed to recount for, yet nothing allowed for him to capture it back once again. He missed those moments in his life when all he cared about was the wrong crayon in the box and of course, dotting Michelle Tanner's 'I's' like when they were younger kids.

The few years following when he moved, Teddy's life had become something much more susceptible to the dangers that most kids never had to deal with. At the moment, his 16 year old frame covered the smudged mirror in the bathroom. The face looking back at him through the glass wasn't one he recognized anymore. His eyes had lost all humor that had become a part of him growing up. The scars on his muscled arms had turned his skin raw and the hash mark formed against his chin was finally starting to heal. That didn't even cover up the blueish-purple bruise creating a nest against the side of his neck.

This was all he needed. The only manageable part became that he could somehow hide the pains. He had become an expert on it, no matter how long it had taken him to manage that. It was a secret of his life only he knew. Well, he and his father who had chosen to force this life upon his only son. Given the numerous years Teddy had dealt with things like this and the massive amount of healing he had to go through, Teddy merely had nothing left to lose. And it was to the point where all he wanted to do was find his escape. The one thing that would allow his safety to ensure his future he longed for.

For most kids, having a life like this would've turned them into the worst of the worst. Teddy however, was still the same kid he had been when he was younger. Well, to everyone else but himself. His father had ignored the pain in his son's eyes that was soon replaced by a façade of happy memories, most only existing when he was younger. That or the make believe life he had created in his head. Either way, Teddy became the one everyone wanted to be in school. The moment he arrived back home, he became the innocent victim he had protected throughout his day in school.

"TEDDY!" Hearing the loud thunderous boom that outmatched the thunder outside, Teddy jumped. His skin crawled tersely against his own body, the fear rising back in his eyes. His fingers curled over the sink counter as his head lowered in remorse. His simple name was forced out once again, the sound coming from the large thick neck of his father, but this time Teddy stood firm.

"What?" He asked softly, keeping his voice from shaking and loud enough to be heard. Wincing at the prospect of the theory that his father was home and drunk, he shook his head. "Yes, sir?" He reported, words dripping with the coldness he felt in his body. He couldn't stop thinking about leaving and it was one of those things in which Teddy wanted nothing more then to actually follow through with. Kids didn't always make the right decisions, but Teddy wasn't a kid anymore. He was old enough to know what was right and what was wrong.

No amount of slaps followed by the intense pleading and apologizes would convince Teddy that what had happened was truly okay. The monstrous side of his father under the influence of the alcohol captured the fear that Teddy only felt but never showed. The first moment in which he had ever felt the sharp pain on the side of his face, he had collapsed onto the bedroom floor, tears pouring out of his soft childish face. The tears continued till he couldn't shed them anymore and it was then that his father snapped out of the curse and realized what had happened.

His apologizes had ruthlessly convinced Teddy that it was something that had happened. It was inevitable. Like every kid went through that horrible torture. School had proved otherwise the second he started once again. Teddy refused to explain this to anyone, yet, prayed that someone would pick him out of the crowd and support him. The hopes never came through and yet, Teddy wanted nothing more then to find the sweet escape.

"Ughh!" The crash against the couch that slapped the wall behind it allowed Teddy to realize that his father had dutifully passed out in front of the baseball game on T.V. The bottle in the older man's hand slipped through the beefy fingers and feel with a soundless thump against the carpeted floor, spilling a single drop onto the white plush.

It had been decided by Teddy that night itself that he was done. Last night had set the deal when the large hand came down hard on his already broken side where a chair had 'somehow' broken his ribs. The hospital refused to recount what he had said and his father had simply stated how clumsy his honorable and wonderful son was to which Teddy simply smiled and nodded like he was some puppet on his father's strings.

Teddy pushed himself away from the sink and stalked out of the bathroom, his fingers curling and uncurling at his sides, making his way towards his room to collect the one item that he cherished; his bag that held a few clothes and that singular picture of an old friend who he counted on from every moment on. His eyes followed every inch of the room he had once cherished as his one haven. However, now, even that seemed to cause him stress over the simplest of things. Whether or not that was all he could offer his own world or not, he didn't know. But at the moment, it seemed like it was the only thing. Memorizing all he could in the span of a few seconds, Teddy instantly wondered if he should reconsider his actions.

His sights upon the broken lamp resting on his small oak wood study table forced his thoughts away. If he wanted out of a father-son relationship that was based purely on the abuse, then he had to leave and leave soon. The fact that his father was passed out on the couch served a greater purpose and the opportune moment that Teddy wouldn't receive in a long time. Which left him with one last decision to make: where he was going to go. At the point in his life, anywhere was better than here and he arrived at the simplest of all conclusions. Leave now and see where the road took him.

With a slight grunt, he tossed the back over his shoulder and gripped the handles hard. Wincing as the bag pounced against the bruise on his back, Teddy bit his lip and cautiously made his way out of the room. The careful footsteps attracted no attention from anything else in the house and yet, Teddy grew worried about his father. It was more or less the caring soul that the young teenager had when he passed his father after climbing down the stairs that he grew to fear what would happen to the older man. Saying a silent prayer, he slipped out of the back of the house, and started walking, knowing the backyard like the back of his hand even in the dark. His feet squished against the wet grass, proof that the night had simply turned into a hazy downpour of rain that had finally stopped moments earlier.

The sidewalk wasn't anymore pleasant. Especially after having hopped through three fences and avoiding two dogs who had grown accustomed to his scent anyway. Teddy's brown eyes scanned his surroundings as his heart pounding manically against his chest. He had thought about this plenty of times, sure. This was the first time he was following through with it. And hopefully, it would be his last. The walk towards the bus stand was a good mile, allowing him to force thoughts on the past in which he could embark in on the innocent life.

As if fate had controlled his own thoughts, Michelle was the one person he thought about. Best friends when kids and even years later in thoughts had proved just how close the two were. Whether it was called upon by the stars or just dumb luck, Teddy had figured out where he would go. He had envisioned meeting her once again after the long years apart and like in old movies, they had passed the awkward moments and slipped into acting as though nothing had occurred between them.

"Hey, kid. Shouldn't you be at home?" The hoarse voice of a young man called out, shaking in the darkness of the night. The man sat on the bench close to the bus stand, his eyes staring intently upon the teenager.

"Uhm," Teddy wasn't truly accustomed to a world of this kind. He had been protected by life itself, yet threatened by a world in which should've been his reprise. "No sir." He finished off, his words shallow as he felt at that moment. He wished he had the power to just call the man out and act as an adult who would fight back at any opportunity.

"A kid your age should be at home. Studying, sleeping, enjoying life. Not running away." The man continued as if he hadn't heard Teddy at all. His eyes moved from Teddy towards the sidewalk and then onto the street itself, judging it in every aspect one could judge something of that sort. The far away gaze he had forced anyone to see that the life Teddy was doomed to live would only result in the older man's position.

Teddy, however, refused to see it that way. "I'm not running away." He finished, setting his bags down on by his feet as he sat upon the bench inside the small covering. Late night buses were common and he wasn't even that late. According to the schedule he had found, it would arrive soon enough and then maybe, just maybe, the lecture would end.

"I ran away once…" The man started talking as he shifted in his own seat. It was apparent that he needed someone to share words with and if Teddy just happened to be there, then so be it. It seemed that he didn't mind too terribly much of the company and Teddy couldn't complain either. The man wasn't telling him to go back home. Just giving him advice he thought Teddy needed to hear. Perhaps, Teddy should've listened, but the times for listening and just acting were in balance and acting won quickly.

Twenty minutes later called the arrival of the bus that stopped with a high pitched shrieking sound. The door squeaked open like an un oiled machine and Teddy stood up gracefully. Looking back at the man, he waved quietly before stepping up the steep stairs of the bus, depositing his money in the machine and making his way towards the middle and sat himself on the right, dropping his bag on his lap. Apart from him, there were only a few other people on the bus, most looking worn out and going home.

A few caught his eye to which he responded by turning away instantly. Everything started moving slowly away from him as well as towards him. The past verses the future in a case that he couldn't keep track of. While one held a few moments of contentment, the rest was merely doused in feeling frozen completely. The future, on the other hand, was completely unsuspected and open to new experiences-away from his father- that Teddy simply smiled into the back of the seat in front of him and leaned back.

He was going to see an old friend, it had been decided, and if he hadn't made that final decision then what right did he have in going. Hoping was a lost cause of a guy like him who had been through mysterious things and all he wanted now was to lose all sight of reality. It was evident that it would catch up to him soon enough, but until then, he wasn't letting go of a life he cried out for on most nights. Had there been anyone else in his situation, he knew that they would wind up doing the same. Even if the time apart and forced two people to grow apart, it didn't meant that the two lives couldn't intertwine together now. It would take time but it would happen and that was the only thing in his life that Teddy was sure of at this point in time.

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