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Chapter 7

Thousands of thoughts ran through my head all at once. What if Edward doesn't like me that way? What if I don't kiss well? How is the band going to be affected? Did I turn the light off in my room? I couldn't bring myself to realize the situation at hand, but I was knocked out of my trance when I felt Edward's sweet breath on my face. I brought my eyes up to his and stared at the beautiful pools of green, he was staring at me the way I wanted him to, but I didn't feel right.

"Edward," My voice came out in a soft whisper, merely enough for me to hear. My eyes fluttered shut and I felt his arms pull me closer, his breath was so close I could feel his nose brushing against mine, we were a mere centimeter apart. Edward's lips grazed mine when I finally snapped. I pulled my head over to the side, giving Edward my cheek to kiss. I pulled my hands down away from his neck and pushed on his chest, I hung my head low and let my hair cover my face, blocking him the view of my tears that were ready to fall.

"I-I can-t," My voice cracked, I don't even know if he heard me. I pulled myself away from him and started to walk back, I simply couldn't bring myself to look at his gorgeous face. I turned my back to him and put my hand on the backdoor, a single tear fell from my eye as the hard truth hit me at full force. This could never work. Band members can never be together, and of all the girls on this Earth Edward showed a slight interest in me. Why should I sacrifice that?

"Bella," His voice sounded so wounded. I turned my head to look at him. He looked as if someone just killed his puppy, I felt a new wave of sadness hit me. My hair was glued to my face from the wetness of my tears, I bit my lip to keep from letting the tears fall again and to prevent myself from talking to Edward. I simply shook my head, opened the door, slammed it behind me and ran, ran as far away from him as possible.

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