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Bella P.O.V

I looked up at the big clam that I call a mirror, and looked at my reflection. My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. My dad is the king of the sea, King Swan. Surprisingly enough, I have no sisters, just one brother. Even though he's the heir to the throne, he never acts like that around me, but we're closer than you can imagine.

I sighed knowing my sixteenth birthday was on the rise. Father had warned me that I will have a fiancé by then. As for what I look like, I have long dark brown hair reaching my lower back, I'm as pale as a mermaid can get and my eyes are brown, nothing special, especially for being a princess. My tail is a dark green shade, and my top (a/n: idk what to call it, clam bra, w.e) is blue.

"No matter how much you stare at the mirror, you won't turn human, "I turned around to see Emmett, my brother, at the door way. He was right; all I've ever wanted in life was to be human.

"Come on," He pulled at my arm and swam outside our castle. "Race ya," Em grinned, I smirked in return, and he's never won against me. We both took off, swimming as fast as our tails will let us. Em and I both had the same tail, green and fast.

"I win!" I yelled, Emmett chuckled, but then his expression changed. His face turned stone mad, he swam upward, towards the surface.

"Em?" I asked, I came up next to him and stuck my head out of the water, both of us looking at a horrifying sight.

A/N: yes it's based on the little mermaid...well the mermaid part, but don't make fun i promise it'll turn out better than expected. in the third paragraph when emmett is at the door, it might say urn or it might say run, but whichever one it's really supposed to say turn. i just don't know why i can't fix it for some reason.

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