The security officer ducked into a small alcove in a relatively abandoned section of Down Below. If anyone found out he'd brought Marajuana onto the station...

He carefully looked left and right before pulling the rolled joint out of his pocket. He surreptitiously checked his surroundings once more before he lit it and inhaled.

A passing group of Shadows noticed the hiding officer. They would've continued on their way if one of them hadn't stopped.

"I remember that game." the one who stopped said.


Earth, the 60s:

The joint was going around the room.

"Hey, how about we give it to that freaky spider thing in the corner." The man who insisted he be called Skye said.

"Um, should you even be smoking this while you're on LSD?" Said the woman next to him.


The security officer nearly jumped out of his skin when an invisible person poked him in the arm and said "Hand it over man." The joint fell out of his hand and suddenly rose into the air. The security officer decided to run for it when the joint started doing a slow circle around the corridor.

"So, what now?" One of the Shadows asked once the joint was gone.

The Shadown who had started the "game" scratched the top of his head with one of his pointy legs. "Um, let me think a minute...Oh, yeah, now I remember, we're supposed to carry signs with funny looking circles and start protesting the war."

"Sounds like fun, let's go." One of the Shadows at the back of the group said.


Captain Sheridan started idly shuffling the paperwork on his desk for the umpteenth time as he waited for the explosion. It was quiet around here, too quiet.

Suddenly his commlink chirped.

"Sheridan here." He said hoping that the headache resulting from whatever was happening wouldn't be too bad.

"Um, We've got a war protest going on in the Zocalo that I think you should come and see." Garibaldi said on the other end.

"Fine, I'm on my way." Sheridan said before closing the connection. A war protest wouldn't be all that bad, now would it?


Down in the Zocalo several incredulous security personell, dozens of confused Mimbari, a stunned Captain, and a crowd of aliens whose emotions ranged from shock to mild amusement at the free show, watched as a group of Shadows carried signs with slogans straight out of Earth's history and paced back and forth protesting the war.