The Mimbari blinked at the strange sound that his chair had made as he'd sat down. For some strange reason both the humans and the Narns had found the noise amusing. Standing up, he found that he'd seated himself on a pinkish baloonlike thing that had been flattened by his sitting on it.

"Exactly how was this supposed to be funny?" he asked as he examined the object.

"Humans find the sounds certain bodily functions make to be absolutely hilarious." a somewhat drunken Centauri replied. "I never did get Earth humor."

Sighing, the Mimbari dropped the object that he'd been examining back onto the chair and turned to leave, dropping a couple tablets that were meant to turn one's skin blue into a human's drink on the way out.

Meanwhile, on Mars:

Bester carefully counted the crates of supplies that were being loaded onto the cargo ship that he'd borrowed from the Corp. Normally, someone would have had something to say about his borrowing something so large for purposes that weren't strictly Corps business but, there was only a skeleton crew hanging back to tend to the kids and a few other things while everyone else tried to be amongst the first to get in when the defenses surrounding the Vorlon homeworld finally cracked.

Someone had found Director Vacit's personal notes and had discovered that the man had tried other options before the Vorlons had told him to round up all the rogues in order to step up the experiments that hadn't been nearly as inhumane as they'd gotten in later years.

It had been because of the Vorlons that his parents had...No. No. No. Bad thoughts. Bad thoughts. His parents had died in the Teeptown bombing of 2189 and thinking along those other lines lay madness.

Besides, he had a job to do.

Eventually, the last of the crates would be loaded, and next stop Z'ha'dum.