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I begged, made deals and everything I didn't want to do, but they still said I had to go. It was all happening in a week and I didn't even till my friends yet. Is hard telling your only friends that your moving and chances of you returning was zero, I couldn't believe my life would take me away from my friends, but I guess I didn't really have friends. They acted like friends and they felt like friends but I really didn't have any.

From afar they especially looked like friends but if you was me you'll see different, I don't even know how they thought we were friends the way they acted. I was the leader, and no I'm not bragging cause I didn't feel like a leader, if I said or suggested something they wouldn't listen and if they did they would talk about how stupid I was or how stupid the plan was. So they would just listen to tk, yes I know his name its just hard saying the name of someone everyone thought was better then you, I had to make him seem lower then me in someway, which usually backfired. Anyway that's what they did, listen to tk saying he had more experience then me, if he was so great why was I leader then, I would've gave up my goggles but that would have been running away and admitting tk was better then me at something he wasn't. I saved the world, digital and real by myself more then anyone….I think. I stood against kimeramon by myself when every wanted to run away and even myotismon when all else seemed to fail, but I can't take all the credit, I couldn't have done it without veemon. No matter what seem to be happening or if it seemed like I we was going to lose, if I was going to fight that's all veemon needed to go with me just the fact that I was ready to fight, he was probably my only true friend…and I wished he never was. It was the fact that he was my friend that made me hate my supposed friends. They made fun of me and didn't seem to respect me.

Yolie she was always yelling at me for every thing that I did wrong, it got to the point that when I doubted myself it was her voice that I heard, which I'm grateful for because it made me stronger, I wanted to prove that voice wrong that I could do anything no matter if it said I was dumb. But I started to doubt myself a lot whenever everyone said I was wrong (I didn't know what to fight then), who was wrong them or me, if it was them I was going to get blamed by them anyway and that voice would say

"it's your fault anyway…should have stood up for your self…..worthless" and every time it said that I would look at veemon and see him smiling, standing by me away from the others….alone. I would have cried but I didn't want others to think veemon had a loser friend.

I didn't really talk to Cody and he never really talked to me, only to tk on advice and what he thought we should do which hurt me a lot to know he didn't even consider me a leader or something to ask for help…..like someone worthless. Ken he was my other true friend, mostly because we were kinda the outcast, but he went to a different school and had different things to do so I rarely saw him, I was happy for that because he wasn't there to see me get bash and look like a fool, most of the time, and veemon got a worthy friend. I already said how I felt about tk, he would tell me the things I needed to work on like he was perfect. Not only that but he always seemed to be right, so that even gained him more fame.

But nothing hurt worst then Kari, the girl I loved. Everyone said that I should give up, because light and hope were meant for each other, but that voice never said anything. Until I learned I was moving. I don't know what triggered it but when I learned I was going to move I started seeing something I didn't see. I hated tk because how he always flirted with Kari but I saw that Kari was flirting with tk and whenever I tried to impress her, she say tk did something similar or something better. She practically ignored me when tk was around (which was all the time). I was stupid not see it when everyone else did, I should have seen it the day tk returned, she was happy to seem him and instantly forgot about me and started to do everything with him, like I was just a temparily replacement for him, probably a poor one at that.

But that's not what hurt the most it was her sick game she like to play which I ignored but didn't realize it till this week. I thought she truly loved tk and had just forgot about me because he was there but….she did it on purpose. She would try to make me jealous by doing things with tk and acted like I didn't compare to tk, that's when the voice started to say things like

"I should give up t.k was better, I was a toy to play with when Kari was bored, I was worthless and that veemon deserved a better partner" . I agreed to all of them. that's way I didn't tell them, I know they wouldn't care. Kari would probably get bored, tk wouldn't have to point out my faults and veemon wouldn't have to endure the other digimon insults for me.

"Davis are you listening to the plan"

"huh….no…I spaced out"

"arghh your worthless Davis" I could see by the look one everyone faces that they agreed with yolie

"don't worry yolie I just remembered I had something to do so I won't be coming to the digital world any way"

"'sigh'….Davis how could you forget something you had to do and remember at the last second" tk looked at me really annoyed like it was killing him "we'll have to rethink the whole plan"

"forget it…it'll be better without Davis, he won't mess up anything" as she said this demiveemon jumped on my shoulder onto my head and we left while they talked about us or the plan, which didn't matter to me because I was leaving tomorrow so this would be the last time I would be with them.

I had got home and packed the last of my stuff and was walking around the park, I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow so I was planning on sleeping in so I was walking around kind of late. That's when I saw someone sitting on a bench I was going to keep walking until I noticed it was Kari. I turned around as soon as I saw her, I didn't plan on seeing her or talking to her, so I was just going to find veemon and leave.

"Davis….that's you" damn

I turned around and put on a smile, which was probably useless cause it was too dark out. I walked up to her and said "hey Kari….what are you doing out here at this time"

"oh…I'm with tk" figures " we been out here since we got back from the digital world"


"why are you here" that was one reason I didn't want to talk to Kari, even if she intently hurt me I still loved her so talking to her would make leaving harder

"I was just walking" I said rubbing the back of my head nervously because of what I was about to do, confess my feelings, I had too before I left

"…Kari I…got to….tell you something….important"

"huh….okay hurry up though before tk returns" she would bring him up….whatever

"….okay…..I….wanted to tell…..say that….I…you know……that I really…"

"hey Kari over here" and like that t.k showed up and stop me before I confessed

"oh tk what took you so long to get back"

"sorry I had to do something…hey Davis….you finished that thing you had to do"

"I guess…"

"you guess….don't came tomorrow saying you need to do something again, you should be doing what you had to do at first instead of walking though the park" man I hate this guy

"so Kari what where you and Davis talking about"

"huh…we weren't…..oh yeah…what were you saying….Davis" she wasn't even paying attention or forgot when tk came, I preferred the latter

"…nothing….it wasn't important anyway…."she looked at me confusingly until tk spoke

"don't be late tomorrow Davis"

As turned around and walked away I said "alright tk" I guess I forgot to say his name wrong, I felt lower then him at that moment that's when that voice said "finally realized you lost, took you long enough…..worthless" that made tears well up in my eyes.

I left davish to walk by himself I could see he needed time to think, probably about the move. I didn't want to move because I wanted to stay with gatomon, I didn't care about the rest of the digimon because they made fun of me and davish, gatomon did to but I secretly liked her. I was walking and didn't plan on meeting anyone but then I saw gatomon and immediately run up to her and yelled "hey gatomon" I heard her give a agitated sigh then turn around and say "what do you want"

"I just wanted to say hey….that's all" I should have thought this though

"okay you said hey so leave" and she turned back around

"what are you doing"

She turn back around and had a look of disappointed look on his face "I thought you said you just wanted to say hey….then leave"

"…I…thought you wanted company"

She looked me in the eye and calmly said "veemon…your annoying" what "you keep trying to impress me veemon but it's making you even more annoying" so she always thought I was annoying "learn you don't have a chance veemon your weak and besides that you think your strong which makes it worst, your weak and pathetic so go away and find some other digi to bother and get out of my life"

I couldn't believe she felt that way I had to prove I she was wrong "I'm not weak I'm just as strong as you ar…" next thing I knew my face was sliding in the dirt until I came to stop and looked up toward gatomon who was a few feet away from me now.

"see veemon your weak and you thought you was stronger then me….pathetic"

I couldn't let her prove me wrong I tried to stand but I couldn't it hurt to much

" 'sigh' pathetic" when she said that I realize how pathetic I looked on the ground struggling to get up and now….crying

"wow….you…your cry…ing" I was going to say something but couldn't find the words, if I said shut up it'll make me look like a baby and I wasn't going to let her do that to me.

"gatomon….gatomon…" at hearing patamon's voice I grew stiff, if he saw me like this what would happen. That's when I realized it didn't matter I was leaving with Davish tomorrow so I won't see them anyway and knowing gatomon hated me…I wanted leave

"gatomon what happened……why is veemon on the ground….crying"

"…..don't worry about him pata….he's…..alright….yeah" I couldn't take both of them looking at me on the ground crying, with all my strength I got up and ran away not even looking back or forward just running as fast as I can, I was happy I was leaving, I wouldn't have to see them again…then I bumped into something.

I was just walking I don't know how long but I suddenly fell, I looked up and there I saw veemon, he looked as though he was crying.

"veemon what's wrong"

He looked up at me like he just realized I was there, he immediately put his head back down, wiped his face and said "nothing" I know something was wrong but he obviously didn't want to tell me so I didn't press further. Since he wasn't looking at me I immediately wiped my face, when I was done he looked at me and I could tell he was crying I knew he could tell the same. I must have looked weak sitting there feeling weak and just done crying I couldn't believe veemon had me as a partner. I had to change. At the exact same time we both said

"I'll get stronger" we both was shocked, but smiled and confidently said again at the same time "we'll get stronger" we stood up, looked each other in the eyes and I said "we won't forget them, we'll just prove them wrong just like the other times if they see us again.." veemon cut in on beat "they'll know who's better and know why were the digimon and digi-destined of miracles" at saying that veemon de-digivoled into demiveemon jumped on my head as I turned around and walked to my house, suddenly my goggles felt tight, I pulled them down around my neck smiled at the new feeling and said out loud as if I was talking to the world "in the end you'll only make us stronger"

i forgot to say that its been a year or since the last battle,and since then veemon has been hounding gatomon worst then davis does kari, except the part of calling her girl and he did it only in secret. tk got fed up with davis in this timeskip.

sorry for not mentioning that and also reveiw it could help me clear some things up and get better. and the action will get in the next few chapters.