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Davis still didn't know how it happen, he still didn't believe it happen. He expected Chaosgatomon and Veemon to behave that way but he knew Skullrenamon wouldn't…so how had it happened.

"Okay…what happened?"

Veemon, who wasn't smiling wickedly like Chaosgatomon or looking off into space like Skullrenamon but still cover in chocolate, replied seemingly cal "Well…We thought if it got dirty again, we'll could easily clean it" Veemon glanced off to the side "You know just pick it up and remove instead of all the hassle of cleaning"

"But, Why chocolate?"

Chaosgatomon who steped in at that moment "It wasn't planned on being chocolate at first but…"

"But what?"

"…Well…We ran out of…THINGS to put down…So…Yeah"

He didn't want to know what THINGS were, he didn't want to know mostly because the rest of the house was fine so THINGS had to came from outside

"I don't see any 'THINGS' on the floor"

"It's under the chocalate" Veemon proudly stated like he accomplished something, which he did, it was hard to completely cover the floor with hardened chocolate. Which he still didn't know how three digimon did that.

"How did you get the chocolate to harden on the floor?" Davis asked as he looked at the roof scared of the answer.

"We melted it, poured it on the floor then waited for it to hardned" Chaosgatomon said rolling his eyes "Obviously"

"How did you melt the chocolate?"

"The microwave" Veemon said even more proudly then last time

Davis looked toward the spot the microwave should've been in, but was replaced with a brunt outline of the microwave "What happened to the microwave?" he looked back down at hearing Chaosgatomon sigh and say "It couldn't do it's job and was causing problems, so sadly we had to get rid of it"


"It caught on fire so we threw it away"

"In the trash can?"

"HA! Nope…the toilet"

He then realized he hadn't checked the bathroom, he would have turned around and immediately checked now but the rest of the house was clean so the bathroom probably made up for that. "Should I go check the bathroom?" this caused Skullrenamon to speak

"You shouldn't…But your going to see it anyway…Sooner or later"

He couldn't handle so many surprises in one day "…Where did you get all the chocolate from?"

"You don't want to know" Skullrenamon said more serious then he usually does, making Davis instantly didn't want to know, he probably was going to hear from somewhere else anyway…like the news, it was to much chocolate in here to not have come from a store.

"Did you get caught?"

Chaosgatomon smiled, a goofy one that resembled Davis's too much, and put his hands behind his head. And like it was the greatest feat accomplished "Do we ever?" and that's what scared Davis the most, how they never got caught…ever time.

"…Lets just clean it up before mom and dad come home"

With a confused look on his face Veemon calmly said "I don't know how but…where going to need the microwave" causing Chaosgatomon to snicker and both Skullrenamon and Davis to sigh.

Davis did learn one thing however, the moment he walked into his house and on the chocolate.

Never leave three digimon alone, unsupervised while you are at school.

Just take them with you.

Atleast you won't have to clean up when you get home.

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