"So… how pregnant are you. On like a scale of one to ten?"

"There's no sliding scale when it comes to this sort of stuff, Gar. It's one of those all or nothing things."

Gar hops up and starts pacing around Raven's still sparse bedroom. He'd flown in to hang out and had be waylaid it a serious conversation by an uncharacteristically nervous looking Raven.

"Okay…okay…." T.V and movies had taught him everything he should be saying right now, but Are you sure its mine? and How could this happened! didn't seem to fit when Raven was looking as freaked out as she did right then. "Okay…."

"Stop." He catches the look on her face and stops his pacing.

"Sorry… I'm just… Whoa." He sits back down next her on the edge of her bed.


"We're… keeping it, right?"

"Of course." Raven can't keep the surprise of her voice. Its more relief than anything else, but she takes his hand, lacing her pale fingers with his green ones.