Summary: From December 1978 to January 1979, a young Gibbs was stationed in Israel, and it was there that he met and fell in love with a local woman. Now, in present day, Ziva David has come to work for him. What she doesn't know, is a long kept secret by Gibbs.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to NCIS, but I do own the character of Shina, Ziva's mom. There is some re-written history here, but I do try to tie it into the story.

Chapter 1

December 1st, 1978

Jethro Gibbs sat in the helicopter that was taking him from Kuwait to Israel. It had been a boring trip, but it might prove to be worth it. He believed that Israel needed all the help it could get, especially since it was a new country.

When they landed at the base, he was escorted off the helicopter by one of the other officers that was there. "You are allowed to look around both the base and the town. You understand that any secrets are to be kept secret and you are not to discuss them with anyone. There are classified things going on here. Otherwise, enjoy your stay here."

"Thank you sir." He saluted and was dismissed. Gibbs wanted to see the town, he wanted to see how people in a country like this lived.

As he wandered the streets, he found a bazaar. In the bazaar, people had little mats set up with goods covering them. You could haggle with the seller on the price of many of these goods.

Gibbs heard the shout of a woman as she tried to get away from one of the sellers. "This woman is trying to steal from me!" He claimed.

She shook her head and glared at him. Gibbs came over and asked what was going on. "She is stealing from me!" The man claimed again.

"What did she take?" Gibbs asked.

"A stone," the man replied.

"What kind?" Gibbs asked.

"An orange one," the man answered.

"Are you sure about that?" Gibbs asked.

"Are you calling me a liar?" The man asked.

"Are you calling her a thief?" Gibbs retorted.

The man looked confused and walked away. Gibbs then turned his attention to the woman, who was looking up and him curiously. "You speak accented Hebrew." She stated.

He laughed. "I know." He replied.

"Why did you defend me?" She asked him.

"Because I know you didn't take anything." He answered.

"How could you know that?" She asked.

"Because the man's eyes told me that he was lying." Gibbs replied. "I'm agent Gibbs." He extended his hand to her.

"I'm Shina." She replied.

He smiled. "Its good to meet you."

They went out for coffee and discussed many different things, all the while they felt a very strong connection to each other. "So, in a town so divided, what is your religion?" Gibbs asked.

"Well," Shina began. "I am Jewish."

Gibbs smiled. "Good to know."

"And what religion are you?" She asked Gibbs.

"I am non-religious, but my parents raised me to be Catholic." He replied.

She smiled. "Then we have the same God."

At the end of the night, he walked her home, and thus began the romance between Shina David and Jethro Gibbs.

January 29th, 1979

Gibbs woke up in Shina's apartment, which wasn't unusual for him. He rolled over and wrapped his arms around her, placing his ear right by her heart. This was what his shrink had called his "comfort position". He was told that he probably had heard his mother's heart beat while he was in the womb, and it had led to him feeling relaxed when he listened to the beating. All Gibbs knew was that it made him feel safe.

He also knew that soon enough, he was going to be leaving Israel and going to Germany. He had already prepped Shina, and she was prepared for him to leave. They had already known each other for a month, and she had already fallen hard for him.

Shina stirred in his arms. "Hey." She whispered.

"Hey," he replied.

"So, today's the day you leave." She stated sadly.

"Yep," he frowned. "Today's the day." It wasn't like he wanted to leave her, but he didn't want to make her a military wife, always moving around, no stability, nothing. He wanted her to be able to make a life for herself, and she knew that. They had both agreed that there would be no tears, they would have one last day together and then it would all end.

That's exactly what happened. They stayed in bed almost all morning, and then went out to lunch, and then, Gibbs had to leave.

Shina handed him a letter before he got on his boat. "Open it when you have set out." She told him.

He nodded. He gave her one last kiss and it was all over. It was the end of the affair.

Dear Jethro,

In one of our many nights of passion, I knew right away that I got pregnant. I have been for a month. I can only say this for sure because I never miss my cycle, not ever, and I did this past month. I know that this is difficult, and I don't want you to feel obligated to me at all. My brother has offered to raise the child as his, and give the child a proper Israeli upbringing. I love you very much and hope that one day we all meet again.



Gibbs frowned at the letter. What was he supposed to do? Go back and help her raise a child? How could he? He was confused.

November 12th, 1979

"Here it comes!" Shouted the midwife! "It's a girl!!" She exclaimed.

"What will we name her?" The midwife asked.

"Ziva." Shina replied.

"Ziva it is." The midwife handed Ziva to Shina.

"Welcome to the world Ziva David." Shina whispered, giving her little girl a kiss. Her brother would be raising Ziva though, not her. Although, her brother had asked her to nurse Ziva, he was being kind, giving them a lot of time together.

It reminded Shina of the story from Exodus, of how Moses's mother Yohebid was able to nurse him, even when Moses was thought to be Pharoah's grandson.

"You came out nice and strong. Your just like your father." Shina told Ziva. "Just like him." She whispered, stroking the soft little baby cheek. "Perfect."