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Chapter 1: I Knew Cleaning My Room was a Bad Idea

" Sara if your room isn't picked up before your grandparents get here, you will be off that computer until your twenty, do you hear me?" I cringed as my mother shouted at me from across the house. Geez the woman had some pipes. Mentally I debated the pro's and con's of actually following through with her order, she gave so many that I felt somewhat entitled to pick and choose the ones that interested me the most. Cleaning my room wasn't too high up on my list. I tried to tell her that it's my room, but she fails to see my logic. Maybe I should remind her that her art supplies from her teaching career litter about three-fifths of the house while my meager little room can't even compare to that size. Little things like facts don't get in the way of her logic because she's SUPER MOM! Defender of messy rooms and unwashed dishes everywhere. It really does grow tiresome. I quit my game of solitaire before beginning my long and arduous journey up the stairs into my tower ... er, I mean bedroom. I went to open my door and found the task difficult.

A hard shove sent me tumbling onto a rather large pile of week old laundry. Now that I looked at my room I was actually starting to agree with my mother. Gahh must be the cleaning fumes getting to me. I have to admit that reclaiming my room from the dust bunnies and laundry monsters that seemed to have taken over my humble abode was a rather difficult task. The funny thing about what happened next was that is was so completely and utterly random. Whenever you read a fanfiction where the main character is sucked into the Naruto's world the eager fan is always doing something related to the manga/anime or they are in a life-threatening situation. I was singing poorly composed songs about dust bunnies falling in love, hardly a life-threatening setting. No bad guys were popping out at me, no abusive relatives, no static-y t.v with random anime characters talking to me. Just some out of tune songs about dust bunny love. So you can understand my confusion when I blinked and found myself falling through thin air. Just falling. Then darkness.

Pain. It's amazing how much agony that one word can hold behind it. I groaned softly as fire and ice raced steadily throughout my body. I couldn't move my arms or my legs even tilting my neck sparked blinding jabs of pain. I inhaled sharply as a tremor rain up my spine. The warm air assaulted my senses as it filled my aching lungs. I almost gasped in pleasure. The air was so … clean, so fresh. I had never breathed anything so amazing in my life. Multiple smells permeated my nose as I breathed in deeper, despite my body's protesting. The fragrance of unknown flowers and wet grass played a symphony of pleasure to my weary muscles. Warmth danced across my face as a gentle wind caressed me, slowly removing bits and pieces of the pain that I was feeling. Have you ever been to or seen pictures of those awe-inspiring and breathtaking landscapes that people rave about? This place somehow beat everyone of those places. The colors were almost too vibrant to be real. Maybe I've died and crossed over. Nothing on earth is even close to this amazing. I tried to twist my body slightly, but the slight movement caused waves of pain to course through my body. I clenched my eyes shut as a choked whimper escaped my throat. I tried to stymie the jabs of extreme discomfort by lying perfectly still as the pain subsided.

"Are you alright?" A shadow fell across my body and I forced myself to open my eyes. I couldn't really make out his features, but he concerned by the tone in his voice. I tried to shake my head no, stupid idea right? More waves of pain raced up and down my body. Another whimper escaped my lips. The man's frown seemed to deepen which caused him to give a rather sickly cough. "I'm going to pick you up and take you to get some medical treatment, okay?" I didn't try to nod this time, but my eyes must have held my assent in them because he reached down with a great deal of care and lifted my body gently into his arms. Even then the pain was too much and I was out again.

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