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"Do you have any more ramen?" Naruto asked looking over the food between them.

"No" Kuroiryu said absently as he returned some of his things to their proper scrolls, his jar of Dragon Fire spice getting a pat before disappearing.

The boy looked crestfallen. "I have other good food here though," Kuroiryu said. "Rabbit I caught a couple months back, fresh steamed vegetables, a couple loaves of bread and milk. A well balanced meal will do you good."

Naruto sighed. "But I like ramen."

"You can have more ramen later."

"I thought you said you didn't have any more ramen" Naruto said, an accusing look on his face.

"I'll send a friend back to the village for some."

Naruto accepted this and grudgingly took the offered plate of food.

Kuroiryu tucked into his food happily while Naruto poked at his food.

"Eat it or I'll pack my stuff up and go back to the village without teaching you anything."

What are you doing Hachibi demanded.

'Don't worry, Hachi-dono," Kuroiryu thought. 'Something tells me this boy will do anything to learn a new jutsu.'

True to Kuroiryu's prediction, the boy began wolfing down the food, though two seconds later, Naruto was also looking for water to quench the fire in his mouth. Kuroiryu handed the boy a loaf of bread with the command to eat it and a laugh.

"What was in that?" Naruto demanded, his eyes still watering from the heat of the Dragon Fire spice.

"Dragon Fire spice" Kuroiryu said. "It's a gift from the dragons."

"Dragons aren't real" Naruto said.

"Dragons are very real" Kuroryu said. "I was raised in part by dragons for the first five years of my life. I hold the last remaining summoning contract for them. Their king is sealed within me like the Kyubi is sealed in you."

"That was real? What I saw in my head?"

"Yes it was" Kuroiryu said. "Now go get some sleep," Kuroiryu commanded as the boy yawned.

The boy didn't argue.


Naruto's scream woke Kuroiryu from his light sleep, and probably woke several in the village from deeper sleeps.

"What are you hollering about?" Kuroiryu asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

"Look at me!" Naruto screeched.

Kuroiryu blinked and gave the boy a once over. He fell over laughing.

"This isn't funny!" Naruto shouted.

From Kuroiryu's point of view it was, though his changes hadn't been this drastic, occurring over the course of ten years to put him at what he looked like now.

Naruto had sprouted fox ears and a tail. His hands were clawed as when he drew out the Kyubi's chakra. His hair was streaked with red and looked a bit longer.

"It's nothing to worry about" Kuroiryu said as he released the illusion on himself. "This happened because you altered the seal containing the Kyubi. The same thing happened when I changed Hachibi's seal."

Naruto gapped at Kuroiryu's appearance.

"Since we're both up now, let's get started on what I need to teach you." Kuroiryu climbed out of the tent and kicked the fire back to life, adding some fuel so he'd have something to cook on later.

"First I'll show you how to summon your Biju in human form. It gives them freedom to move about while still being tied to you, though that won't really matter because Hachibi and Kyubi don't want to hurt us or most other people."

"What do you mean by most other people?" Naruto asked.

"There are people out there that deserve death and death at the claws of a Biju can be very painful. Most Biju want to protect our world from people that wish it and us harm.

"For you, because Kyubi is a beast of fire, a simple tiger sign and imagining the Kyubi outside your body should have the affect we're looking for."

Kuroiryu demonstrated by flashing a dragon hand sign. Hachibi appeared in a puff of smoke in his human form.

"Try it" Kuroiryu said.

Naruto concentrated for a moment and a small fox appeared, nine tails waving behind it.

"This is the best you can do," said the fox with a distinctly female voice.

"I don't know what you'd look like as a human" Naruto whined.

In a puff of smoke, the Kitsune became a woman. She looked quite a bit like Naruto's Sexy Jutsu form with clothes and fox red hair pulled back in a single pony tail.

"Try something like this" Kyubi said before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Try again" Kuroiryu said.

Again, Naruto concentrated for a moment. This time Kyubi appeared in her human form.

"He's a fast learner when he knows what he's doing," Kyubi said throwing her arm around her Jinchuriki's shoulders.

"That's good to know" Kuroiryu said.

"Shall we show him the Demon Cloak now?" Hachibi asked.

"Or we can have breakfast, you can do some catching up with Kyubi-sama and then we can show Naruto the Demon Cloak."

"Yeah! Breakfast!" Naruto shouted.

"Would you mind going and getting some ramen?" Kuroiryu asked looking at Hachibi.

"Send a summon" Hachibi said. "The small ones are around for those kinds of menial tasks."

Kuroiryu sighed. Hachibi lived to be a pain in his butt some days.

Not in the mood to argue with the Biju, Kuroiryu ran through the hand signs for his basic summoning jutsu and poured a small amount of chakra into the jutsu. A small red dragon appeared.

"Hey, Boss. How's it going?" The dragon was addressing Hachibi who stood by Kuroiryu.

"It's going" Hachibi said as Naruto gawked at the small dragon that had appeared. "Kuroi-san needs you to go to the Leaf Village and pick something up."

"I'm your dragon for the job," the dragon said. It sat back on its haunches and saluted the two.

"I need you to go pick up some instant ramen. Tell the owner of which ever shop you get the ramen from to put it on Kuroryu's tab. I'll pay the bill when I return to Konoha in a week or so."

"As you wish Boss," the dragon said before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"What was that?" Naruto demanded.

"Tsumeaka, is his name, I believe," Hachibi said. "He's one of the many dragons under my command. I'm to the dragons like Gamabunta is to your toads, though none are my children."

"You mean you're a summon?" Naruto asked clearly perplexed.

"Me? Sort of" Hachibi said. "I was a contracted dragon when I was born but I've gained a lot of power in my long life and each of my tails proves it. I am no longer a simple contract dragon. I am the king of the dragons and a Biju whose power is only bested by the Kyubi."

"Did Kyubi start off as a summon too?"

"Yes, kit" Kyubi said.

They were saved from further questions by the return of Tsumeaka with a bag filled to bursting with instant ramen.

"Thank you!" Naruto shouted as he took the bag from the dragon and dashed over to fire. He set about making his instant ramen.

"You may go" Hachibi said. "And thank you for doing this."

"No task is to small," Tsumeaka said. The red dragon bowed to Hachibi and Kuroiryu before disappearing once more.

"The Demon Cloak, when used properly, will always be your best offensive," Kuroiryu said as he faced his student. "It protects you from damage, it gives you more power, access to more of your Biju's power.

"You have to be careful how much power you use though," Kuroiryu cautioned. "Even the most well meaning Biju can take control if its Jinchuriki is mad which effects the Biju. Never attack in anger. Attack to protect."

"I think I get it" Naruto said. "So what does this Demon Cloak look like?"

"The Cloak takes on the form of the Biju and is the color of the Biju's chakra."

Kuroiryu concentrated on Hachibi's chakra. He felt the power flow through his system and overflow. Black chakra flowed around Kuroryu and solidified into the shape of a dragon three tails waved behind him.

"I though Hachibi had eight tails" Naruto said.

"The Demon Cloak can have any where from no tails, just the basic shape of the Biju, to the number of tails the Biju has. My cloak can have up to eight tails though I've only needed to use four in a battle to date. Your cloak will max out at nine, if you ever encounter a battle that requires that much power."

"Cool!" Naruto shouted.

Kuroiryu released his cloak. "You'll automatically call on your cloak when you need it. I'd advise you to not summon you cloak for the fun of it. I don't think the villagers would take to kindly to it."

Naruto nodded, his serious look showing he understood very well.

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