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He felt the darkness consume him. He fitted the seven items into the stone tablet, he was going to gain unmeasurable power now... He would destroy the pharaoh! This was going ot be the day of his revenge!! After all the time he spent trying, scheming, losing it all... he was the most dangerous opponent in a game, and he was about ot win.

His body was disappearing, being eaten by the darkness. He closed his eyes, giving himself up to it. If this was the price the thief king had to pay for his revenge, he would gladly pay it.

When he opened his eyes, he was in a black void, floating. There was nothing all around him except darkness.

'What am I doing here? Where is this place? What is this place?"

'The land of darkness... the realm of shadows whee all evil souls are exiled. Where they all go after they pay the price for their heinous sins.'

Akefia looked around to find the origin of the voice, and when he found no one, nothing, he relaxed slightly.

It was then a pair of red eyes decided to open in front of him, wider than him, taller, too. They were red mirrors, staring at him but giving the impression of him staring at himself.

'What do you mean?' Akefia said, slightly annoyed and worried at the same time.

'You life was given to defeat the pharaoh, and Hasan. You gave your life in an exchange to carry out your pointless revenge, and now you are trapped here for all eternity. You get no power, you only sacrifice yourself to the never ending darkness of this cold, ruthless hell.'

'What!? It was a worthless exchange!? The stone tablet... the inscriptions... they never said anything like that! The never said--'

'They said that the one who fit the seven items in the slab would release the darkness, and plunge the world into it. You knew this, mortal, and yet you went ahead and made the exchange. Your worthless life in exchange for an eternal darkness. And it served me and my purposes quite well, I might add!! Mha ha ha ha ha ha!!'

'You! Let me out! Now! I'll take the pharaoh down on my own!!'

'Foolish, pitiful mortal. You were a great toy, a great pawn, servant, I will commend you on that! Be proud of yourself! You were the king of thieves when you were in your own world! And you were my most valuable, important pawn! Carry that title with pride, mortal!'

The eyes closed, the red mirrors disappeared, and left Akefia so livid that if he hadn't taken a few breath's before he spoke he would have busted and artery or something.

'That... that... Urgh, I'm such an idiot!'

But it was a little bet too late to be thinking about that now. The thief king had to find a way to get out, or, at least, make sure the pharaoh beat this evil god. Only so he could defeat Atem himself when the time was right. He had sealed part of his soul into the ring, and that was still in Kul Elna, somewhere in the abandoned, massacred village.

He searched for the thread, the small string of life connecting himself to the ring. He found it after a minute or two of searching, and, slowly, carefully, so as not to accidently break it, travel along it, pulling himself through the darkness.

After what seemed like forever, he saw the ring, glowing gold in the darkness.

He grabbed it, gripped it tightly, feeling himself being jerked from the darkness and then opening his eyes to a house in Kul Elna.

He tried to stand, and found that he could, but when he tried to walk out of the house, he found that he couldn't get more that six feet from the ring. Damn. He was stuck until someone decided to pick up the golden object.

'Damn Pharaoh. You had better win. You hear?'

He was unaware that the pharaoh had heard that sentence, and was mystified at it, especially since it sounded like Bakura.

It took... forever... or what seemed like forever, anyway, before the pharaoh himself came and picked up the ring. Perfect.

'Good... he won...' He just needed a host. That was all.

He waited passively for thousands of years before he found one. The perfect one, it so happened.

A little albino boy, named

Ryou Bakura.


Oooohhhh, will this little oneshot develop into an actual story? Maybe a BakuraRyou one...

Wait and find out.