Chuck and Sarah vs Therapy

A/N: As I thought about how Chuck and Sarah's life might turn out within the context of this story, it occurred to me that Sarah would always be protecting the innocent. So this ending to Chuck and Sarah vs Therapy is set about four years from the last chapter.

I loved writing it and will miss this Chuck and Sarah.

Chuck and Sarah vs Therapy


Detective Luisi

I don't know how I knew when I got the call but somehow I did. Then, when I was told to go to the Bank of America near Burbank and to go alone, I knew exactly what I would find once I got there.

Sure enough, walking through the front doors, it took me all of two seconds to spot the mysterious blonde that I had seen five times now over the last four years.

"Detective Luisi," she said smiling at me. "Could you tell your colleagues here to lay off the heavy handed tactics?"

I looked at the two officers and motioned for them to move away. "What happened…this time, lady?"

"Lieutenant, you know my name is Sarah."

"Do I?"

"I'm hurt by your skepticism."

I look over at the four men tied up in the middle of the bank lobby. "Got tired of beating up just one bad guy huh, so you took on four heavily armed bad guys."

The first time I met Sarah she had just run down a carjacker with her husband's brand new mustang causing some real damage to the car. Apparently what prompted the woman to give chase was the fact that the owner's two year old was still in the back of the car. By several eyewitness accounts, she then preceded to beat the crap out of the man before knocking him unconscious. Something she denied and then mysteriously the entire group of eyewitnesses seemed to loose their memory of the entire event.

"I suppose you had nothing to do with this," I said pointing to the lump of men lying on the floor.

"I did not."

"Who are you really?" I see she is not going to answer my question.

"Look, I have seen you five times and each time you are a hero. Why not just admit it. I don't understand why you go through all this cloak and dagger routine.

And that's when it hit me. As I look at her, I see the faintest hint of a smile on her

face. I finally understand.

"Are you retired?" I ask.

"Oh no, I own a very thriving business." She smiles sweetly at me.

"I'll never get a straight answer from you will I?"

"Why Lieutenant, I don't know what you mean."

"You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to hold you here until he shows up. I always enjoy the lecture you get from him. What's his name again? Chuck isn't it?"

"Lieutenant, let me ask you something. Suppose you're at a bank and you see four men that you know are going to rob the place. You look over at the security guard who is probably a year away from retirement. And suppose that you can tell from prior training; let's say just for the stories sake, that these four men are mercenaries. You know if the old guard draws his gun, he's a dead man. What would you do if you knew you stood a good chance of stopping it before someone got killed?"

What can I say? "Look, Sarah. I don't blame you for doing this. But I have to go back and file a report. Do you know the crap I get from the guys after each one of these I have had to file? You know what they call you…Wanda Woman. I hear that crack once a day. And now this," I look at four large guy's lying on the floor. My report will say a one hundred and thirty pound woman took out all four by herself." It will be Wanda Woman to the rescue.

I look at her and can see she feels sorry for me but not enough to come down to precinct with me.

"Lieutenant, do yourself a favor, by tomorrow no one here will admit that I was ever here. Just file it as an unknown person. Make him a great big guy," she says knowingly. "All your buddies will believe that and everyone is happy."

She glanced at the front door. "So why don't you be a dear and let me go. You know what will happen if you push this too far?"

I remember the visit two government types paid me the first time I tried to find out who this woman was…I know she's right.

Just when I was ready to give in I see the guy she is trying to avoid walk through the doors.

"Sarah," he said and then saw her and rushed up to the two of us. "What have you done this time?"

"Chuck, let's talk about it later. Detective Luisi was just going to let me go. Weren't you Lieutenant?"

"Oh I don't know. I would kind of like to see what Chuck has to say about all of this."

"Come on Chuck. Lieutenant, maybe we will never see each other again."

"I live in hope, Sarah." I smile as I watch her and her husband walk toward the door and I hear her say.

"Honestly, it wasn't that dangerous. I had the element of surprise. You know I couldn't let anyone get killed." She looked up to Chuck to gage his temperature and then added. "Besides, this time I didn't wreck the mustang." She smiled at him hoping her joke would sooth his fears.

I honestly hope that this is the last time I ever see her but I really doubt it. In a town the size of LA there is always something going on. I feel sorry for the poor lout that does anything wrong around this beautiful blonde name Sarah.

A/N: You can take Sarah out of the CIA but you can't take the CIA out of Sarah.