"Wait a second, Cronus is doing what

"Wait a second, Cronus is doing what?" Atlanta's disbelieving voice rose above the muttering from the six heroes' and the Gods.

Hera calmly looked up from where she had been speaking to Jay, "Thank you for coming Atlanta," she said coolly, "We didn't think you'd make it," Theresa, who was standing next to Jay, gave a small smile at her best girl friend. The fiery red head stomped over to Archie after glaring at Hera, the Goddess of Olympia. Archie glanced down at Atlanta, who was his best friend and his secret crush.

"Come on, you've never been late for an urgent meeting before. Hera was just worried," he murmured.

Ya, ya. So what's going on? The only thing I heard was that Cronus was attacking innocent people for no apparent reason," Atlanta looked around as if Cronus would pop up in front of her any second.

"As you heard, Cronus has been attacking people for no reason. The thing is he doesn't seem to want to hurt them too much. Just knocks them out and then he leaves them there," Jay, the leader, explained to the group of teenagers in front of him.

"That's just plain weird, even for Cronus," Archie said thoughtfully.

"It might be weird for us but there probably is a serious reason that Cronus is going around knocking people out but leaving them there," Theresa spoke out. Jay nodded at her and she smiled at the brown haired, chocolate eyed leader.

"The thing is," Hera told them, "is that all his victims have been girls around your age. Most of Cronus' attacks have been mainly in Ontario."

"So our job is to go and find out what he's doing than beat him up, right?" Herry cracked his knuckles with a grin, "I need to hit something, we haven't had any action for weeks."

Yes, that's your job, you'll start now. We have to find out what Cronus is up to and make sure he doesn't attack anyone else," Artemis, who was standing next to Hera nodded her head.

What!" Neil's voice rose, "but I have a session at the spa today. My hair needs to get highlighted."

"Oh come on, your hair looks fine," Archie snapped.

"Well… I guess it looks great already," Neil pulled out his mirror and flattened a fly away hair.

"Yes, Neil looks wonderful already, just like me," Aphrodite, Neil's mentor's high voice floated over as she walked over the marble floor.

"Anyway, Theresa's voice rose above Aphrodite's and Neil's, "we'll go right away. Do you think you could set up a portal for us, or something, so we can get there faster?"

"Right away. You'll be going to Toronto. Good luck," Hera nodded at them before stepping back.

"This is Toronto?" Herry exclaimed, "Wow, it's disgusting."

"Ya, but there's great shops here," Theresa grinned.

"Not exactly here. We're not in Toronto; we're just outside of Toronto. I don't think Cronus is going to attack someone in the middle of a big city," Archie said.

"We're here to find Cronus, remember?" Jay sounded annoyed, "not to go shopping."

"Yes Mr. Bossy," Atlanta muttered as she gave a quick glance around the park they were in. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at all the garbage lying around. Jay ignored her as he too looked around.

"How about we split up?" he suggested, "Archie, Atlanta, and Neil, you can go to that section of forest while Herry, Odie, Theresa and I go over there," he said indicating at a piece of overgrown land, "Ok, we'll meet here if we don't find anything in," Jay glanced at his watch, "one hour."

"Okay, let's go," Archie and his group headed off. Jay silently went off with Theresa, and Herry and Odie hurried after them.

"So, what are we going to do when we find Cronus," Theresa asked Jay.

"We'll see, he'll probably have his giants since Hera and the other gods didn't say anything about some crazy Greek animal he set loose," Jay replied as he looked down at the pretty ginger haired girl.

"Which means we just beat them up," Herry said as he came up behind them.

"Right," Odie said worriedly, "what exactly am I doing?"

"You need to find out what Cronus is up to while we're fighting; you have your lap top right?" Jay asked.

"Yep, and a scanner so I can scan Cronus and his minions to see if they have any clues on them," Odie told him as he checked on his laptop in the leather bag he had slung across his shoulder. The group of teenagers walked on in compatible silence until a yell broke through the silence.

"Help!" After a pause Jay reacted.

"Come on!" Jay waved his hand in the air to tell his friends to hurry up.

"Who was that?" Theresa jogged beside Jay.

"By the sound of it a girl, and I hope she's OK," Jay replied, his eyes directed at a huge thorn bush in front of them.

"Great, now we have to go around it," Theresa complained.

"Here, let me help," Herry stepped forward and pushed the branches aside, "Piece of cake."

"Thanks," Odie said to his friend as he passed. Herry almost collided with Jay and Theresa as they stopped in a clearing with surprise. Infront of them was a girl with wild brown hair trying to escape from the grip of Argon, Cronus' giant.

"Let go of me you oversized piece of garbage," the girl struggled to get out of the grip from the giant but only managed to get squished even tighter. She gasped for breath as her desperate struggles slowly came to a stop. Without a word Theresa, Jay, and Herry ran forward. Herry gripped the bottom of the giant's leg and lifted the giant up, slamming him down into the field. Theresa gripped her nun chucks and wacked the giant across the head as Jay caught the girl as she fell out of Argon's grip.

"Are you OK?" Jay asked her as she steadied herself to stand. Theresa hurried over but stopped before getting any closer.

"Jay!" she yelled, her eyes wide with fear, "watch out!" Jay spun around to the spot where Theresa had been looking at and he gripped his sword tighter as he spotted Cronus walking towards him.

"You've found her as well I see. I was hoping I'd find her first but I guess that I'm not surprised that you're here, Jay," the god of time stepped forward with an evil grin on his face, "well; let's see how this turns out. As I want that girl next to you and I'm not going to take no as an answer."

"Why do you want her Cronus?" Jay asked as he took a step back, pulling out his sword.

Now, now. It's nothing to you as long as you don't know about it, Jay," Cronus glared impatiently at his enemy.

"I'll be fine," Jay started in surprise as he heard the soft whisper in his ear. The girl paused for a moment and then ran towards a thick forest of bushes. Cronus leaped towards her and through a fire ball at her but she ducked and kept on running. Before Cronus could do anything else Jay leaped infront of him and clashed his sword against Cronus' scythes. Theresa also jumped forward but was stopped has another giant stepped out infront of her.

"I hate these giants," she muttered to herself as she leaped back wards as a club banged onto the ground right where she had stood a moment ago. With one glance around her Theresa new that they were losing, Herry was throwing a giant but another one was stomping over. Next to him was Jay struggling to throw Cronus back as he swung his sword. Odie was holding his PMR and was trying to reach Archie, Neil, and Atlanta. At that moment Archie and Atlanta ran in. Atlanta hurried over and hit the giant that was trying to grab Herry in the head with her jaw-trap steel bolas while Archie ran to Cronus while Neil staggered into the clearing complaining about his hair. Cronus gave one look at the heroes infront of him and started backing up when all of a sudden he got thrown forward. Behind him stood the brown haired girl with her fist still forward.

"Just tell me if you need any help, I'll be glad to assist you," she said with a grin at Jay.

"You might have gotten away without a scratch this time Jay," Cronus snarled, "but you're just too lucky for your own good," the God of Time waved his hand and a portal opened infront of him as he vanished into it along with his giants. The heroes didn't care though. They crowded around the girl that stood infront of them excitedly. Questions were thrown out until Jay put up his hand and they all fell silent.

"How about we sit down," he suggested.

"Good idea," Theresa flopped down on the ground beside Jay. The girl sat on the other side of Jay while the rest of them sat in a circle. Before Jay could speak a disbelieving voice cut across.

"Sonia?" Atlanta gasped.

Atlanta, oh my god, I didn't think I'd every see you again," the girl jumped up in surprise and rapped her arms in a hug around Atlanta's shoulders.

"Neither did I. After that camp I never thought we'd see each other again. Atlanta held Sonia out at arms length, "you're looking great."

"Thanks, so are you. You haven't changed much in these years," Sonia grinned.

"Nope, still wild, untamed me," Atlanta smiled back.

"Looks like you two know each other," Neil said as he flipped out his mirror.

"So… anyone want to explain?" Jay asked.

"Right, everyone this is Sonia," Atlanta explained, "she and I met at a camp in northern Ontario when we were fourteen. We were really close friends but she lived near Toronto and I lived in the Northwest Territories. After I moved to New Olympia we…"

"Completely lost contact," Sonia finished as she sat down cross legged.

"Right," Jay looked at Sonia properly for the first time. She had brown, wavy, hair that went down to the middle of her back with hazel eyes. She had slightly tanned skin with rosy cheeks and her eyes sparkled as she smiled at Atlanta.

"What did that crazy guy mean by that he wanted me? He's not some crazy gut who wants to, you know, rape me or anything? Because he looked like he wanted to kidnap me for something I had done, or was going to do."

"That's it!" Jay looked up with excitement.

"What's it?" Theresa asked with a puzzled expression.

"Cronus wanted to get Sonia because of something that she's going to do," Jay sounded thoughtful.

"One problem Jay, we don't know what Sonia was going to do," Odie pointed out.

"Well, I don't think I'm that dangerous," Sonia paused for a moment, as understanding crossed her face, "but a few days ago I was in Toronto and there was this sickly yellow, bald, beggar with sunglasses on and he grabbed me when I was passing by him," the seven teenagers looked up curiously as Sonia spoke up, "and he did something weird when he pulled his glasses off, his eyes were this swirl of blue. He told me that there were Seven Heroes who were standing in the way of a man after revenge and power but that they needed another to save more then just their lives."

"The oracle," Theresa whispered.

"The what?" Sonia asked.

"The oracle, he finds prophecies. He knew about us and know he knows about another," Jay said wistfully.

"Right, how about we talk to the gods about this?" Odie asked.

"Yes, we're going back," Jay spoke into his PMR, "Hermes, we need a lift."

"Right away, I'll be there in a nano second," Hermes voice crackled back.

"Hermes? Why are you talking about gods, and prophecies, and all this. And I'm not going back with you," Sonia sounded confused and annoyed.

"Look," Atlanta said before anyone else could, "we'll explain everything when we get to our destination but everything is going to be fine."

"Ah! Everything is going to be fine, ya right. My parents are going to flip and I don't have a good explanation for why I'm running off with seven other kids my age."

"We'll take care of that when we get to New Olympia, you'll be fine. Things might be really weird but you'll know everything by tomorrow," Jay told her.

"Okay, that's it. I'm either losing it or you guys are playing a trick on me. The Gods are not real, they do not live here, and you guys are not hero's to go against an immortal time god named Cronus," Sonia angrily told them.

"Look, I know this sounds crazy but it's true. We wouldn't joke about this," Jay explained. Sonia looked up into his eyes and she relaxed under his warm gaze.

"You'll have to show me these gods then or else I'm not believing and not going anywhere," Sonia's stubborn impression impressed Jay and made him grin while Theresa scowled with annoyance. This girl was really annoying.

"Ok, she doesn't believe us, what the hell. We can just send her back and forget about this," Theresa said.

"No, Sonia heard that prophecy with another bit added to it from the Oracle. We have to tell Hera," Jay responded.

"Why don't we just bring her to the gods?" Archie asked as he leaned against the counter in the kitchen of the Brownstone.

"Should we?" Jay asked the rest of them.

"Well, since we already told her about everything else we might as well," Neil said dryly as he again flipped open is golden mirror to check is complexion and teeth.

"Fine, we can go now," Jay said.

"Wow! That's even freakier then that pendant that opens the door," Sonia exclaimed as the blue portal emerged infront of the eight teenagers after Archie had pulled the light switch.

"It's the way in, on the other side is the god's secret hideout," Atlanta explained while Theresa stood near the back, glaring at Sonia's back.

"It's really weird but I think I'm starting to believe you."

"Ya, because it's real," Theresa sounded exasperated. The team silently stepped forward into the blue swirl of colour and emerged on the other side into a marble hall.

"Oh my god!" Sonia gaped at her surroundings as a tall, slim, grey haired woman in a white tunic emerged.

"Welcome Sonia, I see that the seven heroes have brought you here unharmed, as I expected," Hera's soft yet strong voice rang through the hall.

"How do you know my name and who are you?"

"My name is Hera and it doesn't matter at the time that I know your name," Hera told Sonia, "come on in," Hera turned to Jay, "Jay, Sonia and I shall be speaking in private for awhile," she said indicating the girl infront of her, "you can wait until we're done."

"Okay, but what does all this have to do with us. It sounds like something serious is happening. Is it bad?" Jay's worried eyes looked at his mentors face.

"It's not bad, in a way. More good then bad actually. We'll explain everything after Sonia and I have talked," Hera's stern face relaxed slightly before she motioned for Sonia to follow her.

"Where are we going?" Sonia's face looked tense as she watched Hera.

"Everything is fine, Hera is going to explain," Atlanta reassured her.


"When are they coming out? This has been taking ages," Herry complained as he sat next to Odie. Just then Hera and Sonia walked in with the rest of the gods, including Apollo and Athena and all the others. Sonia's face was pale but her eyes shone with excitement yet discomfort.

"Is everything OK?" Jay leaped up and helped Sonia sit down on the sofa next to him.

"Everything is fine Jay. I'd just like to introduce to you your new team member,"

Hera's calm voice was overthrown by the surprised muttering from the seven teenagers.

"I thought there were only seven of us though; you never said anything about an eighth?" Jay got over is initial surprise as his face contracted with curiosity.

"As you heard, the Oracle didn't reveal the whole Prophecy to Cronus or you seven, only to me did he say that another would join later to save not just your lives," Hera explained slowly.

"So, we are all a descendant of a god or hero, who is she a descendant of?" Jay asked curiously.

"Sonia is a descendant of Persephone and Hades," Hera looked at Jay as she said this while Sonia looked at her knees.

Wait, she's a descendant of you?" the shock in Theresa's voice couldn't be hidden as she looked at her blond mentor.

"Aren't we all a descendant of only one hero or god?" Jay asked.

"Yes, but all of you have the blood of others in you but whoever you are the descendant of means that there blood shows up in you more then others. Sonia is a descendant of both Persephone and Hades because both there traits show up in her equally. For example," Hera explained, "Sonia reacts well to nature, as Persephone and her mother both have connections with nature and earth. Some of Sonia's traits are physical; another example is that she becomes pale in the winter because winter is thought of as the season of the dead. As Hades is the god of the underworld Sonia is more sensitive to the dead and certain other emotions," Hera finished explaining.

"Wouldn't Persephone be her mentor then?" Herry asked with a confused voice. Theresa looked up worried, as Persephone was her mentor.

"Athena will teach Sonia her fighting skills but Persephone will teach Sonia other skills," Sonia glanced up and smiled at the dark, purple haired, muscular goddess infront of her. Athena was mainly the goddess of War but also of Wisdom.

"Does she have any special powers?" Archie asked curiously.

"She shall find them, with the help of Persephone," Hera looked at the Goddess of the Underworld and then at Theresa as she said this. Theresa narrowed her emerald eyes curiously. Did she mean with special powers that she could do what Theresa could with her mind?

"For now, Sonia will be training with you, going to school, and going on missions alongside all of you. This meeting is dismissed, if you have any other questions please ask me tomorrow," Hera pressed her hand against he forehead before glancing at the teenagers she then got up and the other gods followed her, leaving the teenagers alone.

"So…welcome to the team," Jay told Sonia. The brown haired girl gave a weak smile.

"Ya, so much for my comfortable life with school and boyfriends being the most exciting things happening to me."

"You can say that again," Archie said with a grin. Sonia met his smile and her eyes sparkled with laughter. A yawn split her mouth apart as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Why don't we go back?" Atlanta said as she stood up, "I think we're all exhausted.

"Sure," Jay agreed as he leaped up and helped Sonia get up, letting the tired girl lean on him for a second, Theresa pointedly turned her back. Sonia noticed this and quickly stood up before walking away. Odie watched this and realized that if fighting would start this soon they had a lot of work ahead of them.

As the group of teenagers were about to leave through the portal they were stopped by a soft voice. Persephone glided out, her blond hair swinging gently.

"Wait, Sonia, Theresa. I want you to meet me tomorrow in my Solarium. We have to start training right away."

"Okay," Theresa agreed and Sonia gave a small nod.

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