For oddsbobs who wanted an exhausted Cain or Glitch and a massage. Hope you like! Characters aren't mine - as we all know by now. Enjoy!

"Cain!" Glitch exclaimed, jumping up from his desk in the corner of their suite. "My, you look terrible!"

The tin man simply grunted in reply, his eyes sparing a longing look on their king sized bed, which Glitch was sure looked heaven sent in the state his lover was in.

"Let me draw you a bath?" The head-case offered, both because it would certainly help Cain and because the man was covered in dirt.

To Cain, that seemed like a greater idea that sleeping had been, now that it had been mentioned. "All right." He acquiesced, allowing Glitch to guide him into the large bathroom attached to their suite.

Glitch left the drowsy man standing by the wall while he knelt beside the tub and fiddled with the taps until the water was perfect. He added some of the vanilla scented bath oils DG had had brought over from the other side, and went to retrieve the other man.

Cain had not moved from where Glitch had left him, made mo move to undress, either, so the head-case took it upon himself to tug at random bits of cloth and leather until Wyatt was stripped naked.

"Come on. Into the tub with you." He prodded, urging the man toward the water, lest he fall asleep standing up.

"Ahhhh…" Came the deep exhale as the exhausted tin man eased into the steamy water.

Glitch smiled, kneeling on the floor behind Cain's head. "Long day?" He inquired, his hands falling to rest on Cain's shoulders as they began kneading the tension from the sore muscles.

"You have no idea how good that feels, sweetheart." Cain answered, practically purring in contentment. He sighed and leaned forward to allow for better access. "And, yeah, long day is an understatement. We had three Long-Coat resistance troops attack Central City."

"Oh, dear. That's horrible." His hands wandered between scalp, neck, shoulders and back, all of which were tense with the stress of the day's events.

Cain tilted his head back to look at his lover. "Thanks for this. It's nice." He raised an arm to pull Glitch down for a quick kiss.

"Anytime, Cain." Seeing the man getting closer and closer to falling asleep in the tub, Glitch decided it was time to get him to move again. Cain was not going to get any cleaner and he was plenty relaxed, anyway. "You wanna get to sleep now? You wanna get to sleep now?"

Ignoring the misfiring synapse, Cain nodded, accepting the hand glitch offered and climbed out of the tub a little less gracefully than usual. "You coming to bed, too?"

It was still fairly early in the evening, but it wasn't like there was much competing with curling up beside Cain in bed. So, Glitch nodded in agreement, going to fetch his tin man some clothes while Cain dried himself off.

"Night, love." Cain whispered several moments later, his arms coiling around the other's wiry frame the second the fell into bed and climbed beneath the blankets. He was asleep seconds later.

It was moments like this that would keep Glitch from forgetting.