The Duet: An Edward and Bella Story

Chapter 1: Sing-a-Longs Are So Much Fun

High school is a single girl's hell. There's the dances, and the dating, and the drama, and the dickweeds. The four killer D's. But, what is the worst thing for a single, sophomore girl to have to do? Be on fashion duty. Our school actually has a fashion police, (because our school is made up of rich bastards), who post the dress regulations three months before a dance, then act as bouncers for girls or guys who don't meet the quota. All in all, not a great way to spend you time. But you do get to kick out the snobs who try to get in wearing hooker wear.

Very satisfying.

But I was on duty for the Valentine's Day Dance, so I was seriously regretting being the cop. Why? Because an idol was performing at our school. The great Edward Cullen, with his messy bronze hair, emerald eyes, and gentlemen's demeanor. He's someone who motivates a girl to deal with all the bastards in high school. Oh, how I wish I could be one of those girls, dressed to perfection, screaming his name over and over while he sings his national best seller "Love You Till Dawn"…but instead, I was stationed outside the dancing gym (specifically designed for this purpose), tapping my pen absentmindedly against the clipboard I was holding. Flyleaf was also playing tonight, after Edward, of course. I could hear the beginning chords of "All Around Me" float through the closed door and around my head. The wind blows across the path, and clouds block out the full moon. I hugged my brown leather coat closer around me and tucked my legs underneath me as the cold permeates the air. My favorite song starts to play and I sing the first few lines of "The Trouble With Love Is" by Kelly Clarkson.

"Love can be a many splendid things,

Can't deny the joy it brings,

Dozen roses, Diamond rings,

Dreams for sale and fairy tales."

A voice, a lovely deep voice continues,

"It'll make you hear a symphony

And you'll just want the world to see

But like a drug that makes you blind

It'll fool you every time."

I opened my eyes and saw a figure standing a little ways down the path, the path that led to the dancing building. I couldn't see his face. The moon was still covered, and the only lights came from the building behind me. But the stranger's voice was the most magnificent thing I'd ever heard, I carefully stood up and asked the figure a stupid yet necessary question.

"Who are you?"

The stranger smiled, and I saw the his/her teeth were pearly white.

"Someone close by."

Then the figure turned around and disappeared into the forests that lined either side of the path. Spellbound, I watched him leave without protest. Little did I know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

The next morning, I walked to my first class in a daze, thinking about that gifted singer. Did he go to our school? (I knew it was a guy by his voice) Did he work here as an intern or something? He did say that he was close by… and his voice sounded vaguely familiar. Oh my gosh! What if he was someone I knew?! I formed a mental list of all the boys I knew. Mike Newton (spit)? No. Tyler Crowley? Uh huh. Eric? No way. That guy sounds worse then a drowned cat. Maybe he didn't go to my school. What if I knew him from a different place? I thought of all the guys who worked at my favorite restaurant, practically the only place I went to besides the library. Jacob, Quil, Embry, Sam, and Seth all served coffee and other drinks at the Coffee Monster. We always hung out together. Could they be my singing god?

No, I thought dejectedly. I noticed I was at my first class' door, and reached for the knob, when a hand tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a gorgeous girl with long blonde hair, topaz eyes, full lips, and a petite nose wearing black capris that showed off her long legs, green and blue striped dress that hung just below her hips, black stilettos, and a white handbag with a braided cord strap. I was sure my mouth was hanging open as she looked me over.

"Hmm." She mused, deep in thought. "Not much considering he gave up Tanya for you." I was stunned, but for a totally different reason.

"Who the hell do you—"

"Yo Rosalie!!" a booming voice boomed across the hallway. The rude girl, who was apparently named Rosalie, turned around and lifted her hand in greeting. I saw a huge guy with the biggest muscles EVER jog down the hallway and join us. He had curly black hair, big muscles, an infectious smile, and sparkling topaz eyes, like Rosalie. The guy wore ripped jeans, a white button down shirt (which looked about the burst open), black tennis shoes, and a shell necklace. He gave the impression as a ripped surfer. I guessed he worked out a lot too, because of the muscles. Either that or he took steroids.

The guy put his arm around Rosalie's small waist, and they shared a long kiss (longer than necessary, in my opinion) before he turned his attention to me.

"Who's this Rose?" he asked.

I stuck out my hand before the blonde could reply and said, "Hi. I'm Bella. Please to meet you." His smile grew wider as he shook my hand.

"Hey there! I'm Emmett! Your name's Bella? Have you ever seen a guy—"

Suddenly he stopped talking. Rose had shoved her elbow into his stomach. Then she grabbed Emmett's ear and hissed, "Shut up Emmett! Who the hell asked you to open your hole? I've got half a mind to not wear the red dress you SPECIFICALLY asked me to wear to dinner tonight. I always am thinking of…" Her voice drifted away as Rose dragged Emmett down the hall and around the corner. Just then, I realized that the hallway was empty. I jerked open the door, yelled "Sorry!" to the class, and scrambled to my seat, all the while the students around me laughing. Halfway to my seat, Jessica, the bitch, stuck out her foot, and I tripped. I saw the floor coming closer and closed my eyes…when two hands caught me.

I whipped my head around to find myself staring into two beautiful green eyes. The boy smirked as I continued to stare at him and try to form a complete sentence. He said, "You should really be more careful. I won't always be there to catch you." I was pissed at his arrogance, so I "Hmphed" and dragged myself the rest of the way to my seat. He chuckled, and Jessica glared at me. Like it was my fault I tripped. Great, I thought. I'd just ticked off the most popular and powerful girl in school. This was going to be a long day.

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