Chapter One:

Brennan stared around the concrete cellar that had become her room. The slate silk shantung bridesmaid dress was crumpled in the corner with one uncomfortable stiletto heel that Angela had made her purchase. It was all that remained of happier times which was six long months ago. She picked up her piece of chalk, wrote the date on the wall and the simple inscription, "I was alive." She sat back down on the cot and waited. Church bells were ringing in the distance as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep dreaming of happier times and hoping that he would find her soon.


Booth paced around the evidence locker and pulled out box that was marked "Dr. Temperance Brennan." He pulled out the one shoe, her car keys, and her purse. All he wanted was to be close to her again. He wanted to remember the happier times, he wanted to hear her make fun of him again . . . just anything. Booth picked up the small bracelet, it wasn't her style. The bracelet was sterling silver and was about an inch across. He rolled it around in his hands.

"It was her favorite you know." Angela's voice filled the locker.

"Yeah." He smiled.

"Looking at the evidence isn't going to bring her back Booth. We all think that it is time you let her go." Angela whispered softly.

"I'm not letting her go. I am going to find her." Booth shot back.

"Seeley . . ."

"Angela, no! I promised Max I would take care of her, I promised her I would never leave her. I'm not giving up on her." He argued, placing the evidence back in the box.

"Booth . . ."

"Angela, I am not going to let her be some forgotten person, a cold case. I am going to bring her some justice." He swore. "Why did you come here Angela?"

"Photographer brought Jack and me our wedding pictures." She handed him a picture frame. "Just thought you would want one of you and Brennan together. She looked beautiful."

He stared at the picture. "Yeah, she looked really beautiful." Booth stared at the picture. There was a reflection of someone in the glass. "Hey Angela do you know the person in the reflection?"

She looked at the picture. "No."

"This could be the person who took Bones. I'm going to need to look at the rest of your pictures. We may have finally caught a break in who took Bones." He led her out of the locker, grabbing the picture that was taken.


Six months ago:

Booth smiled at his partner. She was standing next to him, the happy couple had just taken off in their limo. Both had a little bit much to drink.

"Hodgins sure knows how to throw a party." Booth commented.

"Yeah." Brennan sighed. Booth took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. She looked deeply into his eyes. Booth leaned in and to his surprise she met him half way, their lips locked. Booth had imagined this moment for three years and he was going to commit her taste and scent to memory. "Booth?"

"Yeah Bones?"

"I want more." Brennan quietly confessed. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her closer to him.

"You have no clue how long I wanted to hear that." He whispered nipping at her ear.

"Booth," She pleaded his name. She had no clue how unbelievable sexy she sounded. Brennan grabbed Booth's hand and led him to the elevator. He shot a look at her. "Angela gave us all rooms here at the Hyatt that way we wouldn't have to drive back intoxicated. Stay with me."

"You sure?"


"Bones, there would be no going back." He confessed.

"I don't want to go back." She grabbed a fist full of his hair and kissed him hungrily. Consequences be damned. He wanted her and she wanted him, and that was all they needed for the moment.

The next morning a very hung over Booth woke up. He reached over for her and realized that she was gone. He cursed, halfway mad at her for leaving, halfway mad at himself for taking advantage of their drunk states. He got dressed, fumbling around to find his cell phone. Booth wasn't going to let her run away.

He walked down to the parking garage and saw Brennan's car still there. He canvassed the scene. A fight had taken place. Brennan's Mercedes car door was open, the blue silk bow had been ripped off her dress, and blood was all over the concrete.

He picked up his phone and called it in. "This is Special Agent Seeley Booth, I want to report a crime scene. My partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan had been kidnapped."

It was the longest wait of his life. The crime scene investigators collected all evidence from the scene. Her underwear had been pulled from her body, the bracelet he had given to her on the floor. The bridesmaid bouquet had been torn to bits. A message to him was written in lipstick on her windshield.


Booth stared at the sign, trying to figure out who would want to take her. He wrapped his brain around the idea of trying to connect her to any cases that they had. Maybe someone had taken her to keep her from discovering something. He wasn't currently working on any cases with her though.

Angela and Jack had came back from their honeymoon immediately when they had been contacted. Booth didn't want to do it, but he needed the best of the best on this case.

The forensic team ran the evidence, only finding evidence that it was Booth that had been with her, which he had to explain to his superiors. He hated that he had been even considered a suspect. He would have never hurt her, he loved her. Now all Booth wanted now was to see her again.

AN: New story, new idea. Based loosely on an idea from the show Cold Case. Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone with the time changes. Please read and review.