Psymon's eyes grew wide as he looked from Elise to Jack

Psymon's eyes grew wide as he looked from Elise to Jack. Jack stared at his father with the biggest grin ever as he watched his daddy make funny faces. Elise crossed her arms as she walked into his room, knowing full well he'd have questions.

Psymon managed to shut the door with his elbow as he still held little Jack out away from his body, but quickly walked over and set him on the bed—all the while being very quiet. Elise had sat down in one of the chairs that was nearby and watched. Psymon just stared at Jack as he sat down in the chair next to her. He looked at Elise, who was still beaming, and pointed to Jack and then himself. She nodded.

"How?" he finally said, still shocked. Elise laughed. "Gee did your parents never tell you?" she mocked. He glared at her. "You know what I mean!" Elise rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well, it was three years ago when you took advantage of me when I was drunk at the end of the world tour!"

"I didn't take advantage of you! I was being a gentleman and helping a fellow drunk boarder up the their room so they wouldn't cause damage to themselves or others!" protested Psymon. "Oh yeah right! A gentleman? Please! You took advantage of me! Admit it!" she yelled. "Oh please like you were innocent? YOU kissed ME!" They both sat, glaring at each other.

Finally after a few moments Psymon sat back in his chair and looked at Jack, who was watching them as he chewed on his fingers. "I know you didn't come up her just to bitch at me." He turned to her and looked into her eyes. "What is it you really came down here for?" She shifted in her chair and looked away from him.

"I thought you at least deserved to know you had a son. Besides, when he gets older he'll know who to blame for his weirdness." Psymon snorted. "Oh gee thanks. Let's hope he didn't get any of your bitchy attitude to go with my eccentricity. He'll have NO friends ever!" Elise shot a glance at him. "I have friends!" "Oh yeah—forgot about your only friend!"

Elise shot a terrible look at Psymon and without warning slapped him across the face. "How dare you speak to me like this!" she yelled, standing up. Psymon stood up as well and grabbed her arm at the elbow. "Not in front of him!" he mumbled through gritted teeth as he motioned towards Jack. Elise tried to break free, but was unwillingly pulled into the nearby bathroom and Psymon shut the door. Immediately Elise started to swing at him—she'd been waiting for three years and now was her opportunity! Psymon defended himself through most of the attacks, except for a few deep scratches to his neck, but eventually he grabbed both of Elise's arms and twirled her to where her back was against his chest and her arms crossed in the front.

"Calm down!" he yelled. She breathed heavily as she tried wriggling free. "Breathe and let's talk like normal people for one sec, ok?" he asked her as he looked over her shoulder to her fuming face. She took a deep breath and he let her go. She walked over to the tub and sat on the edge, staring at the tiled floor; Psymon sat on the toilet with the lid down, leaning on his knees just watching her.

A few minutes went by, but it seemed like a an hour of just awkward silence. Elise's breathing had went back to normal so Psymon thought it would be alright to break the silence.

"Can I ask a question?" Elise looked at him and slightly nodded. Psymon ran his hand across the top of his head and leaned back. "Why did you leave the circuit?" Elise rolled her eyes. "What part of you have a son don't you understand?" she asked, crossing her arms. "No I understand that, but why didn't you come back after you had him? I mean I know a few boarders that had kids but still came back every year."

Elise climbed into the tub and leaned her back against the tub wall, "Why? Did you miss me or something?" she snorted. "Yeah." Elise looked at Pysmon who was a bit shocked at his own answer. "We all missed you. Every year. It hasn't been the same without Elise Riggs—Blonde Bombshell with claws of steel! I mean even though you were a bitch, we all loved you."

Elise looked away, a bit confused. She never figured Psymon to be a passionate person and for him to say that he missed her, well that blew her head out of the water! "What other boarders do you know that had kids and came back?" Psymon laughed. "Kaori. She's had four kids since you've been gone, three boys and one girl so far and you'll never guess who she married!" Elise smiled a bit because she had always loved gossip. "Who?" Psymon leaned in, excitedly. "Mac!" Elise turned and faced Psymon with her whole body. "No way! Kaori and Mac?" "Yep. They tied the knot after their daughter was born." "Wow. I never knew they had feelings for each other, not that I would have cared anyway at the time, but wow."

She sat back and stared at Psymon. "You know, it took me three years to get back up here. I tried to convince myself to call you or write or something to let you know about Jack, but I just couldn't. At first I hated you with a murderous passion. You took away my whole life when I found out I was pregnant with Jack. I couldn't board anymore, couldn't surf anymore and I blamed it all on you—" She looked away and sighed. "But I had a lot of time to think and after Jack was born, my whole life changed again. I realized that snowboarding and surfing wasn't what I really wanted in life. Sure I was good at them, very good at them, but it wasn't what I had always wanted…" she said, tearing up. "I spent three years trying to figure out what I was going to say to you the next time I saw you and all I could think of saying—" she hesitated as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Was what?" asked Psymon, sitting on the edge of the toilet hanging on every word. Elise sniffed and wiped away the tears on her face. "All I could come up with was thankyou…" she said, hiding her face in the palms of her hands and sobbing. Psymon instinctively pulled some toilet paper off the roll and handed it to Elise who took it and blew her nose. He sat on the edge of the tub, staring down at the one person he'd never expected to see cry.

"Thankyou? For what?" he questioned, unsure as to what he did. She blew her nose again and grabbed Psymon's hand, squeezing it tightly in hers. "For everything, especially Jack. You turned my world upside-down and then managed to flip it back up again. Without you, I would have probably never have had a child and would have died alone and unaccomplished!" she said sobbing even harder.

Psymon sat there, bewildered. His brain was in hyper mode trying to figure out what to do or say. All he could think about doing was caressing her and telling her how much she had always meant to him and the state that she was in, made him realize how much he had always loved her because deep down inside, he knew that she wasn't a bitch. Without hesitation, Psymon climbed into the tub with Elise and sat down beside her, pulling her into his arms and caressing her tightly. He stroked her hair as she sobbed into his chest.

After a few minutes had gone by, Elise rested her head on Psymon's chest. She was done with her crying and was rather happy where she was at. "Psymon…I want to start over." He looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. "Start over?" "Yes. You, me and Jack. I want us to start over. I know we were never formally together or anything, but I'd—well like us to be." She admitted. "You do? Me and you, together forever type thing?" he asked, his heart skipping beats. "Yes. That together forever type of thing—but there's a catch." Psymon looked at her confused. "What catch?" Elise sat up and looked deviously at him. "I get to do to you what you did to me!" she said, beaming.

"You're going to get me pregnant?!" he joked. She shoved him, laughing. "No I get to take advantage of you—only neither of us will be drunk this time." Psymon looked at Elise in disbelief. "You want to have sex with me?!" "Well yeah! That's where we first started off at. It only seems fair to start over that way only with better circumstances!" she said as she got out of the tub and headed out of the bathroom.

Psymon scrambled to his feet and followed her out of the bathroom. "Where are you—" he began but was silently quieted by Elise who pointed to little Jack, fast asleep on the bed. "I'm calling my mom so she can take Jack back up to my room." She said, picking up the phone and dialing the number.

Once she was done talking, she turned to see Psymon sitting on the bed near Jack, rubbing his little belly. It was definitely a Kodak moment. "Well my mom should be here in a minute or two" she said, watching him. "So we're doing this now?" Elise smiled. "Yes. I have been wanting to do this for three years. We are doing this now."

Elise's mother finally showed up and knocked on the door, hoping her grandson's father would open the door, but Elise opened it up. "Thanks mom, for doing this." She said as she handed sleeping Jack over to her. He latched onto grandma's neck without even waking up. "Will I ever get to meet this mystery man?" questioned Elise's mother. "Yes of course mom, just not right now. We're doing a little mother—father bonding." She smiled. Her mothered sighed. "Fine fine, but tomorrow I better meet him or there will be hell" and with that said, she headed down the hall towards the elevator.