When you want something, something so true and pure, something that deep in your heart you know it's worth risking, then one must follow that path. But like any other path, there are obstacles, there are hardships, there will be sacrifices. One has to constantly question whether this path is worth traveling and how far along the path we must go... the choice is ours.

Think with your heart, intuition is greater than logic.

When you want something, go get it. Period.


Grand Betrayal

Chapter 6

"Fairy Vs Angel"

--Shinou's Temple--

Tonight is going to be the night that Yuuri's heart will crumble again…The Great Sage said

Are you sure it's okay to shock Yuuri with his former fiancée arrival, especially when he plans to get married after the meeting with allied nations Shinou said

Rigth now….. Yuuri's heart is glued to pieces by Kahel Wheatcroft…..I want to turn it into dust using Wolfram von Bielefeld…Yuuri's heart needs to be whole again in order for him to be the best he could be and the person who would really heal and make him whole is the person he would truly be happy with.

But Navon I think his doing fine with Kahel Shinou said countering Murata (Navon was his real name when he was still Daikenja)

Yuuri in my opinion hasn't forgotten Wolf and Kahel knowing this causes him to be very insecure and doubtful…and you know doubt causes tragedy…no matter how much you love someone once you feel doubt…all the happiness will disappear. Yuuri's heart should be torn to pieces in order for him to find eternal heaven. Murata said explaining gently

This will really put Yuuri's heart in a state of uncertainty…there is one great problem he must overcome; his heart is divided into to two…One belongs to Kahel Whetcroft while the other belongs to Wolfram von Bielefeld……How can he choose between his healer and his first love…This test of hearts will definitely be very hard!

Shinou even if Yuuri's heart is divided into two, in this world nothing is divided equally…the half the holds the bigger space will definitely win…

Shinou Heika! Daikenja!! Please hurry or you'll be late for the opening party of the nations!! Ulrike said worriedly

Ulrike do you really not want to come with us Murata asked

I'll be fine don' worry, I still need to take care of the preparations for the maou's wedding!! Ulrike said excitedly

Then will get going Shinou said kindly

This is going to be fun. The Fairy that healed Yuuri Versus Angel who betrayed Yuuri. Who'll win?

--Shin Makoku's Dining Hall --

Yuuri and Kahel were at the Balcony. Kahel was starting to get very irritated with his fiancée's wandering eyes.

Yuuri…..shall I! Pluck! out your eyes! Kahel said gently and lovingly

Why are you angry? What's bothering you again love…?

I am very bothered because my fiancée keeps on checking out everyone!! Kahel said sarcastically

El I am not cheating on you…I am merely a man who appreciates beauty and besides even if I am checking out everyone, you will only be the one I stare at! Cause in my eyes you're the most Beautiful!! After all you're my fiancée and my fairy! And besides I can't get rid of these habits of mine!! Yuuri said seductively. Yuuri's body quivered when he heard his daughter utter a name of a person he long to forget, Yuuri's body move automatically glancing to the entrance where he found his angel.

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through
And if my heart is lying then
What should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you, baby
Why else do I want you like I do
If I'm not in love with you

Wolf!! Greta shouted eagerly

Wolfram… Yuuri whispered hoarsely. The name he almost forgot. The named that turn his heart into turmoil, it was beating so fast!! Yuuri felt like the ground was breaking. Fire ran through out his body and the air all around him started to suck all the energy out of his body.

And if I don't need your touch
Why do I miss you so much
If it's just infatuation then
Why is my heart aching
To hold you forever
Give a part of me I thought I'd never
Give again to someone I could lose
If I'm not in love with you

Yuuri…are you okay.. Kahel asked worriedly

Kahel…I love you…Yuuri said gently

I love you too…Kahel said caressing his fiancée pale face.

Heika!! Please come with me there a lot of guest that you haven't greeted yet Gunter said enthusiastically

Excuse us then Love, I'll be with you in a minute Yuuri said faking a smile and hurrying towards Gunter.

Yuuri…why does your…I love you…seem more like a question than fact…I feel as if your going somewhere were I can no longer be with you…… Kahel whispered gently in the air. Kahel thoughts were interrupted by Greta rushing holding someone with her.

Kahel!! I want you to meet Wolfram von Bielefeld!! Papa Wolf this is Kahel Wheatcroft Greta said excitedly, forgetting facts like this two people were in love with the same person.

They were both shock by Greta's boldness, that all they could do was stay silent. It took them 3 seconds to compose themselves. Both of them thought that the other was very beautiful. Just how Yuuri liked it they both thought.

Hello I am pleased to meet acquaintances with maou's former fiancée!

Kahel said trying to sound nice.

Ah! You must be one Heika's Lover; I heard he had Harem of lovers, you know when I was still his fiancée I was the only one whom he slept and took baths with. Wolfram said proudly, trying to restrain himself from pulverizing Kahel's face.

Oh! You must have heard those rumors about his harem of lovers but those rumors are in the past… since I am Yuuri's one and onlyFiancée! I didn't think Lord Bielefeld was such a stalker, even though you and my Yuuri have separated, you still know a lot about his relationships and you even listen to those stupid and ridiculous rumors…Kahel said proudly

Ahahahaha! I am sorry, if I have offended you with my comments regarding Yuuri's lovers! And do please stop jokes on me! Me a stalker! I a sure I am not its just I heard a lot about those rumors! Wolfram said proudly countering Kahel.

Ah! Would you two like a glass of wine? Greta said nervously, trying to break the atmosphere. The atmosphere completely vanish when the 27th maou came rushing through the stairs.

El! Love! I am sorry for leaving you all alone in the balcony; Gunter was persistent with the greetings Yuuri said out of breath.

Don't worry; I was kept company by Greta and Lord Bielefeld…

Good Evening Heika…Wolfram said gently

Yuuri's body went to shock just by hearing the angel's voice that he almost forgot his fairy was there. It took him a second to regain himself.

Good Evening to you too Wolfram von Bielefeld, thank you for accompanying my fiancée, excuse as then, my daughter Greta will accompany you from here, I hope you enjoy your stay here Yuuri said like he was talking to strange. He was trying so hard not to look at Wolfram, because just by hearing his angel voice he was already in turmoil.

Excuse us then..Kahel said politely while Yuuri drape his arms around his fiancée.

Why in every fantasy
Do I feel your arms embracing me
Lovers lost in sweet desire
Why in dreams do I surrender
Like a little baby
Someone help explain this feeling
Someone tell me

Papa Wolf…are you okay…Greta said sadly.

Don't worry, I m fine, I'll just be in my room Wolfram said faking a smile

Morning the Dining Hall was pack with lords and the others country's ambassadors. As The Maou entered with his fiancée, everyone greeted them with respect. Gunter greeted Yuuri and told him that today he was going to be spending the day with the lords hunting.

When Kahel the Maou's fiancée found out about this he became worried because Lord Wolfram was coming.

I'll come with you! Kahel shouted to Yuuri who was already riding Aoi.

El..You know I want you to come… But you can't


Because you still can't ride a horse properly

But you already trained me!

But that was only the basic Yuuri countered

I want to come with you….Kahel begged Yuuri persistently and of course in the end Kahel rode a horse with Yuuri.

Why in every fantasy
Do I feel your arms embracing me
Lovers lost in sweet desire
Why in dreams do I surrender
Like a little baby
Someone help explain this feeling
Someone tell me

El hold on to me tight or you'll fall.. Yuuri warned Kahel

I m not afraid to fall, I know you'll catch me if I do ever fall….

I didn't know the maou was such a loving and caring fiancée one of the lords commented.

Oh! The rumor must be true that after the Meeting, Heika will wed his fiancée. The lords chattered now.

Heika is the rumor true!! The lord said excitedly at the same time. Yuuri was thinking if he was going to answer, his thoughts ended when he saw Kahel gripping the reins.

Yes, I am going to marry El very soon Yuuri announced making Kahel look up with surprise eyes.

That is why he doesn't need to worry about me being dishonest nor disloyal because I love my fiancée very much…and besides I know how much it hurts to be Betrayed and lied to..

This sentence made wolfram's world crumble into a million pieces that he fainted. All the lords went to him but the one who caught and carried him before he fell off the horse was none other than Yuuri, who immediately left Kahel side to go to Wolfram. This was the start of the end..

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through
And if my heart is lying then what should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you baby
Why else do I want you like I do
If I'm not in love with you

--Shinou's temple--

Shinou and Murata saw everything using the orb, the sad look on Kahel's face, Wolfram's devastated expression and Yuuri's confuse and worried face.

Navon…Do you really think it is right to do this, the three of them are greatly being hurt by one another…if this doesn't end well…three hearts are going to be broken into dust Shinou said worriedly

Don't worry even if things don't turn out good and there hearts are broken, there is always going to be someone who will heal it Murata said

I think Yuuri's healed so we should stop..

You're wrong Yuuri's not healed, Yuuri's just covering up and pretending..

Do you mean he doesn't love Kahel

Of course he loves Kahel that is why he wants to marry him..

Then everythings settled! Shinou told Murata.

No! Yuuri does not need to divide his heart, for Kahel and Wolfram. He needs to find out who he loves the most…that's why we are doing this to fix the pieces…and it only has began...so stop worrying My love…I only wish that Yuuri finds the same happiness I found in you…I feel sadden by the fact that I couldn't do anything when Wolfram's betrayal happened..This time I m going to do whatever it takes….

Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel- Wolfram-Yuuri-Kahel

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