Title Abandoned

Pairings XigbarDemyx, Maybe tiny hints at Zexion/Demyx? Maybe?

Rating PG13 for language?

Summary He lay in bed...waiting. He didn't know how long he'd been waiting for, but God it felt like he'd been waiting for weeks. Hadn't he said he'd be right back? Just a quick mission? If that was so...then why did those quick missions keep getting longer and longer...almost everyday he'd have a mission now...He couldn't remember the last time they'd shared a meal together...or their last kiss. If he didn't have a heart...then why did it feel like it had shattered? Why did his eyes swell with tears each time he turned away...?

AN Just a little something I've been wanting to write down for some time...I got my chance today cause...well, I just got my chance. sighs

Warnings Unbeated, Unproofread.


He lay in bed…waiting. How long had be been waiting now? It seemed like weeks…but maybe it had only been a few days…

Demyx sighed deeply as he stare up at his ceiling. Hadn't Xigbar said it would be a quick mission and that'd he be right back?

"Sorry kiddo, but I've got a mission, it'll have to wait till later…don't look at me like that. It'll hardly take me an hour."

The boy rolled onto his side and sighed deeply. Yes, he was sure that's what Xigbar had said…maybe something bad had happened to him. The boy's mind swirled with worry and he soon found he wasn't able to lie there any longer. He rolled out of bed and right into a portal, a portal to Xigbar's room. If the man had returned injured this room would be the first place he would have gone, right?

Demyx looked around the room…to find it empty. This brought about mixed feelings to the sitar playing Nobody. He was happy that Xigbar wasn't laying hurt in his room…but for a moment he'd wished that he had, just so he would know what was going on with the man.

The boy cursed himself for wishing something ill on his lover as he fell onto Xigbar's bed, snuggling deep into the pillows and sheets that reeked of gun powder, sweat, sex and that musk that only Xigbar possessed. Soon the boy had fallen asleep enveloped in that cloud of Xigbar's scent.

"Hey kid, you're on my side of the bed." Demyx slowly opened his eyes to find one golden eye looking down at him.

"Xigbar!" Demyx exclaimed happily as he sat up. "I missed you, what took you so long!?" The boy asked as he moved over onto 'his' side of the bed so Xigbar could lay down. Xigbar didn't look like he'd been on a mission, not really. He hardly looked tired and his clothes still looked as clean as when he'd left. "Did you get lost?" The boy teased.

Xigbar frowned and threw off his coat before laying down in his bed. "I'm tired, It'll have to wait till later." Came his gruff reply.

Demyx cocked his head slightly to the side but nodded anyway. "Okay." The boy lay back down and moved to rest his head on Xigbar's chest as he normally did…only to have Xigbar let out a sort of grunt and push him away.

"I'm sore from the mission, not tonight." Then Xigbar rolled onto his side, his back facing Demyx, and feel asleep.

Demyx felt his chest tighten and suddenly…more alone than he had when he was laying in his room alone. "Good night Xigbar…" He boy whispered.

His only response was a snore.

In the morning Demyx would roll out of bed early and head for the kitchen. If Xigbar's mission had been so tough on him then he deserved a good breakfast! The boy hummed as he started the coffee maker and began to fry Xigbar up a breakfast fit for a king. He knew he wasn't pressed for time, Xigbar never woke before noon unless Demyx bribed him with sex, lots of sex.

The boy would return to Xigbar's room with Xigbar's breakfast, and a few of his clones to help hold plates and the man's coffee. Demyx grinned and set the plate down on the bed, kneeling down before Xigbar he began to coo into the man's ear as he played with the man's hair. It was after noon, the man would wake up with a little help.

Xigbar let out a rumbling snore before his eyelid began to twitch, his good eye opening to peer up at Demyx. The boy grinned brightly and stood, picking up Xigbar's plate. "I made you breakfast! I figured you'd be hungry after your mission." The boy motioned behind him where three of his water clones also stood with plates full of food and a large mug of coffee…Xigbar ate a lot.

Demyx smiled down at Xigbar, waiting for the man to take the plate and dig in…but oddly enough Xigbar stood up and pulled the coat to his uniform back on. "Actually, I thought I'd go hunting in the Pride Lands today. Hope you don't mind, why don't you give the food to Xaldin…or one of those dudes in the basement. They don't look like they eat enough."

Demyx's smile faltered. "Oh…okay…sure." The boy set the plate down and moved to place a kiss of Xigbar's cheek…but turned and walked through the portal to the Pride Lands…

That tightness in his chest…and the way his eyes were stinging…The boy forced them away. "Bye Xiggy…" He whispered to the place where the sharpshooter had been standing moments before.

He picked the plate back off Xigbar's bed and opened a portal to the basement. The boy found Lexeaus sitting at a table reading, Demyx had his clones set two plates in frount of the large Nobody with a large smile. "Hey there Lex, have you seen Zexy?" The boy chirped.

The Nobody pointed to a door that must lead to a lab of some kind…that's what the whole basement was, just a bunch of rooms and labs. "Thanks! Make sure you eat that stuff before it gets cold. It's bad enough when it's warm." He grinned before head to the door.

He raised his hand to knock on the door when a Zexion's voice stopped him. "What do you want, Demyx?" His voice rang clear in the free-spirited Nobody's ear despite Zexion speaking through a door.

"I brought food!" He responded with a soft bounce as he pointed at the plate in his hand, as though Zexion could see him.

"Yes, I can smell tha…oh never mind." Came Zexion's reply before he opened the door and stepped back for Demyx to enter.

Demyx smiled at the other Nobody, handing him a plate and the mug of coffee. "I figured you could use it, after all, you were up all night."

Zexion looked down at the plate, cocking an eyebrow at the other male. "I woke you?" He questioned as looked the food over curiously, as if it could attack him at any moment.

"No, I was up too…you mind if I sit?" Demyx questioned, gesturing to the stood behind him. He received a look from Zexion that said 'what do I care?' and the boy sat down, looking up at Zexion. "It wont eat you. I've gotten better at cooking since…" He trailed off, slouching in his chair as he put his arms behind his head.

He was staring at the ceiling again.

"Why were you awake? You sleep through anything. Especially when you're with Number II." Zexion had taken his first bite of the food, he wasn't looking at Demyx.

The boy shrugged. "Couldn't sleep."

Zexion looked up from the plate, studying the other boy. Demyx was obvious to the fact that when he was upset even someone as dull as Axel could see without trying. "Tell me what happened."

"Nothing happened." Came Demyx's quick reply, he turned in his chair so his back was facing Zexion.

The normally stoic Nobody sighed and set the plate down. "Demyx, you're easier to read than 'See Spot Run.'"

The boy cast a confused look over his shoulder, his eyes met with Zexion's and he could see that Zexion wasn't going to let this drop. Demyx sighed deeply and looked forward at the blank white wall in frount of him. "He's…bored of me. I know he is."

Zexion rolled his eyes softly, crossing his arms across his chest. "Of course, we're Nobodys Demyx. He's not in love with you, he can't be. Nobodys can't feel, let alone love."

Demyx turned to face Zexion, he looked like he had been struck. "You're lying! That's total shit, I know what I'm feeling! It's not a lie! We all have hearts, I know we do! You're all just not trying hard enough, you'd rather sulk and blame other people!" He yelled, he'd been waiting to say it for so long…wanting to say it every time Xigbar didn't return his 'I love you'…

Zexion let out another sigh. "You're more confusing than 'A Tale of Two Cities.'" He grumbled out before meeting eyes with Demyx. "If you believe that…then why are you here? Why join an Organization that's only goal is to regain our hearts?"

Demyx starred at Zexion like he was speaking some other language. "I thought it was obvious." He whispered as sunk back into his chair. "If I didn't I'd be alone…" The boy was looking at the floor now, that stinging in his eyes had returned.

Zexion was silent for a few moments before he walked over to Demyx, standing before him. "Why don't you go bother Number X or Number VIII." He handed Demyx back the plate of food, half of it had been eaten. "Thank you for the food." Zexion opened a portal out of the basement; he picked Demyx out of the chair and pushing him towards it. "Give up on that theory Demyx…You're only going to get hurt."

Demyx turned back to Zexion, a soft smile on his face as the tears rolled down his face. "How could I get hurt if I can't feel?" He responded before stepping through the portal, leaving Zexion to roll that over in his mind…


I dunno, anyone think I should keep going with it?