Demyx stepped out of the portal that Zexion had opened for him and found himself standing in the hallway right in frount of his door. The boy slid to the floor, looking down at the half-eaten plate with a deep, morose sigh. He was content to sit there for the rest of his days…he didn't feel much like moving at all.

Until he heard footsteps at least. The boy quickly picked himself up and all but ran into his room, what if it was Xigbar? No, worse; what if it was someone like Saïx or Xemnas? The footsteps grew closer…then started to fade, the boy pressed his ear against the door, where they gone?

Suddenly the boy was falling into someone's chest…someone that smelt like…smoke?

"Thought that was you I saw flying into their room, water boy." Came a rather haughty voice, Demyx could hear the smirk in his voice. "What's wrong, didn't wanna see me?"

Demyx sighed and pushed away from the other Nobody. "It's not that Axel…I'm just not in the mood to run into someone like Saïx or Vexen…"

Axel laughed, crossing his arms as he looked down at the shorter boy. "Who's ever in the mood for those guys?" The red head blinked down at the plate in Demyx's hands. "That still warm?"

Demyx frowned softly and handed Axel the plate, "Does it matter? You can always heat it up." Then he turned and walked into his room, lying down on his bed and leaving the door open for Axel to enter if he saw fit.

"True." Axel chuckled as he sat down on the edge of the bed, eating the rest of the hand-me-down breakfast. The sent a few side-ways glances to Demyx who had curled up under his sheets and was starring at the wall. "Hey…blondie, what's wrong with you?"

Demyx slowly looked over at Axel and shrugged softly, smiling weakly. "M'just tired. No big deal."

Axel cocked an eyebrow at the boy, setting the, now clean, plate down on the floor as he scooted up to the boy's side. "Bull shit, water nymph. What's got you so down? You're not acting like yourself."

The boy shrugged softly. "Nothing, I told you. I'm just tried. Let up." Demyx rolled onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow with a soft sigh.

"Demyx…" Axel pressed, running a soothing hand down the other boy's back. "I hate it when you're upset, it gets me down in the dumps too. Tell me what's wrong…you get into a fight with Xigbar are something?"

Demyx didn't respond, but Axel felt the boy tense at the mention of Xigbar's name. Axel frowned softly, "So what happened? He ditch you or something?"

Rather than respond to Axel's question the boy rolled onto his side to gaze up at the emerald eyed Nobody. "When I'm upset? Axel…how can I be upset if I don't have a heart. Isn't that an emotion?"

Axel blinked down at the boy before frowning and rubbing at the back of his neck. "Come on Dem, it's a….I meant it as a figure of speech…"

"Right." Demyx scowled and hid back in his pillow.

"Aw come on Dem. You're not still on that 'I think we've got hearts' shit are you?" Axel sighed deeply. "So what, you love Xigbar or something and he ditched you so now you're all 'heart broken'? Come on Demyx, stop being so ridiculus!" Axel's tone softened slightly. "Even if you think you've got a heart you know Xigbar's the last guy to believe he does. You knew that going into it, he's just in it for the sex."

"Isn't lust an emotion too?" Demyx asked from his pillow.

Axel could tell the boy was really upset…more upset than he'd been before. He must have said something stupid like he normally did…he wasn't really good with people sometimes. "Well…I dunno..." Axel scratched at the side of his cheek. "Look…you know I'm no good with this kinda stuff. Why don't you go talk to Zexion or Luxord or something….they're smart. I'll…just leave before I make it even worse." The red head leaned down, kissing the top of Demyx's head with a soft smile. "Cheer up water sprite."

Then Axel was gone.

Demyx was alone…again.

The boy rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling once more…just like he had a while he waited for Xigbar. How long had it been since Xigbar went to go get 'breakfast?' An hour at least…maybe two…that seemed a little long for just some breakfast, even if Xigbar had to catch it.

Demyx rubbed at his eyes, when had he started crying? After a few deep breaths to calm himself then rolled out of his bed, opening a portal to the person he prayed would listen to him…who wouldn't make him feel like such a moron.

"Luxord?" Demyx called out in a small voice, not trusting it enough to speak much louder than a whisper.

The blonde Nobody looked up from his tea and cards. "'Ello, ducky." The man gave the boy a charming smile. "What brings you here?"

The boy kept his eyes on the floor, shifting softly from one foot to the other. "I…was wondering if you'd….go someplace with me." He breathed out as he fidgeted with his fingers.

Luxord frowned softly and stood up, walking to stand in frount of the boy. "What's wrong, pet?" He whispered, placing a finger under Demyx's chin, gently lifting the boy's head so he could look at the sullen boy's face.

Demyx avoided Luxord's gaze but did not fight as the man lifted his head. "Just…will you come with me? Please?" He whispered, biting down softly on his lower lip. What if Luxord said no? He didn't know what he'd do if Luxord turned him away too…

"Of course. Where ever you want to go." Luxord smiled down at Demyx, giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead before taking a step back. "Now, where are we going, lovely?"

Demyx just smiled softly and took Luxord's hand, leading the man through a portal he opened.

The next thing Luxord knew he was in the water, he blinked and looked around before reaching for his mouth to try and trap in his precious air; this earned him a chuckle from Demyx.

"Don't worry, you can breath. I didn't bring you here to kill you." The boy swam around Luxord, his long orange-pink tail with electric blue patterns trailing behind him.

"T-tail?" Luxord grasped looking Demyx over. The boy was a mermaid…or well, a merman he supposed. The blond looked down to find that he also had a tail, brown with white spots…or was it white with brown spots….?

Demyx chuckled and nodded, "This is Atlantis and we're mermen! This is my favorite world by far!" The boy circled around Luxord with a large grin. "I see you're a Harlequin Sweetlips."

Luxord blinked, "Excuse me?" He frowned, bringing a hand up to touch his lips.

"No" Demyx sang with a giggle. "You're tail, you're part Harlequin Sweetlips! It's a type of fish."

"Oh, of course. I knew that's what you were talking about." Luxord smiled at the boy, a soft blush on his cheeks. "And what are you? Those blue designs on your tail are breathtaking."

The boy blushed softly. "I'm a blue mandarin. They're the kind of fish I wanted to buy for my fish tank back at the castle…"

"You have a fish tank?" Luxord asked with a cocked eyebrow.

Demyx shook his head softly. "Mansex said it was a waste of time and space, said I didn't need them." The boy shrugged softly. "At least he can't take this world away from me." He spun in the water, grinning widely. He'd forgotten all about what had happened to him in that dreadful castle…this world always took away all his stress and troubles.

Luxord smiled as he watched the boy swim around, it was truly mesmerizing…the way the boy moved. "Um…Demyx, my love….I'm afraid It's all I can do right now to just keep floating here…"

Demyx blinked and stopped his swimming to look over at Luxord, who did indeed look like he was having difficulties. The man was using his arms to stay floating, his tail hanging limp. The boy laughed and swam over to Luxord's side, giving the man's tail a soft prod. "You've gotta use your tail. It is there for a reason you know."

The man pouted softly at Demyx. "I'm sorry but I'm not used to having a tail, normally I have legs that I can kick independently."

Demyx shrugged, "Just pretend you only have one then." The boy took Luxord's hands into his own, preventing the man from using them. "Go on, try it."

Luxord frowned softly and wiggled in the water…getting him nowhere. Demyx bit his lower lip softly and brought Luxord's body flush against his, wrapping his arms around the man's neck. "Wrap your arms around my waist and copy my movements. I'm sure you can do that." Demyx grinned.

"Yes, I'm sure I can." Luxord purred as he wrapped his arms around Demyx's waist loosely. It was strange the way the boy's flesh turned into scales…but Luxord had little time to mull this over as the boy began to swim. If you could call it swimming, it felt more like the boy was writhing against him in some sort of sinfully sensual dance. After getting over the initial shock Luxord began to mimic the boy's movements.

"Good, now lean forward and swim. Don't worry about me, I can swim any which-way." Demyx spoke into the man's ear.

The blonde Nobody nodded and leaned forward until he was nearly parallel with the sea floor, still mimicking Demyx's movements. If Luxord had thought the boy's movements before were all to sensual…then the way Demyx moved now must be able to damn a soul to hell. Luxord found himself growing flushed as they swam forward, turning in circles before they became upright again.

"Want to see the surface?" Demyx asked, though they were already making their way up.

Luxord nodded softly before pressing his forehead against Demyx's. "You're beautiful." He whispered, smiling when he saw the blush appear on Demyx's cheeks. "I cannot think of anything I'd rather do than continue to watch you."

Demyx let out a mix between a gasp and a sob before leaning forward to kiss Luxord. The man noticed how much more wet a kiss was when you were under the ocean, salty too.

When the duo surfaced they were still kissing, Demyx letting out soft whimpers before he pulled away. "Y-you're too nice to me…" He breathed out, burring his face in Luxord's neck.

"No such thing." Luxord cooed as he ran his hand down Demyx's back. "Come, lets get back under the water, It's much more beautiful. Far more colours and life. It reminds me of you."

Demyx let out another soft sob and nodded, still swimming against Luxord as he lead them back down a coral reef he often spent time at when he came to this world. The boy sat down next to Luxord, leaning his head on the man's shoulder as he closed his eyes tightly.

"Lovely…you never told me what was the matter…I'd love to listen if you need to get it off your chest." Luxord wrapped his arm around Demyx's waist, pulling the silently sobbing boy closer to him. "Sometimes it helps if you've just got someone who'll listen to you."

Demyx shook his head softly, biting his lower lip. "N-no…no it's okay…I…I don't need to…" He whispered, gaze down on his lap. He was afraid….completely terrified that if he spoke to Luxord…the man would prove to be like every other Nobody and tell him he was being stupid…and that they didn't have hearts…and couldn't feel heartbroken.

Even though he knew it was foolish….Demyx wanted to pretend that Luxord was really how he acted….so sweet and sensitive…that it wasn't just an act he put on to help him cope with not having a heart; as Zexion would say.

"Duckie…" The man whispered, giving Demyx a prod in his ribs. "Talk to me. What are you so scared of?" Luxord spoke in a gentle voice right into the boy's ear, kissing his temple.

Demyx slowly looked up at the British man, right into his deep blue eyes…the man was smiling down gently at him…Demyx swore he was worry in the man's eyes…but maybe he was only seeing it because he wanted to.

"Everything. I'm scared of…everything." Demyx breathed, closing his eyes and hanging his head.

Luxord frowned a little in confusion before he gave a soft chuckle and pulled the boy into his lap. "Nonsense, now. Tell me what's gotten you so upset. You're acting completely out of character right now, you know that; don't you?" He gave the boy a soft peck on the tip of his nose, trying to cheer Demyx up.

The boy smiled weakly, looking up at Luxord through his lashes. "...You're always so nice to me….why?" He was going to dance around the subject…see what kind of answers he got from the man…maybe he didn't have any reason to be afraid.

"Why?" Luxord asked, blinking in surprise. "Well…Mostly because I think you're simply adorable." The man gave Demyx a dashing smile, poking his nose.

The boy flushed a little and leaned forward, hiding his face in Luxord's chest. "…O…o-only because of that? B-because you think I'm..cute?" Demyx muttered into the man's flesh.

"Only because of that? You say it like it's a bad thing." Luxord chuckled, petting the boy's hair. "But no, that's not the only reason, Love. I do it because you're you, and I like that."

Demyx bit his bottom lip…furrowing his brows. "S-so….s-so you might say that you….u-um…h-have….have feelings for me?" He whispered this, holding his breath right after it. This was it. The big moment….Luxord could have many different reactions….the boy didn't even care if Luxord laughed and rejected him…so long as he didn't say…

"Now darling. You know you can't feel. We don't have hearts."


The boy immediately felt his eyes swarm with tears and pushed away from Luxord, turning his back on the man. "O-of course….I…I know that." Demyx gave a weak smile, though his voice was breaking. "I w-was just teasing…u-um…I…I'm feeling hungry so…so I'm gonna…gonna head back and…and find something to eat, okay?" He didn't wait for Luxord's response, he opened a portal back to the castle and swam through it as fast as he could. He was glad he was underwater…there was no way for Luxord to see his tears.

Here he was…alone again in his room, curled up on his bathroom floor as he sobbed into his knees.

He was alone.

Really, truly alone; even though the castle was filled with 12 other Nobodies.

No one else felt the way he did, not even Luxord…Luxord who had acted so…human. Demyx had though that maybe….just maybe he would understand...

Maybe…he didn't have a heart….maybe he was just fooling himself into thinking he had one because he just…couldn't except that fact that he didn't and this pain he was feeling as all the fault of his brain…

But then….why did his chest hurt so much….why would he continue to act when it only caused him all this pain? He wouldn't be so alone if he was like the others…if he believed he didn't have a heart. So why?



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