A Wolf's Only Wish A Wolf's Only Wish

-Time To Rewind-

Five long and brutal years of battling the evil demon Naraku was finally over. Things were perfect after that, The Shikon Jewel was finally pure and whole. Mirouku's wind tunnel disappeared. Kohaku survived and was currently alive and well. Sango had finally agreed to marry Mirouku. Kagome decided to stay in the feudal era with her little baby Shippo and her newfound lover Inuyasha. Life for the heroes was now perfect and everybody was happy. At least that's what they all thought in their little group.

A depressed wolf prince sighed as he watched his beloved snuggle up to a filthy mutt.

"Why… why did you choose him?" he asked to no one in particular.

"We're sorry boss." Ginta said sympathetically.

"I just don't understand." Koga blurted out.

"Don't understand what?" Hakkaku asked.

"Why does she love him so much?" Koga asked while he repeatedly hit his head against a rock.

"I can't get her out of my head! I just love her so damn much!" he growled.

"I bet if she met you first boss she'd love you and not Inuyasha." Ginta said.

Koga looked at him "Yeah you're probably right. Too bad we can't turn back time."

"Oh but I can." A voice purred in the shadows.

The three wolf demons looked back to where the voice came from.

"Who is there?" Koga commanded.

A young woman gracefully stepped out from the shadows and into the moonlight "Me? Oh, I am just a simple cat demon." She purred.

"What do you want?"

Her yellow eyes glowed and stared intently on the wolf prince "I would like to help you."

Koga was a little skeptical "And how do you plan to do that?"

Her mouth cracked into a grin exposing razor sharp fangs "I grant wishes."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, and what ever you desire can easily become yours." She said walking closer.

"Koga…" Hakkaku began nervously.

The wolf ignored his friend's warning tones "What do you want in return?"

The cat demon's tail wagged eagerly "Nothing much… just the Shikon Jewel."

After a moment of silence and deep thinking Koga looked up at the cat demon "Deal."

"Koga no!" Ginta cried.

The cat demon's smile grew even wider "Excellent… I advise you choose your wish carefully wolf."

"Hakkaku, Ginta! Make sure this demon does not go anywhere." Koga ordered.

"Yes, sir." They mumbled.

Koga jumped down the cliff side and ran towards Kagome who was not that far away. Inuyasha growled as he caught the scent of the mangy wolf approaching fast. The whirlwind stopped in front of Kagome as usual.

"What ya' doin' here? Kagome is my mate so stay away!" Inuyasha yelled.

The words hurt but Koga tried his best to push them aside. He had an important mission to accomplish. He stared at Kagome's neck. The Shikon Jewel, so fragile, hung loosely around her neck.

"I'm sorry Kagome… But, I have to do this." Koga mumbled.

"Huh?" Kagome asked dumbly.

And right at that moment the wolf prince grabbed the Shikon Jewel and tore it off the young priestess's neck. She gasped in shock. It pained his heart to cause her such unease and worry but he loved her so much and could not stand the idea of living with out her.

Inuyasha pulled out his sword Tetsaiga "Damn wolf!"

Koga dodged his attack and ran back the way he had just come. Inuyasha chased after Koga with Kagome on his back. But, it was no use. The full-fledged wolf demon's speed was just too great for the half demon and he could not catch up.

"Cat demon! Where are you?" Koga yelled.

"You needn't worry. I am right here." The cat demon said walking out of the shadows again.

"You're really gonna' do it Koga?" Hakkaku asked.

Koga looked at his companion "Of course… My Kagome is worth it."

The cat demon held out her clawed hand "What is your wish?"

Koga gripped the Shikon Jewel tightly and thought for a moment about what he was doing. What if he never received his wish and the sacred jewel went into the wrong evil hands? Well there was only one way to find out.

"I wish… Kagome met me first and not Inuyasha." Koga announced.

"That is all?" The cat demon raised an eyebrow "As you wish." And she snatched the Shikon Jewel from his hand.

Inuyasha and Kagome arrived at the scene. Kagome's eyes widened in terror as she watched the precious jewel become tainted with evil selfish greed from the wish the cat demon was granting.


And soon everything became dark and cold as the Shikon Jewel rose and disintegrated the cat demon that had granted the wish. And things would never be the same again unless a miracle suddenly occurred to reverse what was done. But, unfortunately for our heroes that miracle would not come.