A Wolf's Only Wish


Kagome sat hugging her knees to her torso while she stared deeply into the fire blazing in the center of Kaede's hut. The events of what happened earlier that day kept replaying in her mind. She was no longer in her bloody and torn school uniform, she now wore a simple white yukata. She had spent several hours in Kaede's hut and did not plan on leaving anytime soon.

"The wolf demon prince has returned." Kaede informed as she entered the hut.

"Hmm..." Kagome looked up at the old woman, "I didn't even know that he had left."

"Ay, he left to retrieve his two comrades." Kaede said as she sat down across from Kagome.

"Hakkaku and Ginta?" Kagome asked curiously.

"I need not know child. There be demons leisurely hanging around my village because of ye'. My people are terrified." Kaede began.

"I'm sorry-"

Kaede held up a finger in order to silence Kagome, "Last time I saw ye', well ye' disappeared with the young, handsome wolf demon... I'm not going to ask what happened but I can tell much has transpired between ye'. He cares for ye' deeply Kagome and refuses to leave ye' here with me in the village."

Kagome's eyes widened in shock, "He kidnapped me once! He's not starting this crap all over again! I hate him!"

Kaede shook her head, "Lies."

Kagome lowered her eyes shamefully.

"Nothing be wrong with loving a demon Kagome... My sister Kikyou loved Inuyasha dearly before she passed away."

Kagome let out a small gasp, 'So that's it! Inuyasha and Kikyou were both lovers.' She felt a pang of jealousy in her heart. 'No wonder he acts that way towards me. Especially since I supposedly look like her so much... but what happened between them that he is so angry towards her?'

"I don't love Koga." Kagome said finally.

Kaede gave a knowing look that made Kagome flinch. But, the old lady did not get into the topic any further. Kagome was blind and had to find out for herself how she truly felt about the wolf demon. Kaede could not just bluntly tell her how she felt and who she should be with.

"Is Inuyasha still angry with me?" Kagome asked.

Kaede was shocked that Kagome was more concerned with how the half demon that once threatened and even tried to kill her felt, "Inuyasha is always angry... But, I would say he is more angry with the wolf prince than he is with ye'. He be wanting to leave with ye' as soon as possible to collect the Shikon Jewel fragments."

"What? Why would he be more angry with Koga? Koga didn't shatter the Jewel, I did. And why would he possibly want to leave with me of all people?" Kagome asked feeling confused.

"Ye' is very young and naive." Kaede chuckled, "Why the both want your neck."

"My neck?" Kagome's eyes widened because she took Kaede's comment as, 'they both want to kill you', "Who wants my neck?" she asked referring to, 'who wants to kill me?'

"Inuyasha and the wolf both want your neck... That was made clear when I walked by and overheard their arguing." Kaede said simply.

"Why would they want my ne-"

Kaede interrupted the girl, seeing her one arched eyebrow, "So they can mark ye' as their mate and keep you by their side for as long as ye' live. Male demon's leave their mark by biting their intended mates' neck so all know that they are taken."

Kagome turned her head and an instant flashback of herself sitting in some body's lap flashed through her mind. She remembered feeling fangs pierce through her soft flesh as warm blood trickled down. She remembered whimpering as clawed fingers dug into her hips and a tongue slowly licking her bloody neck clean. Kagome blushed furiously as the foreign memory came back to her. Where did this come from? Did it really happen? And more importantly who was in that memory with her? Kaede watched as Kagome's cheeks flushed bright red and she touched a spot on her own neck.


Kagome didn't answer, she kept rubbing the spot on the left side of her neck. She never noticed before that this certain spot on her neck was much warmer than the rest of her body. It felt as if there was once a scar or indentation there, but the skin was now pushed up and smooth as if she had never mated in the first place. Unknown to Kagome she had mated with someone else, but a wolf's selfish wish had stolen her happiness and landed her back in the past.


"What does this all mean?" Kagome choked.

"What does what all mean?" Kaede asked.

"The Jewel... it's shattered, right? What does this all mean for me?"

"That ye' must collect all the Jewel shards before they fall into the wrong hands." Kaede answered.

Kagome groaned, "Oh, why me?"

"It was in ye' body. Ye' be the Shikon Jewel's protector. I believe ye' to be me elder sister's reincarnate, Kagome." Kaede said seriously.

Kagome stared at Kaede's stern face. This was all too much for in just one day her life has been turned upside down. Kagome quickly got to her feet, "I need to go get some fresh air."

"Kagome! Wait!-" But it was too late, Kagome was already out the door.

Only about ten steps out the door and Kagome already bumped into someone, "Umph!" A familiar voice chuckled and grabbed her before she fell flat on her back side and held her upright.

"Kagome." Koga's husky voice breathed.

She looked up at him. He had a sad look in his eyes and she instantly felt guilty.

"So you hate me." It was more a statement than a question.

She looked away not having the courage to look at him or his icy blue wolf eyes. She struggled to get out of his grip, but only managed to turn her back to him and take four steps forward. His arms were firmly encircled around her tiny waist. He finally realized how tiny and fragile Kagome was compared to him. She was only 5'6" while he was about a whole two heads taller than her.

"Kagome... why are you acting this way?" he whispered in her ear and let his lips linger there. It sent goosbumps all throughout her body. His moist breath tickled her ear, she sighed, "Koga..." But, then she refused to say anything further. She wasn't even sure what it was she wanted to say. She didn't know why she felt this way, her heart skipped a beat, she felt nervous and uncomfortable but she didn't want what ever Koga was doing to stop. Before she even knew what was going on, he was trailing kisses from her ear down to her neck.

'Why they both want your neck.' Kaede's voice echoed in her head.

Kagome gasped as she felt him nibbling her neck softly, she turned her head towards him, "Koga!"

Koga mistook her gasp for excitement and he growled seductively in her ear. He noticed that Kagome was blushing furiously. He smirked and picked her up bridal style. He began walking up a hill.

"K-Koga, where are we going?" Kagome asked nervously.

"Privacy." he grunted.

Kagome's eyes got as wide as they possibly could, 'Privacy for what?'

"Koga put me down!"




"Put me down now!"

He obeyed and nicely planted her on her feet. He stared at the mix of emotions playing along her face. She looked angry, sorry, regretful, longing, nervous, and unsure.

"No Koga." she said firmly.

Had he misinterpreted what she wanted? He looked at her feeling so confused and lost, "No what?"

"We can't do this now." She said and folded her arms across her chest.

"Why not?"

"It just... doesn't feel right." she mumbled.

"What doesn't feel right?" he asked as he cupped her cheek in his large clawed hand.

She looked away, "Oh, I- I don't know..."

He pulled her into a hug. The wind blew and she cuddled into his chest, "Kagome..." she looked up at him and instantly regretted it. The look in his eyes were so intense that it made Kagome's knees go weak, "I want you... I need you. Hell, I'll even kill the fucking half breed if I have to for you. But, more importantly..." he leaned his head closer to her, "I love you."

Kagome lost her breath. She couldn't believe it. She wanted to cry. She wanted to faint. She wanted to say it back but she couldn't. She didn't belong in the feudal era. Her mind won the battle with her heart. 'Why is he making this harder for me?'

Kagome took a step back, "I'm so sorry Koga. I just can't give you the things you want... I'm sorry for misleading you." she turned and tearfully ran away back towards the village.

Koga was in shock. He wanted to run after her, but he felt it was best he just let her go for now. He would go sort everything out with her tomorrow when she was calm and not as emotional. But, he was still upset. He wasn't used to being refused by a female. He growled and punched the nearest tree trunk out of frustration. 'Kagome, only you can drive me crazy like this! I'm never going to give up on you.'

Farther back in the darkness a pair of golden-amber eyes watched Koga dealing with his rejection rather poorly. Inuyasha snickered, "Stupid wolf..."

Early in the morning, before the sun had even risen, Kagome went to go take the bath that Kaede had prepared for her. No more bathing by herself in hot springs after what had happened yesterday with all the bandits. It was an abnormally cool morning. Kagome washed up quickly and hurried to get dressed. She put on a pair of jeans, boots, and a fitted long-sleeved sweater. The poor weather was and early forecast for how bad Kagome's day was going to be, she could already tell.

Today she was going to set out to search for the Shikon Jewel fragments, even though she wasn't really sure of how she was going to do that. Kagome thought long and hard about what happened between her and Koga last night. She knew what she had to do.

Kagome sat quietly as she ate a container of food that her mother had packed her. She nibbled at the pickled vegetables as she tried to think. She felt so numb.

Kaede noticed when Kagome returned last night with watery eyes and seemed to be more distressed than she was earlier. Kaede saw the redness of the young girl's cheeks and suspected that either the dog or wolf demon was responsible for all this. Kagome avoided eye contact with the old lady and was very jumpy, but Kaede decided not to question the girl.

"I haven't seen the wolf prince around." Kaede said trying to start conversation.

Kagome's body momentarily stiffened, "Okay..."

"Do ye' not care?" Kaede asked curiously.

Kagome continued to eat and after a few moments she finally answered, "Let's just say it'd be better if he didn't show his face around here again."

Kaede stared at the girl for a long while and could tell that she was trying to hide her sadness, "I see."

Kagome slammed shut her container and began packing her belongings in a haste. She wanted to leave the village before sunrise, that is what she told the old priestess the night before.



"How exactly will I find the Shikon Jewel fragments?" Kagome asked.

"That, I do not know." Kaede admitted.

"So how do you expect me to find them?"

"I believe ye' will know when the situation calls for it. Ye' should be able to sense the spiritual energy the jewel shards emit." Kaede began to explain.

"Like when the jewel first cam out of my body. It was glowing very brightly, and when I held it... it was like it had a heartbeat, I could feel it pulsating in my hand." Kagome pointed out.

"I suppose."

"Can you see the jewel shards like how I can." Kagome asked curiously.

"No, I can not. If I had the sight to see them the same way could I would be joining ye' in the search for the Shikon Jewel." Kaede answered politely.

"Oh..." Kagome looked down at her own hands.

Kaede swiftly got to her feet all of a sudden, "Kagome, I have something to give ye', I'm sure it will make ye' smile."

Kagome looked up, "Oh you don't have t-" but the old lady was already out of the hut. 'Wow, she moves fast for someone her age.' Kagome thought as she put her arms through the straps of her backpack. Kagome got to her feet and poked her head out the open doorway, she looked side to side before she took a step out. When she finally left the hut she sighed in relief.



The two wolf demons chuckled in unison, "Sorry to scare ya' sis!"

She instantly recognized those scratchy voices and broke out into a childish grin, "Hakkaku! Ginta!" Kagome cried out happily and automatically went to go embrace them but then stopped herself and frowned.

"What's wrong, sister?" Ginta asked feeling worried about the human girl's response. Had they done something to offend her?

Kagome bit her lip and looked away, "Koga didn't tell you anything, right?"

"He didn't tell us much. All he said was that we'll be traveling with you." Ginta replied happily.

Hakkaku on the other hand was eyeing Kagome suspiciously, her body language showed that she was feeling uncomfortable by their presence. But, why? She never had a problem talking to them before. His sixth sense told him that something was very wrong with the human girl internally and that something bad was going to happen. He could smell Koga's scent all over the girl but she had no mark on her neck, and she appeared to be sad. What exactly had gone on between their leader and this fragile girl the night before? Kagome flinched under Hakkaku's studying gaze.

"... I'm not traveling with you guys." she finally managed to say.

"What? Why?" Ginta asked feeling so confused.

"I'm going to be traveling with Inuyasha." Kagome informed them trying to find her confidence.

They both gasped and gave each other fearful looks. Their leader's heart would be crushed. "Why are you leaving with that mutt?" Hakkaku asked boldly, feeling outraged.

Suddenly a red and silver figure jumped down from the hut's straw roof and landed on the ground, right beside Kagome. The half dog demon snarled, surprising the girl and two wolf demons.

"Heh! Big talk coming from a mangy wolf demon who's leader wants a human girl for a mate. If you haven't noticed that would make the 'great Koga's' wolf cubs half breeds... mutts!" Inuyasha smirked triumphantly.

There was a moment of awkward, tense silence. Kagome shifted uncomfortably between the opposing demons. She fiddled with a lock of her hair, not looking either side in the eye, trying her best to remain neutral.

"Why are you leaving with him?" Hakkaku asked again trembling with anger. 'How can you betray us like this Kagome? We're all a family! We went through so much together during the battle with the Birds of Paradise. We fought as one pack! We protected each other! You can't just abandon us now, we actually care about you. Can't you see that this dog is just going to hurt you... I can sense it already.'

Kagome looked Hakkaku in the eye and she felt so guilty doing so. It was as if she could read his exact thoughts just by watching the pain flicker through his eyes.

Kagome gulped, "Something deep inside my heart tells me I should go with Inuyasha... Please, don't be angry with me. I- I just need some time away from Koga... I need time to think things through."


She gave an exasperated sigh, "Koga scares me!"

They all stared at Kagome in confusion, they just couldn't comprehend her inner turmoil. What on earth was so scarey about Koga? He was head over heels for her. It's not like he would ever hurt her, right?

"He makes me feel so... different." Kagome began, "I never felt this way before about anyone and it's scary! He has such a profound effect on me when I barely know him! Now all of a sudden he wants me as his mate just because he feels threatened by another male's presence! This is all happening so fast. I'm young and have so much more to experience and live for. I can't give that all up for just a short moment of happiness."

"That still doesn't explain why you're lea-" Hakkaku began.

"Yes it does!" Kagome interrupted, "I need to distance myself from Koga. I have a family of my own back at home that needs me! I can't be here falling in love with Koga when I should be going home and focusing on on my studies!"

"You're a scholar?" Inuyasha asked as if he didn't believe her.

"Yes I am." she gave a weak smile.

"But..." Ginta began, "do you have to leave with er- Inuyasha?"

"Yes. Inuyasha doesn't even like me in that way." Kagome said while Hakkaku and Ginta gave her an 'as if' look, "And even if Inuyasha did try any funny business I can easily stop him by saying the magic 'S' word to subdue him... see I can't subdue Koga like I can Inuyasha. It's just too risky to be traveling so closely with Koga when I already know how he feels about me."

"How will we know you are at least safe with him?" Ginta asked as he crossed his arms and examined the dog demon head to toe.

Inuyasha growled in annoyance to the question, Kagome glance at him in the corner of her eye before she answered, "Inuyasha and I have spent time together before the Shikon Jewel even shattered and he never hurt me. As a matter of fact he helped save me yesterday, I think that deems him worthy." The half dog demon seemed to slightly relax after hearing her say that.

Hakkaku sighed, "Koga is definitely not going to be happy about this."

Kagome's eyes widened, "Please, no! You can't tell Koga."

"Kagome, we can't keep this from him." Ginta said.

"Please..." Kagome pleaded desperately.

"Urrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Fine..." Hakkaku groaned as his hand went to the back of his head, "Go before Koga gets back or else I'll change my mind."

"Thank you." Kagome whispered and grabbed Inuyasha's hand, "C'mon let's go."

Inuyasha allowed himself to be pulled up the hill by Kagome. He felt satisfied and pleased to know that Kagome had chosen to travel with him of her own free will. But, something still bothered him. He wasn't exactly sure what it was that he felt towards the strange human girl. All he knew was that he found it rather annoying that the wolf prince had such a strong hold on Kagome's heart.

"I can't believe you let them go." Ginta said as he and his friend watched the pair walk away.

Hakkaku waited until they were gone from view before he spoke again, "Who am I to stop her? Let's just make sure that we take good care of our friend and stop him from doing anything stupid when he finds out."

"Inuyasha?" Kagome looked at him as they walked.


"Do you know where Kaede is?"

"No, why?"

"She said she had something to give me."

"Her scent can be followed back to the village. We have to hurry." He said and began to lead her down a pathway to where the old woman had went.

They both walked in silence at were almost back to the village, they were passing by the rice crops and horse stables. All of a sudden Kagome gasped and tightened her grip on Inuyasha's hand, causing him to look at her curiously.

"Inuyasha! Do you feel that?" Before he could make a smart remark about how he could feel her squeezing his hand she spoke again, "I sense something powerful coming this way."

Inuyasha's dog ears twitched as he focused on the area around them, "Yeah. It's nothing too big, but still powerful like you said."

"This power, it's so familiar. It's broken..." her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, "Four or five."

"Four or five?"

Kagome nodded, "Wait! Is that Kaede I see down there in the distance?"

Inuyasha sniffed the air, "Yeah, that's definitely her, the damn stench of mortality."

Kagome glared at him and pulled her hand away, "Hmph!" She ran down towards where she saw the old priestess, "Kaede!"

Inuyasha frowned, 'What the hell did I say to make her so freakin' upset?'

"Kaede!" Kagome repeated as she reached the woman she noticed something, "What is it you have there?" she asked as she stared at the woman's faintly glowing hand. Kaede opened her hand and revealed a small corked glass jar.

"Shikon Jewel fragments!"

"Ay, there be five jewel shards in this jar." Kaede smiled.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" Kagome excitedly hugged Kaede, "But, how?"

"I had some of the village men search for them." Kaede explained briefly.

"You were right, I can sense their presence." Kagome said happily.

"Didn't ye' say ye' wanted to leave before sunrise?" Kaede pointed out as she handed Kagome the jar.

Kagome put the jar in her pocket and frowned, "Yeah... I guess this is good bye, Kaede."

"Stay safe Kagome."

"I will." Kagome said and deeply bowed in a respectful manner.