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A Wolf's Only Wish

-Rough Travels-

The full moon glowed brightly among the black night sky. The stars glittered insignificantly compared to the beauty of the moon's brightness. It was a cool, eerie night. Fog and mist made it difficult to travel. No animals were out or about, nothing stirred, it was silent. Nothing could be heard except for the crunching footsteps made by a pair of black warrior boots walking though a forest floor covered in dead leaves.

He stopped as he made it to a clearing and stared straight ahead at what was in front of him. He seemed to be unimpressed at the view he saw before hi. His face remained emotionless, completely stoic. It was as if her were carved of cold stone.

He was a beauty, a handsome young man to any average observer. But, he wasn't a regular man. No, he was much, much more than that. There was an air about him that commanded authority. It was obvious that he is very powerful. His narrow golden-amber eyes could easily silence the strongest samurai with a single look. It was easy to see that he was of a high stature from the way he carried himself. His skin was pale, almost ghostly but it was still beautiful and radiant. He was nearly flawless except for the magenta marking along his cheeks and eyelids that signified him as a great demon. A single midnight blue crescent moon was centered on his forehead; it was a symbol that he was the son and sole heir to the legendary great demon Inutaisho.

He was rich and powerful but traveled alone. He stood out from a crowd even though he traveled in human form. Not only did he have the most beautiful facial features but he had long flowing, tangle-free, straight, silver hair. He had long deadly claws and pointed ears much like Koga's. He wore a hakama and haori top made of pure silk blended with wool of a fire rat for sturdy protection. His hakama and haori were crisp white with rich red dye designs along the edges that created honey comb shapes. On top he wore heavy black armor with steel spikes. A finishing touch was his yellow and midnight blue obi that was intricately tied to the front in order to hold the sheath of his sword. His large fluffy white tail leisurely sat on top of his right shoulder.

"M' Lord, here it is!" An ugly little toad-like demon cried as he ran ahead of the great demon with a two headed staff in hand, "The tomb we have been searching for!" The great demon took a step forward to get a better view, "You sure."

"Ay, M' Lord! The staff has always led us without fail. Clearly it must mean this is the tomb." The toad laughed and ran ahead waving the two headed staff, "Allow me to prove it!"

Suddenly wild black dog demons stepped forward from behind the shadows of the rubble. They growled threateningly while they remained in their animal form. They had claimed this area as their territory.

The little green toad gasped and stopped in his tracks, "This isn't right at all..." he whispered to himself, "M' Lord, success! It is exactly as I expected!" He lied.

The great dog demon kept the same bored expression on his face. He walked through the ruins and wild dog pack effortlessly. The small toad hid behind his master in a cowardly manner, "N- nice doggies." The wild dogs barked back in response.

"The fang. It is a fang I seek here. Once I possess it, I shall transform myself into a far greater power." His eyes narrowed slightly, "Heh. Why must I explain? My power is what it is; I should not always be limited thus. Can it be that I am afraid..." he gave a small smirk, "Or is it merely that I do not know my limits." he lifted up his arm and his clawed fingers glowed menacingly, "Perhaps I presume."

He spun in a circle violently and pulled out a whip of lightning. One by one it sliced through the wild dogs as they were in the air. Some fell and others were torn to pieces, only three escaped and quickly fled the scene. He stopped and observed the work he had done, he gave a small smug smile.

"Aargh! Okay it's been all day and I haven't seen Kagome! You two have been acting very strange, do you know something that I don't know?" Koga demanded his two subordinates.

"Uh..." Ginta looked at Hakkaku nervously, not sure of what to say.

Hakkaku had his back turned to both of the other wolf demons and crossed his arms in defiance, "Trust me... You don't want to know."

"Where is Kagome?" Koga asked. Neither of the wolf demons answered.

"Why have you two been trying to keep me busy all day? You keep complaining either that you're hungry, that we need to hunt, and other nonsense. We've been hunting three times today! You tried to tell me some of the female wolves were sick and needed herbs. When I fetched them I came back to them running and having a good time! I said I was going to see Kagome, you said she was sleeping and couldn't be disturbed... What is going on?" Koga stared at them intently.

After a few moments of silence Ginta spoke, "Ok... what happened was-"

"Ginta don't you dare!" Hakkaku glared at him.

"Koga has a right to know. He would have found out eventually!" Ginta argued.

"Found out what?" Koga asked.

"Don't!" Hakkaku threatened.

"Kagome's not here!" Ginta blurted out.

Koga's eyes narrowed and he pulled Ginta up by the fur pelt on his shoulders, "What do you mean she's not here?"

Ginta winced, "She's not here... She's gone. She left early this morning."

"Gone where?"

"I don't know. She didn't say. All she mentioned was that she was searching for the Shikon Jewel shards." Ginta bit his lip and hoped that his leader would ask no more questions.

Koga released him and his eyes widened with worry, "Gone? By herself? Is she crazy? She could get hurt out there!"

Hakkaku gave a sarcastic laugh, "Maybe she didn't leave by herself."

Now it was Ginta's turn to warn his fellow comrade, "Hakkaku..."

"What happened to 'he has the right to know' Ginta? It's like you said, he would have found out sooner or later." Hakkaku said in a mocking tone.

"Who would Kagome possibly leave with?" Koga asked with hesitation, fearing the worst.

"I think you already know the answer to that..." Hakkaku mumbled.

A lump formed in Koga's throat. He opened and closed his mouth on several occasions. It couldn't be? Kagome was a sweet girl; she would never betray him like that? Would she? She would rather chew her own arm off before she traveled with the mutt, right? Then his mind flash backed to the previous day, when the girl he loved ran into the mutt's arms rather than his. How she seemed to care so deeply what the dog thought of her. How she would instantly tear up at any hurtful word he said to her but would end up going back to his side. He remembered the smug look in the dog's eyes as she climbed his back; he gave Koga a look as if he had won. He felt so stupid! How could he miss the signs? No wonder Kagome wanted nothing to do with him last night; her heart belonged to the dog. The dog!

"Koga?" Ginta gently asked.

"Inuyasha..." Koga snarled, "She left with Inuyasha?" Hakkaku and Ginta both nodded in response.

Koga growled and shook violently, "You both knew she was leaving with Inuyasha... and you didn't stop her?" He gave them a look that could kill.

Ginta flinched, "But, Koga... What else could we do? We couldn't hold her against her will; she's not officially part of our pack. And the half breed... he would have killed us if w-"

"I don't care!" Koga snapped, "You shouldn't have let MY woman go!"

"She doesn't want to be your woman!" Hakkaku shouted.

Koga stood there, dumbfounded. 'She... she doesn't want to be with me...' He lowered his head and his eyes disappeared behind the shadows of his bangs. His heart literally ached, he felt as if it had been torn out from his chest and was being squeezed. He felt his eyes heat up and his vision get blurry. Were these tears? Look at him; a great demon succumbed to his own selfish emotions.

"What, am I supposed to just let her go?... you two are the ones that told me to pursue her in the first place..." Koga breathed heavily.

Both wolf demons instantly felt guilty. It's true. They both did encourage Koga to embrace his feelings for Kagome. How stupid of them, they weren't even sure of Kagome's feelings for their own leader. And now Koga had to pay the price. They had never seen their leader so vulnerable.

"What do I do?" Koga asked desperately as he looked up at his closest friends, "Wolves mate for life... she was the 'one' for me. It's too late to turn back."

Ginta put his arm on Koga's shoulder, "Well I say if it's meant to be, it'll happen. Don't stress it, Koga. Let her come to you."

"Yeah. She said she needed time to think, not that she was leaving you forever." Hakkaku finally said.

Koga stared blankly, not feeling very hopeful, "Let's go."

"Go where?"

"We're gonna' go jewel shard hunting."

"Ah! I'm so tired!" Kagome yawned as she dropped to ground near her sleeping bag. She was wearing her pajamas.

"Keh! I don't see why. It's not like we covered much ground! You move so slowly." He crossed his arms and gave her and accusing look.

"I do not move slowly! You move too fast!" Kagome shot back and she pointed her nose up to the air.

Inuyasha shook his head, "First you trip into a puddle of mud and I have to help you up, then you get caught on a tree branch and I have to cut you loose, then you get torn up by a thorn bush, I had to save you on seven different occasions by the weakest little demons might I add, you get stung by a bee cause you decided to pick a wild flower, and last but not least you find a way to slip on a rock in the stream you were bathing in!"

Kagome blushed, "You forget to add that you destroyed my sweater when you cut me loose, and that I destroyed two of those demons that attacked us! Not to mention that you peeked at me you pervert!"

"I ain't a pervert! It's not like you got anything special that I didn't expect to see!" Inuyasha's cheeks got slightly pink as he remembered seeing Kagome's naked body in the water, "If you didn't want me to see then you shouldn't have screamed like you were dying when you fell!"

"Well excuse me for being surprised!" she cried.

"Keh!" he looked to the side, "You're so annoying."

"What was that?"

"I said you're so annoying!"


"Aargh! Bish-" Inuyasha grumbled after his face was planted with a large book. 'How is it she has the worst aim when it comes to shooting arrows to kill demons that want kill her, but she has perfect aim for hitting me!'

Inuyasha sat up with a dark red rectangular mark across his face. He glared daggers at her and she immediately gulped. In a flash he tackled her and had her pinned to the ground, straddling her.

"Eek!" she blushed furiously, this was all just to close for comfort.

He stared at her intently, but not in a threatening way that she expected, it was in a more gentle and caring way. He studied her face. No she was definitely not Kikyou. Kagome's eyes were larger and far more rounder, not to mention a soft chocolate brown behind thick black eyelashes while Kikyou's were more narrow and a dark shade of brown that was almost black and held no warmth. Kagome's lips were much fuller and a brighter pink while Kikyou's were thin and nude. Kagome's face was more round like a circle and rosy while Kikyou's was more oval like with higher cheek bones. Kikyou was tall and really thin, Kagome wasn't fat but she was more petite and Inuyasha could tell she ate really well where she came from. He couldn't tell which one was prettier. It was a tie; they were both unique in their own way. Kikyou was a more elegant and mature beauty, while Kagome was a more youthful and exotic.

"I- Inuyasha?" she whispered, her heart was thumping like crazy.

Inuyasha leaned in closer staring her deep in the eye with such intensity and longing, he was a mere centimeters away from her lips. After a while she began to relax under his weight and her eyes slowly closed.

"You smell funny." He finally said and got to his feet.

Her eyes snapped open, "You jerk!" She sat up and looked at him in disbelief.

"What?" he smirked.

"Hmph!" she looked away and went under her sleeping bag.

"The staff has changed position." the toad demon pointed out as the two head staff hovered over the ground and moved forward. "It must be the fang. It must have changed location."

The great demon remained silent as he boarded the small boat that he had recently won from a band of samurai that he had just slaughtered moments ago. He warned them, but of course like the humans that they were they had to be difficult and not listen to him. Now they were all ashes. The small toad followed his master.

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" the toad called out for the great demon's attention


"Mightn't we ask Lord Inuyasha where the tomb is?"

"Inuyasha..." the great demon Lord said bitterly and raised his hand to back slap the ignorant toad off the boat.

"Aaaaah!" the toad painfully cried as he crashed into the deep cold depths of the water. He struggled to swim up to the surface, but Sesshoumaru dunked him under again over and over with the two headed staff, "I prefer not to think of him. He is for our purposes, dead... Wasn't he sealed to a tree fifty years ago?"

"But, Sire! The spell! They say it's been removed only recently! B- b- but besides... the staff! It's been acting strange! It's because of Inuyasha, I'm sure of it!"

"Let us see now, shall we." Sesshoumaru said with the slightest of smirks.