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Royalty. Every school has that— A group of people who are clearly beyond average, whom people regard as utmost importance. You could easily see who they are from one glance. They were the people everyone wished to be, people who were clearly envied, adored, praised, maybe even worshipped. Some people saw them as friendly, approachable and respectable. But to me, they were nothing more than attention seeking fools, bent on making every aspect of my life they could grasp, miserable. And that's all they would ever be to me.

Back in Phoenix, I was always bullied and mocked by this so- called royalty. Looking back, they had every reason to, no matter how shallow. I was nowhere near your typical teenager from Phoenix. I was pale, so white that it stood out against all their tan skins— my skin never tanned for some reason. I was fairly tall, my eyes were a stunning green— my mom always said it was like looking into a deep pool of emeralds. But the most noticeable thing about me was my hair. It was a cross between red and brown, more like bronze even. I haven't come across anyone with the same hair color in fact. Don't get me wrong, I loved my hair in all of its weirdness, but it was always the main cause for all the nasty remarks the royals jeered at me.

And I was quiet. I was never the one to talk. I had a few friends but I rarely spent much time with them outside school. I was more focused on my music which is, since I was a child, my passion and obsession. And because of my being less than social behavior, I was taunted by these royals even more.

I know, a guy who can't even stand up for himself? Must be a loser. But I put up a tough face acting like it didn't at all affect me. Although deep inside, I was shouting for release, for all the pain and trouble to end. At the end, I got my wish.