It's raining. It has been raining for the past 40 days and nights without letting up. Blackthorn City, located in Johto, is on the brink of being flooded by the torrent.

It's night. All the men of the small city are busy setting up sand bags and digging ditches to prevent the flow of water from entering the center of the city.

It's dark. The night sky is covered in dense clouds. The moon and stars cannot be seen through the thick blanket.

It's quiet. Inside the Dragon Den, a woman is lying on her back on a layout of blankets. Attendants are continually monitoring her progress as she is in labor. She has been in labor for more than half a day now and is exhausted from the ordeal. The pain from her contractions causes her to break the silence with loud agonized screams. Her red hair clings to her forehead with sweat. The leader of the Dragon Clan, known as Shum, an old man with long and thinning white hair, stands over the laboring woman, his daughter.

Shum: Have strength, my daughter.

The woman continues feeling the pain of her contractions as they get faster.

Elsewhere in the Dragon Den, a small egg is shaking, as it prepares to hatch.

Outside the Dragon Den, the men keep trying to battle the floodwaters, but it is a losing battle. The ground has become muddy and difficult to walk over, causing everyone to stumble over themselves. The sand bags that are set up around the city begin to collapse, letting in the flood. Knowing that there is nothing else they can do, the men quickly run, but cannot escape the treacherous waters. They are washed away in the current.

Inside the Dragon Den, a woman runs over to the attendants and warns them that the barricade has fallen and the water level is quickly rising. Shum won't allow anything to happen to his daughter.

Shum: My daughter is in the middle of giving birth. I must protect her.

The master of the clan reveals a hidden pokeball and uses it to release his trusted pokemon partner, Dragonair, a dragon pokemon with a long, blue serpentine body and white underbelly wearing blue orbs on its tail and neck and has white angel wings as ears.

Shum: Dragonair, try to hold back the water!

His pokemon quickly obeys and fires a powerful Twister attack. A tornado is formed by the dragon pokemon that sucks the water into its vortex, then blows back out.

Shum: I have to protect Mila as long as possible. Her child is the last hope of this clan.

After nearly an hour of fighting the torrent, Dragonair is showing extreme fatigue. It can't keep going for muck longer.

In the depths of the cave, the pokemon egg continues to shake. A small crack appears on the shell. It's finally hatching! At the same time, Mila starts to push with all her might and the head of her small child emerges. The light blue egg continues getting more cracks and Mila's baby keeps passing through the birth canal. Finally, after one last push, the baby arrives at the exact same time as the egg hatches, revealing a Dratini, the pre-evolved form of Dragonair. The baby pokemon has a similar appearance as its evolved form except for its shorter length, has a lighter shade of blue and no orb on its tail.

Mila's baby is a boy with short red hair on his small head. The mother is happy that her child is born at last, but Shum doesn't share her excitement. The cave is quickly filling with water. If something is not done soon, they will all drown. Suddenly, outside the cave, a large cry is heard coming from the sky. A large silhouette is seen flying over Blackthorn City. The mighty creature spreads its wings and breaks the clouds, stopping the endless rain. The water quickly recedes leaving the entire town in a state of shock and gratitude. Shum runs out of the cave as quickly as he can to see the this amazing creature. He looks up and makes out the shape of a giant winged dragon. With a gentle cry, the entity in the sky flies away, having done its duty.

In the Dragon Den, the cries of a baby echo through the darkness, but not the cries of a human. The cries come from the newborn Dratini searching for its parents. Hearing the cries, Shum goes back inside and finds the orphan pokemon. He notices the egg shells next to it, knowing that the baby has just recently hatched. He gently picks it up and carries it over to Mila and her son.

Shum: How are you feeling, Mila?

Mila: I feel well, father.

Shum smiles at his daughter. She sees the baby Dratini and asks about it.

Mila: What are you doing with that pokemon?

Shum: I found it crying by itself. It was just born.

Mila smiles as she holds her son.

Mila: You hear that? You have a twin brother.

Shum approaches Mila and the boy.

Shum: So, it's a boy?

Mila: Yes. A beautiful baby boy. He has my eyes.

The old man can't help but keep smiling.

Shum: And what is the name of my grandson?

Mila: I've decided to call him Lance.