Body ~ This fic is in response to a challenge, so please just bear with me. This is only the prologue. I know it's short, but I'm not sure how long this fic is going to be. Heero and Relena are around 17, and this takes place around Christmastime. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own neither Escaflowne or Gundam Wing. None of the characters are mine.



By: Penybright

"NO!" Hitomi screamed as she helplessly watched her infant son being taken from her. Soft feathers rained down on her as Van tried to reach their son. It was an attempt made in vain. The blinding luminescent column disappeared, along with their first-born.

Van landed softly beside his sobbing wife. Kneeling down, he gathered her into his arms, wrapping his downy wings to shelter them.

"I'm sorry..." Van murmured, trying to hold back his own tears. Hitomi hugged her husband tighter.

"Don't you dare blame this on yourself," she whispered harshly. "Don't you dare!"

Van nodded, burying his face into her soft sandy locks as his own tears began to fall.

"He has the pendant... Maybe one day he will return to us," Hitomi choked out in desperate hope.

"One day," Van echoed.


Heero Yuy, one of the most dangerous men alive, was staring blankly at a young woman with blond hair and aquamarine eyes.


"Please Heero?"


"Everyone else is busy. Millardo is on Mars, Duo has Hilde, Trowa has a show, Quatre is tied up in family business affairs and Wufei is on duty that night! If you won't do this willingly, as a friend, then I'll go to Lady Une."

Heero glared at the young woman across from him.

"You know how much I detest social events."

"I know," Relena sighed. "I wouldn't ask, except... I just need someone to watch my back and save from the vultures every one in a while."

Heero allowed himself a small smirk.

"Vultures, huh?"

"Does that mean you'll do it?"

"As a friend, and only this once," Heero replied coldly. Relena seemed to relax visibly.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me."


"You do have a tuxedo, don't you?"

Relena received a glare for a response.

"Thought so," she mumbled under her breath while jotting something down.

"Go here, and tell them I sent you," Relena said, handing him a slip of paper. "You know where I live. The ball starts at seven, be in the foyer by six."

"Why so early?"

Relena gave Heero a pointed look. Heero sighed and stood up to leave. Relena watched his back as he left her office, hoping this wouldn't turn into a disaster.

"Speaking of disasters... What am I going to get Heero for Christmas?" she wondered aloud, before turning back to her pressing paperwork.

~ Well? How does it fare?