Deep In My Soul

Deep In My Soul

Disclaimer: Ok I don't own Harry Potter. If I did would I be sitting here watching Sailor Moon in my pyjamas writing fan fiction?!

Ok in my story, Lily, James, Sirius and Dumbledore are alive. When Voldemort was defeated, everyone on the good side that he either killed or were killed on his orders came back to life.

Now that's settled, on with the story


"Are you sure that this is the right place?" Ron Weasley asked for the millionth time.

"Yes Ron, I'm sure. I even triple checked to make sure I was right." His eldest brother Bill said.

There was a group of people walking down Pin Oak Road looking for the house of Hermione Jane Granger. This group consisted of:

Ron Weasley

Ginny Weasley- Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

James Potter

Lilly Potter

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks- Lupin

Bill Weasley

Fleur Weasley

Charlie Weasley

"What house number was it Bill?" Lily asked.

"Number 41. Here it is." Bill answered

The group of 11 looked up. They saw a medium 3 storey house. Off two rooms, one on the second floor and one on the third floor there were balconies. Surrounding the house was a white picket fence. The house itself was a red brick house with a chimney.

In what looked to be the backyard there was a tyre swing hanging from a big oak tree and a trampoline.

"Whoa! Hermione's house sure is beautiful." Ginny said looking at the house in awe.

"Yea, I wonder what she has been doing these last fifteen years." Remus said.

"Well let's go find out." Tonks said and opened the gate.

The group walked up the small winding path to Hermione's front door.

"Well, who's gunna knock?" Sirius asked.

"I will." Ron said. He raised his right hand, grabbed the brass door knocker and tapped it against the front door a few times.

"One second." Came a voice from behind the door.

The group heard a dog barking and the door opened. The same voice said, "Bella down. Can I help you?"

The group looked and saw a young girl. She looked to be about fifteen years old.

"Well actually, we were looking for Hermione Granger," Lily said "but we must have the wrong address. Sorry for bothering you."

"Good one Bill. So much for triple checking." Ron muttered eyes still on the young girl.

The group turned to walk away when they heard, "No you have the right address. My name is Angela, Angela Granger. People call me Angie though."

The group turned around and looked stunned.

"Umm. She was held up at work, she should be home soon. Would you like to come inside?" Angie asked pensively.

They all nodded deafly. They were lead inside. "Bella down. Sorry 'bout her she's just really excited. She must like you guys." Angie said.

"It's alright. She is adorable." Draco said bending down to pet the dog. "Thanks, she is a beagle." Angie replied.

"Have a seat. Can I get you some tea?" Angie asked as they entered the living room.

"Yes please Angie." Ron said.

"Ok be right back." Angie said and she left the room.

"Ok. Who the hell was that?!" James asked the group.

"By zee looks of zings, she may be 'ermione's daughter." Fleur said.

"WHAT!?" The group exclaimed.

"Well zere seems to be a similarity in zere personalities." Fleur said.

"Here you go" Angie said, her arms laden with a tea tray and 11 cups.

"Thanks" came the reply as they all took a cup.

"So why are you all looking for my mum?" Angie asked.

"Yo-you-Your mum?" Ron chocked out.

"Yea. I'm Angela Lily Rose Granger as I said." Angie said with a cute grin.

"Well we are old friends of your mum's" Remus said

"Oh are you witches and wizards?" Angie asked

"Yea are you?" James asked

"Yep. I'm going into my fifth year at Salem Academy. I've been told I'm lucky to be there." Angie said with a mischievous grin.

"Why is that?" Charlie asked after putting his empty tea cup on the table.

"Well you see, I nearly got expelled last year after pranking my headmistress. I thought that she needed a bit of excitement in her life. So did the whole school!" She answered laughing.

"What did you do to her?" Sirius asked with a mischievous grin of his own.

Before Angie could answer, everyone heard the door open and close. Bella started barking and she ran to the front door.

"Angie, I'm home baby girl." Someone whom everyone assumed to be Hermione called.

"In the living room mum." Angie yelled out.

Everyone turned their attention to the living room door. In walked Hermione. She was fifteen years older but she was still the same Hermione.

"Mum, these people wanted to talk to you." Angie told Hermione as she pointed to the group.

Hermione looked up and when she saw the group her face visibly paled.

"Oh dear God! I have lot of explaining to do don't I?" Hermione asked pensively.

They all nodded "Well where do I start?" Hermione said as she sat down.