Deep In My Soul Chapter 21

Deep In My Soul Chapter 21

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Last Chapter

She scanned the letter before standing up as fast as she could and running downstairs.

The letter read:

Dear Angela.

You are strong to be able to beat what has happened to you lately.

But, do you think that the little Lupin girl is as strong as you? Stacey is her name right? She is so sweet. I think she would be a nice little addition to my family.

Well, you might want to watch her quite carefully because I'm coming to get her.


"STACEY!" Angie screamed.

Angie had basically jumped down the stairs after she read the letter.

"Angie, what's happening?" Mina said as she raced to where Angie was.

"Where is Stacey?" Angie panted.

"In the sitting room playing with some toys." Mina said.

Angie ran into the sitting room and found Stacey sitting on the ground playing with some dolls. Angie raced up to the little girl and wrapped her in a hug.

"Angie? What's going on?" Stacey said.

Before Angie could answer the door slammed shut and locked. The room began to shake and a gold shield formed around the room.

Angie clutched the now crying Stacey closer to her chest, trying to quiet her. Angie could hear everyone pounding on the doors trying to get in.

"Angie? Are we going to die?" Stacey cried.

Angie kissed Stacey's forehead and whispered "No baby, we aren't."

Suddenly numerous amounts of pops were heard and many death eaters appeared in front of Angie and Stacey.

Angie stood up and placed Stacey behind her. "Well, well, well. Miss Potter. How nice to see you again. Now if you'll just let us take the child, we shall be on our way." One death eater said as he made his way to Angie.

"Hell no. Let me tell you something." Angie said as she drew her wand in order to protect Stacey who was now cowering behind her.

"What my dear?" The death eater said.

"You are really, really, really, really stupid." Angie said.

"Why my dear?" The death eater asked.

"Because, you are severely outnumbered." Angie said before the members of the Order of the Phoenix burst through the door and began firing spells at the death eaters.

Angie bent down fast and pulled Angie to her. She felt someone wrap their arms around her and help her stand. The person walked the two girls out as fast as possible and into the kitchen. Kyle shut the door to the kitchen and sat the two girls on the ground.

"Angie, Stacey. Thank Merlin you're ok." Lily said.

Darien and Mina bent down and hugged both girls. Darien gave Angie a kiss before kissing Stacey's forehead.

About 5 minutes later, the members of the Order walked into the kitchen. They looked at Angie who nodded. She understood that they wanted to see the letter. Angie stood up and ran back upstairs to her bedroom. She picked up the letter and took it back down to the kitchen. She handed it to Mad-Eye Moody and walked away.

Hermione walked over and hugged Angie. Angie smiled weakly before Darien came over and the two slid down the wall, Angie in Darien's lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his chest.

"Angie, that was really brave." Mina said, still hugging her little sister.

Angie just smiled and lent her head into Darien's neck. Darien was gently rubbing her waist to calm her down because he could feel how scared and tense she was.

When the Order finally left, the Potters, Weasleys, Lupins Blacks and Malfoys all sat down to dinner.

After dinner the kids all went upstairs to keep the little ones out of their parent's hair. Angie kept close to Stacey or kept a close eye on her. Darien noticed this and kissed her hair and whispered "She's safe with all of us. You did something that not many people our age would do. You shielded my baby sister from harm knowing you could potentially die. I love you and I wouldn't want to see either of you get hurt. Thank you so much."

Angie leaned her head up and kissed Darien on the lips. Darien was about to deepen the kiss when Angie pulled away and smiled. Darien playfully glared at her before wrapping an arm around her waist and directing her to the area where everyone was sitting.

Angie cuddled into Darien's side as she remembered what had happened to her previously.

As they talked, everyone became drowsier and drowsier. Everyone had left the rumpus room by about 10:30 leaving only Angie and Darien in the room (the families had decided to stay overnight to make sure all the kids were safe). Darien looked down at his beautiful girl. He smiled at how adorable she looked when she slept. A few strands of her long, ebony hair fell into her face so he wiped them away. He gently traced the outline of her amazing emerald eyes, her little ski jump nose and her plump, pink lips with the pad of his thumb.

Angie kissed his thumb as it traced her lips before slowly opening her eyes. "Hey." She whispered. "Hey." Darien replied. He bent his head and kissed her.

When Angie pulled away she asked "Where is everyone else?"

"They all went to bed, and I think that's where you should be heading too." Darien said with a grin as Angie yawned. When Angie shook her head, Darien chuckled lightly before picking her up bridal style and carrying her to her room.

He pulled back the covers and placed her in bed. Darien kissed her on the forehead and went to leave the room when Angie grabbed his hand. Darien turned and Angie said "Stay tonight."

"I don't think I should babe." Darien said as he sat on the side of her bed.

"Please. I don't want to be alone tonight. I'm… I'm… I'm scared." Angie said small pearls of clear liquid running down her cheeks.

Darien's heart broke a little bit. The girl he loved was lying in bed, curled up like a little child crying. Darien stood up and said "Well move over. I just need to grab some pants and I'll be back."

Darien left the room, put on a pair of flannelette pyjama pants and walked back to Angie's room. He smiled at the sight of Angie curled under the doona waiting for him.

Darien turned off the light and walked over to the bed. He hoped in and got comfortable before Angie cuddled up to his side. She put her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his torso.

"I love you." Was the last thing Angie said before allowing sleep to overcome her. "I love you too." Darien said before kissing Angie's forehead and also allowing Mr. Sandman to take him to the land of dreams.

The Next Morning

Darien woke up to the sweet smell of vanilla and almonds and the feeling of a warm body wrapped around his.

Darien looked at his still sleeping girlfriend. The sun that peeked through the curtains kissed her face making her look like an angel.

Darien smiled as Angie's eyes fluttered open revealing her beautiful green orbs.

Angie lifted her head and kissed Darien lightly on the lips.

"Morning." Angie said.

"Good morning love. How did you sleep?" Darien asked.

"Great. You?" Angie sighed.

"Great as well. We should be getting up." Darien said.

Angie groaned and nuzzled his chest with her nose. Darien's breath caught in his throat but he hid it well. "I don't wanna get up." Angie pouted.

Darien shook his head. With a smile on his face he lifted her head and kissed her. As Darien deepened the kiss, Angie crawled on top of him. Darien wrapped his arms around Angie's waist tightly and her arms went around his neck. Darien carefully flipped them over so he was lying on top of her still not breaking the kiss. He let go of Angie's waist with one hand so he could hold himself a small way above her so not to crush her. Darien shivered as Angie scratched her nails gently up and down his back and onto his chest. Her hands went further down his chest and Darien could feel himself hardening. Darien pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Angie.

Angie pouted when he pulled away and said "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to go to far yet. I love you and I don't want to ruin anything. I want it to be special if we do go to the next step." Darien said as he gently rubbed Angie's swollen lips. Angie smiled up at him and said "That's sweet. Thank you. I love you too baby."

Darien kissed her forehead, her nose and her lips again before rolling off Angie and hugging her close.

"Well, I'm getting up to have a shower. See you at breakfast." Darien said before kissing Angie and getting out of her bed.

Darien made a slight detour to his room, grabbed some clothes before walking to the shower.

As the hot water beat down his back he thought about what had happened this morning. Sure he had dated girls before but no girl ever made him feel like Angie had. He wanted to keep her in his arms all the time and never be parted from her. He knew it was love but he also knew it was something more. She was his soul, his heart his everything. Heaven help him if he lost her.

He hopped out of the shower, got changed and walked downstairs to breakfast.

He walked into the dining room and noticed that no-one else was done except for Grandma Molly, Lily, his mother and Hermione.

"Morning." Darien said as he walked into the room.

"Morning." The women replied.

"Now, why can't all the men be up this early? Next you'll be telling me Angie is going to walk through that door." Hermione said sarcastically.

As soon as Hermione finished the statement, Angie walked in the door, showered and fully dressed.

Hermione gasped before cracking up laughing, the others following. Angie just looked at them before shaking her head.

"Well, the world has gone topsy-turvy." Hermione said after she calmed down.

During the course of the morning, everyone came down to breakfast before the men and guy kids all left to get a Christmas tree to put up. The women and girls got out the decorations and got them ready.

The men arrived back at the Potter Manor about 45 minutes later with a huge tree. The girls started decorating it. They put strings of beads and snowflakes around the tree. They had started with the tinsel when Mina threw a handful at Jess. Jess laughed and threw a handful back but instead of hitting Mina it hit Angie. This started a tinsel war to end all tinsel wars. Bella joined in a few times, barking and jumping on the girls.

The men, women and male kids walked in to find the girls covered in tinsel, lying on the floor laughing so hard they were crying.

They got up, noticing their audience, and finished decorating the tree. When they were done, they stepped back to admire their creation.

The girls grinned before they turned to their families. They got the nod of approval and high-fived one another.

After they had eaten lunch, the older kids decided to out Christmas shopping. Angie and the girls got changed before walking downstairs, meeting the boys and flooing to Diagon Alley.

When they got out of the fire, Tori, Angie, Jess, Mina, Raye and Maddie went one way and James, Sirius, Damien, Darien, Ben, Nick and Kyle all went the other way with plans to meet at the Three Broomsticks in a few hours

With the Girls

The girls decided to get presents for their family first before getting presents for their boyfriends. Angie bought her brothers each a new Quidditch cleaning set and a protection pendent in the shape of animals- for James a stag and Sirius lion. For her father she bought an emerald encrusted ring that she had inscribed with 'Forever my daddy, now too my best friend. Love Princess' and for her mum she bought a gold heart pendant with a sapphire centre and a pair of sapphire earrings. On the pendent she had inscribed 'You will always be the one I count on for the things that matter most of all.' For her grandfather and Uncle Sirius she bought a copy of Quidditch Through the Ages: First Edition each and got her grandmother a collection of crime novels and some new potions books.

Next she brought presents for her friends. For the girls except Mina she bought a photo frame with a picture of them all inside. She also bought them each a book and a cd. For Mina however, she bought a silver Pandora bracelet and two charms. She bought a purple glass bead and a silver bead with the Japanese character for friendship on it. She also got a picture of them framed for her

For the boys she bought them each a cloak and a muggle item she thought they would like. For the little kids she got a toy each, both a muggle one and wizarding one.

For Darien, she bought a silver chain with his star sign (Taurus) and hers (Leo) joined together. On each of the symbols was a small birthstone (For Darien a diamond and Ange a ruby). She also decided to make him a mixed cd made with all the songs that reminded her of him and all the songs that reminded her of their love.

When all the presents were done, the girls went to the Three Broomsticks to wait for the boys.

With the Boys

The boys were buying gifts for their girlfriends, sisters, cousins etc and because they were guys, IT WAS HARD (No offence to any guys who like shopping).

Darien bought everything for his family then he just had to choose Angie's gift.

"Yo Prongs, Padfoot, come here a sec." Darien called.

"What's shakin' Darien?" Sirius asked.

"What should I get Ange for Christmas?" Darien asked.

"I am going to have to sound all wise and profound here but- let her gift come from your heart." James said.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at his brother before smacking him upside the head and saying "That was so a Dumbledore thing to say. We spend too much time with him in detention."

Everyone laughed and the other boys decided to go to the Twins Joke Shop.

"Hey, I'll catch up after." Darien said. The boys all shrugged and left the store.

Darien snuck into a Jewellery store to look for the perfect gifts for his girlfriend.

He wanted to get her something that signified them both. He had searched through all the earrings, rings, belly bars and necklaces and was about to give up when something caught his eye.

He walked over to the display case that had caught his eye. Inside was a beautiful necklace and ring set. The necklace was two open hearts, one diamond and one ruby joined together. On the back of the ruby heart was an engraving. The engraving read: Always in my heart. The ring was gold with diamond crosses and gold hearts with a ruby centre. Engraved on the band was Love Always.

Darien knew he had to get this set. He walked to the shop owner and asked "Hi. How much is that set?" When the shop owner saw where he pointed he smiled.

"For your girlfriend son?" He asked as he moved over to the case. He pulled out the set and set it in front of Darien. Darien nodded and gazed at the set.

"Normally a set like this is 10000 galleons but for you lad, because it is for your, I'm positive, beautiful girl, I will only charge you 4000 galleons." The old man said.

"Sir," Darien said "Why would you give it to me so cheap?"

The old man smiled and said "Because you have the same look of love in your eyes that I had when I met my girlfriend. She later became my wife. I spent many, many, many years loving her and I've never stopped. You hold onto this girl you hear me son. Would you like it wrapped?"

Darien nodded. The old man wrapped the paper in beautiful emerald green paper with a gold bow.

"Thank you so much." Darien said before leaving the shop.

Darien raced into the bookstore and bought Angie a muggle book Atonement and also some new defence and Quidditch books. He then bought her some clothes and pyjamas. He would attach a note to her present telling her there was more to come.

He went to the Joke shop and caught James and Sirius' eyes. They nodded and all decided to head to the Three Broomsticks. When they got inside, they found the girls and all sat and had lunch and drinks before heading home.