I walked into the prison. It smelled of must and sweat maybe even blood. Its walls were decaying and had termite holes chewed into the wooded frames. It was a terrible thought that I almost had to come here for killing my beloved Claudia. But I just breathed in re insurance that I would be able to get out of it one way or another if that time ever came. But I knew very well it would never come.

As I reached the guard I realized it was the same one that had come to arrest me. I straitened myself and tipped my top hat the slightest bit forward. He was definitely as thick as he was tall. He smelt putrid of rotten meat and a disgusting perform that he had throne on instead of showering. The round man bulged out of his uniform so much I could hardly contain laughter in my voice when I asked.

"Which cell is the supposed Jack the Ripper in?"

I could tell he knew whom I was because he replied,

"Come to see your fellow fiend have you?" At this I couldn't help but to laugh. I expected the man to hit me or call me mad but he only stated that he was in the high security room 316. I kept chuckling as I walked down the hall way, the heels of my shoes hitting the ground echoed around the empty corridor. I kept my eyes strait forward as I passed many cells. Criminals. Not like me. Yes we were murders but I was different from them. I was smart. I will never be caught. And they were reckless, stupid, humans.

At last I reach the high security section and at the last door down. A guard that was hefty at the least glared up at me. Sometimes it bothered me that I was taller than almost everyone in London. On a other hand it was a sure advantage, for most things.

"I'm here to visit Jack." I responded to the silence. I heard some shuffles in the cells behind me. The man let a expression of puzzlement escape.

Just then came a maniacal laugh from the door the guard stood by. It was crazy. The person within the door howled with laughter and he muttered something about not being able to catch his breath.

"Why my Chester seems I have a visitor. You owe me 12 pence." The voice cackled.

"Shut up!" The man shouted back. I could only imagine how crazy this person was. The guard turned back to me.

"You sure?" He asked.

"Positive." I replied. He took keys and unlocked the door. He led me in then walked back out and shut the door behind him. I turned the corned into a room that was painted completely white and in the middle was a chair holding a chained figure that seemed just about as pale as the paint. He was smirking and looking directly at me with sinister brown eyes that glinted deep red as the white reflected of them. I hesitated at walking to the chair that was but three feet across from the man well known as Jack the Ripper.

"So you are a relative of one of my victims I suppose come to see I get tortured till death?" He hissed merrily.

"No I'm not. My name is Zachary Dmitry and I have no placing of importance here." I responded. His smirk grew.

"You're the man who killed Ms. Claudia Roseheart, what a pretty thing she was. No better than the whores I murdered though. She just didn't charge for her services." He whispered.

"What would it be to you if I did?" I asked. He shifted.

"Well if I hadn't been caught she would have been my next victim, I had something special planned for her. What did you do?" Jack questioned.

"IF I had done it I would have turned her corpse into a puppet." I replied making sure to start with if. I know he got what I meant because he started laughing and shouting "That is completely brilliant!".

"Obscenely and wonderfully genius!"

I smiled at him. For a complete lunatic he was acted completely sane. Well if you don't count the laughter.

"So Zachery, what is the importance of coming to see Jack the Ripper?" He whispered under his breath. I pulled the page from my pocket and showed it him. His grin grew wide enough so that his mouth parted to reveal teeth that were even whiter than the room and canines that were abnormally sharp.

"This is part of the book that will lead to immortality." He laughed gazing at it.

"So Jack say we try it? I'll get your out of here and together we will hand out the deck of cards." I whispered so softly that there was no way anyone could here us. His eyes gleamed in the light that made them seem not brown but red.

" I'd shake your hand if I wasn't bound in chains." He replied. So I could only trust him now. I pulled the pin from my pocket, knelt down, and began opening the locks. I was always being locked from the theater so I was well skilled at the art of opening locks. Soon the lock popped open and the chains slid off. I stood and faced him. He laughed sharply.

"What Zachary think I go back on a deal?" He laughed. I offered no response. Jack lifted the chains.

"These should prove useful." He said examining them. I took off my top hat and pulled the familiar saw out of it. We exchanged glances for a slight moment.

"Guard come quick Jacks escaped his chains!" I shouted. Jack smirk did not fall for one moment as the door was opened and the guard rushed in. Alls I had to do was hold my arm out and the mans thick neck was severed from his head. Blood covered my face and coat. I only smiled at the sight. Blood still to this day reminds me of my love. My dear sweet love. Oh how lovely her blood was.

Jack knelt down and pulled a pouch from his pocket and took money from it.

"Told you I would get a visitor." He laughed. The other prisoners only starred blankly at us as we walked down the halls our footsteps echoing. We made sure to walk at the same pace to the guard would not here the echo of four feet. Officer Laurence kept his eye on his work but said

"Did you have a nice visit with that bloody bastard."

"Actually it was quite pleasant." I responded. Jack who had managed to keep the chains from rattling the whole time let them ring out as he threw them over Laurence's not existent throat. It was more around is layers upong layers of chins.

"You know it's not very nice to call people names when you think they aren't around to hear." He breathed tightening the chains till came a crack of the neck snapping in two. We got out of the prison scotch free. It amazed us how stupid they all were. How ignorant they were to people who were smarter than them. How oblivious they were to something so much bigger. Bigger than them, them and they're so called God.

The police didn't start chasing us until we were miles away. We spoke not a word as we walked past my house to a apple tree. I sat down. He laughed.

"Killing people take to much out of you?" He smirked.

"Not at all." I replied. Taking off my hat.

"You know, I knew you'd come. That's why I got caught. I didn't remember you till just them. We passed after I had killed a girl." He whispered still smirking. I looked at up to study him. He was a incredibly handsome person. Pale skin and blonde hair. His brown eyes that shone red when the light him them just right. I felt like he was oddly familiar but I could not put a name to his face, his young face. He looked like he could be no older than me. Maybe even younger. He never stopped smirking the whole while.

"See something interesting?" He asked suddenly. I zoomed back intro reality. His brown eyes stabbed coldly into mine. He was far more sinister than I could have thought of being. He laughed coldly.

"So Zachary, let's say we pull this off."

I looked at the dead apple tree. The apple tree had always been dead. Dead a rotting.

"Then we pull it off." I whispered. Jack laughed once more.

"Your to funny Zach." His smirk broadened.

"Well do you have the cards?" I asked quietly. He smiled and shuffled in his coat. First he removed a box from his coat. Then took a deck of black topped cards out of them.

"Do you have the book?" He asked gently still sneering.

"It's in my house." I replied smiling. He got up and brushed himself off. Then removed something shiny and gold from his pocket.

"Ever seen one of these before Zachary?" He asked. I squinted to see what it was. A glistening pocket watch.

"Of course." I replied laughing.

"No Zachary look closer." He replied grinning. I stepped forward and examined it. It did not have twelve numbers, but thirteen. I straitened up and rose a brow.

"This is the clock that tells the time of Wonderland." He whispered.

"Amazing." I breathed. He shut his eyes then opened them.

"Of course you have a item from there as well." He chuckled.

"And what might that be?" I questioned. He looked towards the top of my head. I took off my top hat to examine it. It was just a normal top hat.

"It isn't normal." He said quickly as if reading my mind. I looked at him.

"You must have noticed some strange things about that hat." He whispered inching closer to me.

As a matter of fact I had. It had been my best friend. How is it possible to create a bond with a inanimate object. And it spoke. Even when it can't. Yes it spoke to me. And it moved itself whenever it was not close to me. I remember now. Alive. It was practically alive. No it was. He smiled.

"Well lets get that book shall we." He smiled a sinister smile and ducked under the tree. He was okay sized maybe 5,6 or so but still not much compared to me.

He didn't need a invite in. He walked much quicker than me and went right on in. He sat down in a chair and began looking at the book. I sat down beside this man. This completely psychotic man, and read along. All while his smirk stayed firmly pressed against his face. It only grew broader as he read on. He must have either been grazing through the book or he had the ability to read wonderfully fast.

As his eyes flicked over the next page he eyes glinted that same red. That's when I realized it, this was a person who was truly and sincerely evil. And we actually were going to kill fifty two people. Jack shut his eyes as he closed the book. We walked to the door and outside into the twilight sky.

And so It Began.