I Miss The Me You Loved

Chapter 1: Small Talk

Sakura was staring at a distance practically holding a hanger that was laid with a beautiful stunning black and strands of apple-green colored dress that was a knee cut. She was remembering, reminiscing on something. She couldn't take her eyes off the distance she looked upon for her mind wasn't with her body at the moment. It was with her a few days ago, it was with her, the happy her… the real her… not this junk that kept leaking tears every now and then for someone whom she thought didn't deserve it.

"Sakura! Earth to Sakura!" two fingers snapped in front of her face a few several times only for her to come back to the ground and move her head towards her best friend, Ino. "What's wrong with you? You've been acting like this since I picked you up from your house" the blonde asked putting hand on her hip and the other behind her shoulders as it held a hanger with an astonishing purple with silver streaks dress.

"It's nothing…" she lied with a fake smile and a short shake of her head.

"C'mon Sakura, you know better than anyone else we won't stop asking until we know you've spilt the truth" another girl came from out of the shelves with brown pony-tailed hair holding two pairs of dresses in each of her hands.

"Really Tenten I'm fine" she said hoping that they'd buy it.

"Sakura-chan… you were thinking about Sasuke again weren't you?" Hinata asked coming back to the girls as she was already done picking her dress.

"No, I – well… as it goes – I don't really… yeah" she said admitting the truth.

"Sakura… we're out here shopping, the thing you love, for the prom this Friday which is 3 days from now-"

"Actually Ino… Tsunade said that the prom this year would be held as a masquerade, remember?" Tenten corrected as she disappeared into the dressing room a few inches away from where Sakura and Ino stood.

"- and this is the party that's so important on looks and with you keeping your mind set on that jerk… how can you make yourself perfect?" Ino continued like Tenten never interrupted.

"I don't want to be perfect Ino…" she said trying to go on finding a nice dress once more.

"But you'd want to make Sasuke notice you other than that bitch right?" she said raising her eyebrows a few times.

Sakura snickered. "Yeah right…"

"For your information that bitch is the school hottest heartthrob's most rich and popular bitch girlfriend at that" a mousy trying-hard-to-be-cute voice sounded from behind their backs.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the bitch we're talking about… hello Ayuki" Sakura said before Ino could reply.

"And if it isn't little miss imagining she was still Sasuke's princess… face it trash… he's never going back to you ever again…" a beautiful brown haired, emerald eyed girl (who's eyes are the same as Sakura's by the way…) replied with a bitchy attitude.

"And you think you're gonna last long as well?" Sakura answered back keeping her ground.

"Look… loser" Ayuki said acting like she was feeling sorry for Sakura "I'm rich, your average. I'm popular, you once were but now I'm taking the limelight. I'm gorgeous; you're not even close to pretty. I'm hot; you're not… so what would make you think that he won't last long with me?" Ayuki said taking her hand away from Sakura's shoulders and snapped it back to her lips making herself look cute. "In fact he's waiting for me outside so good luck with the life you have… which is… none" with a flick of her long brown hair she turned to leave the shop.

Sakura eyed her as she walked out and rolled it back to the dresses in front of her.

"And you're just gonna take that?" Ino asked looking at Sakura disbelievingly.

"Hey… everything she said was true…" Sakura said sighing as she pulled out a dress and moved for the fitting room.

"Sakura… you know, someday you really gotta try and cut that girl or embarrass her or something" Ino said waiting outside the door checking her nails.

"Yeah Sak… even if I'm changing here I know how she looked like when she disrespected you out there" Tenten joined in front the other dressing room.

"Tenten c'mon! Disrespect? More like she stripped out all of Sakura's pride…" Ino corrected as she too went inside one of the dressing rooms.

"Guys how long will you take?" Hinata asked. She and her friends have been her for and hour and 22 minutes and she was tired and hungry.

"Just a minute more Hinata…" Tenten called out.

After another 45 minutes the three finally picked out they're dresses and went walking through the mall for a good restaurant to dig food in to.

"Man candy at 3:00" Ino said taking her lollipop out of her mouth seductively.

The others looked at the direction and saw none other than the tied-in-line-heartthrob-with-Sasuke Hyuuga Neji.

"Uggh…" Tenten rolled her eyes.

"C'mon Tenten… you had a crush on him from 2nd grade to 2nd year…" Ino said pointing the lollipop to Tenten.

"You know my cousin Ino… he's very hard material…" Hinata said closing her eyes.

"As in?"

"As in he has a stone heart that doesn't hold any emotions whatsoever and doesn't care for other people's feelings and definitely hasn't had a crush or a simple like to ANY girl." Tenten answered.

"Hey look it's the tomboy… hey queer!" a guy that was with Neji shouted.

Neji turned to look but held no emotions whatsoever.

"I am not!" Tenten said rolling her eyes.

Neji did the same with the shake of his head and turned to look away.

Tenten was referred to as this. She absolutely loved wearing boy's clothes and even for the prom last year she wore shorts and a sleeveless top. She always wanted a piece of boy stuff dangling on her so she couldn't dress properly.

"Sasuke at 6:00 as well…" Tenten said as she spotted him with the slut cuddling to his arm trying to get herself to stick closer to Sasuke.

"She's like living glue…" Ino said putting the lollipop back in her mouth.

The girls looked at couple as they turned to go inside a restaurant.

Sasuke caught Sakura's eye. Before Sakura could look away before being caught into those gorgeous obsidian orbs… Sasuke beat her to it.

It's only been 2 weeks and he already found someone to replace her. It hurt her like hell. No one really knew the exact reason why they broke up. There were rumors that Sasuke was bored of her so that's the reason why or… he just used her. But when he and that slut Ayuki got together, new rumors like he replaced her for her and she was just a non perfect being unlike Ayuki so class wins at all cost. That wasn't true. Even Ino and the others didn't know the truth of their break-up. Others would always take the opportunity to ask Sakura whenever she was the only one in the bathroom with that girl asking. The nerve of some people. Highschool just can't stick their business to where it should be now a days.

She and Sasuke had agreed that the time they broke up, they'd never admit to one another that they'd miss each other. So she kept it all to herself. She missed him, and her puffy eye bugged eyes showed that every morning when she woke up and ate her breakfast without any satisfaction.

What went wrong?

-to be continued-

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