Just a little bit of fun, me and my warped mind really x

What happens when a blackout occurs in New York?

The superstars all sat huddled together in a locker room trying to keep warm, the show was yet to start, but due to the blackout that was taking place in New York that night, they were unable to do anything until it was fixed, the lights were gone and there was no heating. Superstars had scrambled together candles and torches and gathered as one, rather than wander on their own.

"Hey, do ya think that this is gonna last all night?"


"Just wondering, that's all?"

"Why you want another night off Adam?"

"You better watch your mouth Chris"

"Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it big man?"

"Whoa, whoa, wash…come on guys, back up. We're all stuck in this together for the time being, so let's just try and get on okay?"

John watched as the two men eyed each other, their ego's deciding on who was gonna back down first. Adam was the first to step back and retake his seat.

"Alright, just tell his Lordship over there to keep his comments to himself"

"Gladly, superstar!" Chris shot back.

The big man from Boston sighed as he surveyed the room; this was going to be a long night. Of all nights for there to be a blackout, it would have to happen the night all three brands came together. Scanning the long faces again, he decided to try and get some kind of conversation going.

"Hey, listen, as long as we're all stuck here together, why don't we find something to keep us amused?"

"What do ya suggest John?"

John regarded the man who had spoken, fans would never believe it, but this man was one of his closest friends off camera.

"I don't know Randy, but whatever we decide, it beats sitting around here in silence"

"How about a game of confessions?"

"Confessions? What's that, some kind of card game…I hate to whiz on your strawberries Randy, but we don't have any cards man"

Titters echoed around the locker room at John's comment, the group were starting to relax slightly now that a conversation, of sorts, had begun.

"Ah John, your humour kills me! No, seriously, confessions is a bit like…Truth or dare, just without the dare part. It's a sure fire way of getting to know people you wouldn't necessarily speak to otherwise…and seen as all three brands are here tonight, I'm sure that's the case"

"Alright Randy…let's say that we all want to play. What's the rules?"

"Simple really, we all write our names twice and put them into two hats; the speaker picks a name from one and one from the other hat. The first name is the person who asks a question, the second is the person who has to answer truthfully. The only real rule is that it HAS to be the truth, no matter what the question"

"Sounds fair. Who's up for that? Raise your hand if you are?"

John raised his hand and looked around the locker room; people were looking warily at others, unsure whether it would be deemed 'cool' to want to play. John was about to pipe up and urge them on; when he noticed the highly respected veterans Shawn and Paul raise their hands, after that it was like a Mexican wave.

"I think that's everyone Randy…who's speaker?"

"I am, it was my idea, so I get that honour"

Randy fished around in his kit bag before pulling out a couple sheets of paper, passing them around the locker room he instructed everyone to tear two pieces off and place them in the two bins when they had written their name.

Everyone complied and after 5 minutes, Randy had the two bins at his feet, reaching his hand into the first, he pulled a slip of paper out.

"Everyone ready?"

The assembled masses nodded and mumbled 'Yes', unfolding the paper in his hand Randy raised his eyebrows at the name.

"Okay, the person asking the question will be….Matt Hardy"

Reaching his hand into the other bin, Randy smirked at the second name.

"And the person answering is…."