Confessions pt III

Tensions were running high in the locker room; Ashley had been pulled into the arms of Matt and placed between him and Jeff, Matt cooing gentle comforting words. John and Randy scanned the room before looking back at each other, Randy was having doubts now and didn't know whether it was good to proceed, maybe he should just….

"Yo Randall, next up man…the sooner we move on, the sooner it becomes comfortable again. This ain't between us anyhow"

"John, are you sure? I mean maybe we should just…"

"Randy, quit being such a sap and read the name out. I don't know about anyone else, but I want my go"

"Okay, next up is Maria…and Maria, you need to think of a question for Shannon"

"Oh man that's easy. Shannon, what's your favourite tattoo and why?"

"My favourite tattoo? Hmmm, that would be the dragon on my left arm. And why? When I was 12, my dad was involved in a traffic accident, he got hurt real bad and he was never the same"

Shannon paused slightly as his voice broke, he thought this would be easy, some people knew this story already, but it was still hard to show his emotion in front of all of the WWE superstars. He felt a strong hand squeeze his shoulder and smiled at Jeff before continuing.

"He was in hospital for a couple years until the doctors felt he was well enough to come home. His body was there, but his mind was gone…it killed me to watch him like that, but as the only boy, I knew I had to be strong for my mum. When my dad finally passed away, I took it upon myself to become the man of the house, the protector of my family. That's what the dragon symbolises, a strong animal capable of protecting its kin. That's why it's my favourite"

As he finished, Shannon lifted his head and glanced around the locker room, the look on people's faces showed that he had just gained a lot of respect from the guys and girls here. He had been open and honest, speaking from the heart for the first time around many of them. Smiling, Maria skipped over to him and kissed his cheek.

"You're not as badass as you make out Mr Moore. I like this side of you…and you're kinda cute"

Shannon blushed beetroot at the comment and turned his eyes to the floor, cursing Matt as he ruffled his hair.

"Ah, love is in the air!"

"Anyway, moving on..the next pairing is.."

As the evening wore on many secrets were revealed, Mickie James discovered the reason why Phil Brookes led his 'straight edge' lifestyle, Glen Jacobs discovered that Marysse wasn't a natural blonde after all, Shelton Benjamin found out the truth about Jeff's first suspension and Ric Flair finally had his answer as to the sexual preference of a certain 'Rated R Superstar'.

The laughter in the locker room was loud and the good nature and comfortable chat flowed between all three brands. Mission accomplished!

"Hey guys, I'm just gonna check and see if anything's happening, it's been hours"

"Hey Randy?"

"Yeah, John?"

"Our names must be the last ones left. So before you leave I gotta ask you something"

"What's that John?"

John stood and inched his way towards the door, Randy in hot pursuit. All eyes turned to the two RAW superstars, chatter stopped as they awaited the final question. John turned to Randy, his hand already on the door handle and a smirk on his face.

"What time exactly were you planning to turn the electricity switches back on?"