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It started with music blaring as Jensen moved closer to the stage, he knew that he shouldn't really be at this concert drinking with his friends he had his last exam tomorrow morning; and instead of studying like he knew he should be doing he was doing this. Jensen tried to find his friends in the crowd of people but he couldn't see them. He shook his head almost going to give up. He turned around and knocked into someone sending them to the floor. He quickly walked over to her knowing that she was going to get trampled on any second by the other people in the crowd.

"Are you okay?" He asked helping her off the floor. At first sight she seemed familiar for some reason. Shoulder length chocolate brown hair that seemed naturally wavy, and pale blue eyes that boarded into the back of Jensen's skull. She was curvy not like other girls but still skinny at the same time.

"I'm fine thanks," She said rubbing the back of her head, Jensen put on his best Mcdreamy face that he seemed to inherit from father. He put his hand on her shoulder; she didn't seem to notice as she looked into the crowd. She looked over at Jensen.

"You lost too?" He asked smiling again; she nodded and looked into the crowd. She bit her lip looking at Jensen and then to his hand. Jensen saw this and quickly dropped his hand from her shoulder and looked around for his friends again.

"Hey do you want to get something to drink?" She asked, looking at him. "I mean since we are both lost and all," Jensen couldn't help but smile he nodded and followed her to the bar.

Jensen Sheppard groaned as he looked up at the clock that was blinking on a night stand. 'Crap,' he shouted in his head. He tried to get up but there seemed to be something attached to him. He looked over as his eyes widened. It was the girl that he had met last night. He bit his lip. 'Double crap,' He groaned and slide out of the bed and looked around trying to find his clothes that seemed to be discarded from last night's activities. The girl that was still in the bed stirred from her slumber. She moved further onto the side that Jensen use to be sleeping in. Jensen found his boxers and slipped them on. All the sudden the door swung open as Jensen stopped dead in his tracks.

"Charli-," Izzie Sloan opened the door, she stopped as she saw Jensen standing there staring at her in his underwear. "JENSEN?!" She let out a shriek

"Izzie?" Jensen stuttered he had no clue what was going on at the moment he looked around the room. For the rest of his clothes as he could hear other people running up the stairs.

Izzie stood staring at him in a small amount of horror and amusement. Charlie mumbled something from the bed before waking up with a small start and pulling the covers over her body in panic.

"Mom! Can you knock!" she snapped and Izzie had the grace to look embarrassed. Jensen stood with his hands in front of him awkwardly trying to disappear.

"Yah…of course…uh-" a giggle escaped her "-breakfast is ready, uh…I'm assuming Jensen is staying for some?" she gave him an amused glance and he gave a nod and tried not to let the flush creep up his neck and reach his cheeks.

The door shut and there was a moment of silence before Charlie started giggling, and the giggling changed to loud laughter that left her breathless.

Jensen gave a small glare before stumbling towards the washroom, grabbing his pants along the way.

"I don't know what's so funny. As far as I'm concerned that was bloody embarrassing" He stifled a yell when the bedroom door flew open and Mark Sloan entered with his shirt.

"This must belong to you" he held out his hand and stared with a small amount of rage at Jensen. Charlie had submerged herself completely under the covers. You could hear her muffled protests.

"Dad, please, please, please get out"

Mark glanced in her general direction before throwing the clothing on the floor, growling incoherent words that Jensen thought sounded like "kill him" and left the room in a small angry storm. Charlie poked her head out from under the covers.

"Dare I say it? This couldn't get any worse"

Jensen glared at her and ignored the small man banging on the inside of his head and slammed the door to the bathroom. Ten minutes later a soft knock at the bathroom door reminded him he had to actually go downstairs.

"They've invited your parents" Charlie said she leaned against the bathroom frame. She was wearing an old band t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Jensen looked up and down at Charlie.

"That is my breaking Benjamin t-shirt you stole from me!" Jensen said pointing at the t-shirt. "And my shorts," Charlie grinned as she looked at Jensen who was only wearing a towel at the moment.

"And I believe you took this from me," she pulled at the towel, as she bit her bottom lip. Jensen grabbed onto the towel so it wouldn't fall away. He could hear the door opened down stairs and more people entering the house. "Crap," Charlie muttered she pushed Jensen back in the washroom and followed him closing the door.

"Scared of my parents?" Jensen had to chuckle at her. He shook his head and started to get dressed again. He leaned against the wall and stared at her. "So you lied to me,"

"What?" Charlie said looking at him confused, "When?"

"Last night… I knew you looked familiar, but you never told me your name," Jensen said, "I mean seriously," Charlie rolled her eyes and looked around the room.

"You didn't say anything either," Charlie said crossing her arms. "You said you were a med student just about to finish I don't remember you saying your name was Jensen Sheppard at all… besides I haven't seen you in over five years. You've changed," Jensen stepped towards Charlie he smirked and ran his fingers through once blonde hair.

"You too," He whispered, he leaned closer to her as there was about an inch away from their lips. The door swung open, and they both jumped apart. Charlie looked down at the floor as a blush crept up her neck to her face. Mark yet again stood at the door staring at both of them. Jensen looked around wishing there was another exit in the room.

"Downstairs," He snapped as he stepped aside as Charlie walked out of the room and down the stairs. Mark turned to Jensen glaring at him as he quickly finished changing and followed Charlie.