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The alarm went off as both Jensen and Charlie groaned, "Turn it off," Jensen grumbled pushing Charlie towards the end of the bed.

"No you turn it off," Charlie grumbled she grabbed a pillow and stuck her head in it. Jensen sighed as the alarm got louder he rolled on top of Charlie and hit the snooze button.

Roughly twenty minutes later it dawned on Charlie that the alarm was set for a reason. WORK! "JENSEN WAKE UP" she whipped the covers off of herself and scrambled from the bed, almost falling over when she tripped on her pants. Jensen yawned and watched her run around like a chicken with its head cut off. "What's the rush? Come and lay back down. You're warm" He stretched showing off his very muscular body and Charlie almost did crawl back into bed with him. She shook her head and Jensen smirked at her, which only added to the longing of him in his bed. She cocked a hip and glared, swallowing around the lump in her throat and the blush creeping up her cheeks, she retorted

"Uh, well you can go back to bed but we're late as it is and I don't know how our resident is going to take it. It's the first bloody day!" Jensen finally clued in, she could see the light bulb.

"Holy Shit!" he whipped the covers off his body and fell face first on his floor. Charlie burst out laughing while still trying to pull a shirt over her head.

"You know making me laugh while I'm trying to change only slows me down"

"That's the plan. As long as I'm done before you everything's ok" Charlie walked to the door running her hands through her hair.

"Well I'm done and you're still in your boxers" Jensen looked at her and cursed. She could wear that, and all she did was brush her dark curls with her fingers and they looked like she had spent hours styling it. Her natural beauty already had her eyes framed by long dark lashes, her cheeks were rosy, her complexion perfect with slightly pouty rose red lips. There was no need for makeup.

"Well fine then. Let me get dressed and we'll get outa here" Charlie walked downstairs laughing.

He emerged fifteen minutes later and found Charlie with two mugs of coffee and toast.

"We're already late, might as well eat while we're at it" He smiled and tucked in gulping the coffee down ignoring the scalding as it slid down his throat. Charlie watched him in slight fascination. He was like a vacuum, sucking his food in without stopping. She finished just after he did and then they both ran out the front door to a very nice black Sportage parked in the driveway. Jensen drove like a bloody maniac, to get to the hospital in time. The both ran to the locker room to get changed right away.

" O'Malley, Sheppard, Sloan, Yang-Karev," A resident shouted through the locker room, four heads shot up as they ran out of the locker room. "Down the hall," All four turned to look at the person down the hall. Charlie automatically groaned and almost turned around and walked back to the locker room. Jensen grabbed her arm and dragged her to the resident with a huge grin on his face.

Charlie glanced at the other intern's faces and found her suspicions to be true; they looked as if a god had reached out to them. They were struck by the 'magnificence' of Chase Sloan, the big brother, her cheese head. Charlie looked at him. What did they see? He looked like a goof ball.

He was tall, roughly six foot three, nice jaw line, with bright blue eyes. A roguish grin that was slightly lop sided, she thought it was a stupid smile, long lashes. Charlie took another glance at him, he had filled 

out she guessed in the last five years. He was a brick wall of muscle, he said he had been hitting the gym but she hadn't taken him seriously. His face had more contours, a strong jaw line and dark hair, he had inherited from mom, and it fell straight and brushed the tips of his eyelids. Charlie shrugged, for a guy he was meh she still didn't quite get the whole swoon thing though. Jensen grinned and the Chase gave out a booming laugh.

"Well I got all of you rag tag kids from the old gang huh!" they all stood staring at him before offering a tentative smile. "Charlie! Give me a hug! When's the last time you came to visit your old decrepit brother huh??" he reached out and grabbed her in a bear hug that she tried to escape from.

"SLOAN!!" the booming voice carried down the hallway. Everyone turned to stare at a small woman striding down the hallway with murder in her eyes.

"They just got here and already you're hitting on the interns?" she snapped. Chase looked at his sister who had started gagging at the thought. She shoved him off and straightened her scrubs.

"No Chief, it's my sister. She's my intern, just a good ole family reunion" his voice gave out when she just glared.

"So" she snapped. "I got the next bunch of ass kissing, surgery craving brown nosers. Let me guess you're all like your parents. Dear lord save me now. Sloan, keep an eye on them at all times, you don't know what they'll do. Keep the scissors away from L'VD wires. Don't need any damn repeats" then she turned on her heal and left.

Jensen whispered in Charlie's ear "That must be who mum used to call the Nazi" Charlie laughed as she watched Miranda Bailey walk away from the group down the hall.

Jensen whispered in Charlie's ear "That must be who mum used to call the Nazi" Charlie laughed as she watched Miranda Bailey walk away from the group down the hall. She turned her attention back to Chase who was explaining things to the other two people. Charlie tried to focus but she realized how close Jensen was to her. The group grabbed their pagers and protocol books and followed Chase down the hall way. He opened a door to the on call rooms.

"On call rooms sleep when you can where you can," He said, looking at all four of them, "But don't sleep with anyone in there, if the chief catches you … You are so dead meat," Charlie shook her head remembering hearing stories over the phone that Chase use to tell her while she was in med school. Chase's pager went off as they all looked at him. "That's the pit, " he bolted out of the room as the other interns followed him right away. An ambulance pulled up as the paramedics opened the door and a stretcher came out.

"Kelly Kelp, 78 rolled off the bed at the senior homes when seizure activity started bump to the head," one of the paramedics said as Chase nodded and they pushed the gurney into the ER.

"Okay O'Malley, Yang-Karev, head CT, blood, and start an IV when you're done page me," He nodded to the two interns. "Sheppard Charts, Sloan…" he stopped and smiled."Rectal exams," Charlie stopped and stared at her brother for a moment. Was he serious? Jensen walked by Charlie snickering to himself as he walked off to do charts. Charlie groaned and followed him to do his work.

8 Hours

Jensen walked into the cafeteria and looked around for a free table. Taylor O'Malley and Kristi Yang-Karev were sitting at a table already talking about something fast. He strolled over to them. "Is this seat taken?" He flashed his Mcdreamy smile at them. They both shook their head and continued their conversation from before. Jensen took a bite of his sandwich as he looked around at the rest of the cafeteria, he saw his parents walking in that second as he turned and paid more attention to his sandwich. A tray came slamming down on the table next to him as he looked up Charlie sat down beside him and looked at the food and pushed it away. "You're going to need to eat, it's a long shift," He took another bite of his sandwich.

"I can't… I never want to look at another ass again in my life," Charlie shivered. She around at the cafeteria. "I wonder who is going to be the intern that gets to scrub in on the surgery today," She took the other half of Jensen's sandwich and took a bite out of it.

"Hey, that was mine," Jensen said taking it back from her. "No trading this is not elementary," Charlie continued to chew on the sandwich as she looked around. She reached out to grab the rest of the sandwich Jensen reached for it first and kept it out of reach.

"You said I had to eat.. I am eating," Charlie said as she tried to get the sandwich from him again. He held it far away from her. Charlie rolled her eyes and got up from her seat and went around the get the sandwich. Jensen turned around and pulled the sandwich away from her again. Charlie crossed her arms as she glared down at Jensen. "Mean … mean man," She tried to grab it again. Derek was walking up to the group of interns as he saw the scene. He shook his head, and cleared his throat. All four of them turned to look at him. Charlie quickly snatched up and ate it.

"It's already posted but I decided to tell you the good news," He said all the interns looked intense at him waiting for what he was about to day. "So the first intern that gets to do the first surgery is Sloan," The three other interns looked at Charlie as she stood there with a mouth full of food, looking shocked at Derek. "We scrub in at four," He nodded and walked away from the group. Charlie was still standing there as Jensen turned around looking at her.

"Swallow and breath," He told her as he sat down grabbing her tray of food and started eating the salad there. Charlie turned around and looked around at the rest of them. She swallowed the sandwich. She turned to grab the pudding cup that Jensen was going to eat. As a smile spread across her lips.

"Oh looking at asses all day was so worth this," She sighed as she ate the pudding. Jensen looked at her and snatched it back from her. "Hey that's mine get your own," Charlie grabbed it as they had a power struggle over it.

"You ate my sandwich, I am going to eat your pudding," Jensen grabbed on to the cup a little to hard as the pudding strayed on to both of them. Charlie jumped back in shock as she looked down on her arms that were covered in pudding. She looked up at Jensen and started laughing he had pudding on his nose and all the way down his scrubs. Charlie couldn't help it she burst out laughing and she couldn't stop. Jensen couldn't help it her laugh was contagious, he started laughing too. A pager went off as all four of them looked down. Kristi and Taylor got up and ran out of the cafeteria.

"You got some pudding on your nose," She snickered; she wiped it off with a napkin and then threw at him. She continued to laugh, as Meredith and Izzie walked by both of them. Both shaking their heads at them.

"Where's a camera when you need one?" Izzie asked, looking at the two.

"This could have gone right next to the picture with them naked in the bath tub," Meredith laughed.

"MOM!!" Charlie and Jensen at the same time making them laugh even more. Jensen's pager went off. "Chase," He shrugged as he got up and walked out of the cafeteria. The next moment Charlie's pager went off as she shook her head and ran out of the cafeteria too. It was going to be a long first day.